Spring Break 2017.

Hello my friends!  First off, thanks for all your incredible support on my last post and the many kind comments, emails, and thoughts you all sent my way.  I’m sad to hear that so many of you have also experience miscarriage and loss, but very grateful for the conversation surrounding it, so that many others realize they aren’t alone either!

I also appreciate you letting me just kind of step away for a bit afterward, to regroup and come back today ready to plunge back into the internet.  One thing I wanted to add following that post, was that while I know for many of you it was very new and raw and maybe even hard to read – the main reason I was finally able to open up and be honest about it, is because I’m feeling very much okay these days.  Nothing about that situation has changed, but I’m feeling very good about where we are in life, how I’m doing, and where we are headed.  So all good news on that front!

Last week was our official spring break from school, and we had BIG plans for an exciting week wihth Grandma in town for a visit!  She was here over Christmas but I ended up being sick with the flu almost the entire time, so I convinced her to come back for a re-do in the spring.  The weather looked a bit iffy for her visit, so we took advantage of any sun we could get.  We kicked off her first day with a visit to Seawolf Bakery for delicious breakfast treats!

20170409_091509 (862x1280)

And then we spent a few hours strolling around Fremont and through the farmer’s market.  It was beautiful and sunny and we ran into lots of friends while we were there, which is always fun.  We decided to stay out and make a day of it, and headed to the ferry afterward for an adventure over to Bainbridge.  Someone couldn’t stay awake for the ferry ride (which should have been a signal to me that something was wrong – this kid NEVER naps anymore!).

20170409_125522 (1280x960)

We played at a park for a while while Graham snoozed in the truck, and Cullen and Casey played baseball in the sunshine.  It was low key and relaxing, and then we headed back to Seattle for dinnertime.

20170409_134427 (1080x1280)

That evening at bedtime, it was clear that Graham wasn’t feeling well, and he was registering a low fever.  I could not believe that after months of not being sick, my mom came into town and now we had a sick kiddo on our hands – such a bummer!  He woke up feeling pretty rough on Monday, so we spent the day hunkered down inside.  Luckily, we had some home projects to work on, and the weather was miserably rainy anyway, so it was a good day to be cozy.

20170410_150639 (962x1280)

My mom and I just spent the day hanging out and catching up.  She worked for hours and hours and hours on recovering our kitchen chairs (that were falling apart).  She is so crafty and talented, and I don’t know how I didn’t inherit one little bit of her skills.

20170410_154017 (960x1280)

I wish I had a before pic to show you of the rattan that was breaking and falling apart all over the floor (which required daily vacuuming).  But here is the after of the gorgeous new oilcloth covers my mom updated our chairs with – I am obsessed!  They match our kitchen and the wall art perfectly, and are so bright and playful.  Makes a HUGE difference!

20170414_112809 (1280x720)

Graham spent the whole day feeling awful and laying on the couch.  Nothing in the whole world sadder than a sick kid.  :(

20170410_154027 (877x1280)

The next day was my mom’s last full day with us, and it was the only day of warm sunshine in our forecast.  Our plan was to head up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, but we needed to wait and see if Graham was feeling up to it.  Thankfully, he woke up fever free and seemingly in a good mood, so we decided to go for it.  We got there for one of the very first day of blooms, and it was gorgeous!!

IMG_6766 (1280x853)

The boys ran and splashed in mud puddles, and my mom and I soaked in all the beauty of the bright flowers.  Last year was my first year going to see the tulip festival, and I remember calling her afterward and saying “you HAVE to come out for this next year!”  I knew she would love it, and she did.

IMG_6776 (1280x901)

IMG_6789 (1280x853)

I attempted to get nice photos of my kids smiling and being kind to each other in front of the beautiful backdrop.  Maybe next year?

IMG_6824 (853x1280)

IMG_6896 (945x1280)

IMG_6926 (1280x853)

Nothing in the whole wide world better than having Grandma with us.  I secretly hoped the tulips would make her want to move out here and live outside the city!

IMG_6860 (1280x880)

IMG_6914 (1280x853)

IMG_6961 (1280x853)

IMG_7012 (853x1280)

IMG_7016 (1280x853)

IMG_7026 (937x1280)

We finished off our day with Snowgoose ice cream – a tradition that cannot be skipped!  It was delicious and absurd, and even though I was so sad my mom was leaving, I was so grateful for at least one warm sunny day with her, spent doing something we both loved.

IMG_7050 (1280x853)

Unfortunately, as soon as we got home from our adventure, Graham’s health went back downhill, and by then my throat was on fire and getting worse.  We both headed to the doctor that afternoon, and while we were there his temperature spiked to 105.5 – super scary.  He and I both felt pretty crummy the rest of the day, and just rested at home til bedtime.

We woke up the next day with a double whammy – Graham was better, but now Cullen was down with the fever.  And we also had to take Grandma to the airport.  Womp womp.

20170412_105038 (915x1280)

Cullen and I spent all of Wednesday and Thursday feeling feverish, achey, and generally terrible.  The kids watched an ungodly amount of television, and I hid under blankets trying to shake my chills and body aches.  It was awful and I missed my mom.

20170413_100556 (960x1280)

I did eventually rally on Friday, long enough to dye some Easter eggs and have one semi-normal day of spring break.  But what a bummer to have spent so much of the week consumed by being sick!

20170413_151150 (1280x720)

Despite bad weather and yucky sickness, it was still a great visit with my mom, and I miss her terribly now that she is gone.  I’m glad I have a few more visits with her on the calendar this year so that the time away doesn’t feel quite so hard.  And thankfully, we have a spring break re-do coming up – a belated spring break trip to Florida with Casey’s family next week!  Goodness knows we all really need some sunshine and warmth right now.  I cannot WAIT!