Friday Food Finds!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Popping in today to share some of our latest food finds.  I’ve been lazy with posting all of our fun meals and finds on my Daily Garnish Instagram account, but I have still taken plenty of pictures. Here are a few of the ones that didn’t make their way to IG, but were still super tasty.

We got this Sarah Becca’s soup mix as a trade for kombucha from another local vendor at a farmer’s market last year, and it sat in my pantry for months and months.  On a gloomy late spring day, I finally decided to put it to good use!  The mix says chicken coconut curry, but there aren’t actually any animal products in it – just lentils, beans, and all sorts of spices and dried seasonings.

20170314_141450 (698x1024)

I added chickpeas to it to bulk it up since we weren’t using chicken, and as it started to simmer I literally could NOT stop eating it.  I’m not exaggerating when I say it was one of the best things I’ve ever had.  It’s a small local Seattle company, and now I want to get my hands on a LOT more of their mixes!

Next up, another local company that I had no idea was local when I bought them at Whole Foods.  These Skinny Dipped Almonds are the perfect amount of sweet treat without being overly indulgent.  Just enough to tame my sweet tooth, and they come in all sorts of fun varieties.  And always love supporting local Seattle businesses whenever possible!

20170314_171101 (692x1024)

We also tried a bunch of the new items from Pure Organics and they were a HIT, especially with the kids.  The boys absolutely loved the fruit sandwiches and fruit strips as after school snacks, and I tossed the ancient grain bars in my bag during the day for emergency snacks.

20170329_144003 (1024x706)

Another good recent find – Rao’s Homemade pasta sauces.  The marinara sauce comes in a multi-pack at Costco, and I love that they use really simple ingredients and no added sugar (which is surprisingly rare for some reason).  We have been loving the pizza sauce too, and using it on our homemade cauliflower crust pizzas this spring!

20170419_092255 (703x1024)

Onto the meals themselves, we’ve been eating all sorts of fun things recently.  This bowl of heaven is the latest rice bowl from Revel, which includes fried paneer cubes, green curry, pea vines, and a miso cashew vinaigrette.  These rice bowls have been standing favorite meal in Seattle for six years and counting!

20170408_190714 (752x1024)

Speaking of pizza, we’ve been getting this mini buttermilk naan bread from Costco (again), and the kids love when I turn it into a simple pizza for dinner.  It’s great for the summer weather we’ve been having when I am throwing dinners together in five minutes after long afternoons in the backyard.

20170505_174130 (749x1024)

Another meal my kids are loving right now – fried tofu fingers.  They are so simple but it’s one of their favorite ways to eat tofu.  I just toss them in rice flour before doing a shallow fry in our cast iron pan, and then a sprinkle with salt when they come out of the pan.  Such a great veggie protein for kids (and adults!).

20170515_181155 (740x1024)

This was a yummy dinner that was actually a Blue Apron meal from last week.  We had ordered a box for a busy week, and this spicy noodle, snap pea, and mushroom bowl was the highlight.  It was a TON of food, and I had bulked it up with extra snap peas we had on hand.  Don’t forget, as part of my ongoing partnership with Blue Apron, you can get your first three meals for free if you sign up using this linkSo delicious!

20170517_203333 (772x1024)

Last but not least, this veggie-packed frittata I made for Casey and I to split for lunch last week.  I used veggies that were left over from dinner the night before, and topped it with avocado tomatillos salsa (Costco again!).  I am a big fan of eggs at lunch time, and they always keep me full through the long afternoons.

20170519_134132 (678x1024)

So that’s what we’ve been trying and eating lately!  Speaking of food and groceries, I’m thinking about doing a breakdown of some of our favorite Costco finds if you guys are interested.  In an effort to get our grocery bills down this year, I’ve switched to almost exclusively shopping at Costco, and it’s made a huge difference in our budget.  I have no idea why I waited so long to embrace bulk shopping!

Hope you are all having a wonderful, sunny Memorial Day weekend!  Welcome, summer!