Wisdom Teeth & Weekend!

Happy Monday!  Sorry for the quiet week here last week.  I got my wisdom teeth out last Monday, which turned out to be about ten million times worse than I expected.  OUCH!

It was planned ahead of time – no surprises – but I honestly had avoided thinking about it and hadn’t totally grasped all of what it would involve.  The worst part?  My dentist just did it at my regular office, with nothing more than local anesthesia.  Guys, it was seriously traumatizing.  I felt like I was going to have a heart attack on the table because I was so nervous.  So much pulling and tugging and cracking, and it was just SO awful.  I barely listened to the follow up care directions and ran out of the office as soon as I was allowed to leave.  Headed home and crawled into bed for the rest of the day.  The kids were so worried about me!

20170327_144014 (510x680)

The rest of a week looked just like this.  Me being grumpy and swollen and falling asleep a lot.  Zero workouts, very little food, and all liquids.  I actually ended up passing out in my kitchen the night of my surgery, which was super scary.  Thank goodness Casey was there and caught me before I hit the ground.  I think all the adrenaline from the experience itself had caught up with me, then paired with low blood sugar from barely eating because my mouth hurt so badly.  What a mess!  I am never, ever having teeth pulled again!  I’d rather give birth.

20170328_150621 (603x680)

Thankfully by Friday I felt almost normal again.  I dragged my butt to Orangetheory because I was so tired of just laying around.  I took it easy and it felt good to move again.  We were blessed with glorious sunshine all day long, and the kids and I spent a lot of time outside and with friends.  The boys snacked on kale that we planted last fall, that somehow survived our very cold winter!

20170331_155316 (528x680)

It’s amazing what some fresh air and outdoor time can do for the soul.  The kids weren’t fighting, no one was begging for snacks or TV, and I felt patient and fun.  It’s still cool here, but any break from the rain is so appreciated.  Spring is finally coming, and we are so ready!  The kids are finally enjoying the awesome climber my inlaws got them for Christmas.  It’s going to be such a fun summer!

20170331_170604 (656x680)

20170331_164359 (510x680)

Saturday I was up super early to go for a run with my girl, Lacey.  We planned to run 5 miles out and back, but ended up doing all six around Lake Union because we were yelled at by a crazy person and didn’t want to turn around and go back that way.  Gotta love city life!  My mouth hurt like hell the first mile but then actually felt a lot better once we were done – just needed to get the blood moving back through my body.  Home in time for a quick shower before the first t-ball game of the year.  Doesn’t get much cuter than this!

20170401_103908 (594x680)

We spent the entire rest of the day in the backyard.  The kids rode bikes, dug for worms, played baseball, and drew with chalk.  It was gorgeous and sunny and so refreshing.  Casey and I did house projects and caught up on things, and also squeezed in a quick weight circuit in our new (very basic) garage gym.  I’m trying to mix up my workouts between HIIT, heavy weights, and running to try to get my metabolism to kick in more.  I feel like I’ve plateaued for a while, so I’m hoping this will help me get to the next level of strength that I’m looking for.

20170401_135748 (544x680)

On Sunday – which is usually my rest day from workouts – I headed to Orangetheory for the start of Marathon Month!  We are tallying our miles for the month (run during OT classes, not outside of class) and trying to reach 26.2.  But I’ll be traveling for a week at the end of the month, so I need to get some early miles in if I’m going to make it!  I stopped for donuts for the kids on the way home – a nice Sunday surprise.

20170402_081253 (553x680)

These purple and black shoes are the new Brooks Pure Cadence 6’s, and I am legit obsessed with them.  So much that I convinced my running buddy to buy them too in the pink version!  They are the perfect mix of light and springy, and I wear them to Orangetheory for treadmill runs as well as for running outside.  I also think they are really cute, so I will slip them on with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual day (which is every day, let’s be honest).  LOVE!

After a slow morning at home, we all headed to the Fremont Market to walk around in the sunshine and drop a few things off at the kombucha stand.  I grabbed a glass of our new Mint Mate blend to drink while we shopped around.  So delicious!

20170402_104334 (488x680)

So many of our weekends recently have been such a hustle and bustle (or have involved traveling!).  It was so nice to just have a few low key days of great weather and lots of family time.  We hung around for a while and let the kids play in the grassy area while we enjoyed watching boats on the canal and being out in our old ‘hood.

20170402_105656 (510x680)

Lunch back home brought two firsts.  The first outdoor meal of 2017 – it finally felt warm and dry enough to uncover our outdoor dining set – hallelujah!  And my first solid food in a week – avocado toast, eaten with the last of the most delicious tomato basil soup I got from Metropolitan Market.  Served along side a glass of Arnold Palmer lemonade kombucha, a new flavor we are testing out that has quickly become my new favorite.

20170402_122922 (519x680)

The rest of the day was lazy and relaxing, just as Sundays should be.  Lots of long walks with the old yellow guy this weekend – he is certainly loving these warmers temps and dry walks as well.

20170402_171446 (514x680)

Pink blooms and new construction everywhere you look in Seattle right now.  I could do with less of all the boxy new builds, but I could never get enough of those gorgeous cherry blossoms.

20170402_171749 (556x680)

A happy Monday to you guys – hope you had a great weekend as well!