Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Spring is here!  Our whole yard is in bloom and the rain is finally slowing to a drizzle (knocking loudly on wood).  April was a total blur with spring break, some yucky sickness, and then an awesome week in Florida.  Hard to believe it’s May already!  May brings lots of fun – our wedding anniversary, Memorial Day weekend, and Mother’s Day!

For those of you shopping for the moms in your life, here are five fun gift suggestions that I know I personally would love to wake up to.

1.  Something delicious.

You guys know I’ve written about Blue Apron a million times, but in addition to being one of our favorite ways to treat ourselves, it’s also one of my favorite gifts to give!

IMG_7286 (683x1024)

Blue Apron meal kits provide everything you need to make chef-designed meals from start to finish – pre-portioned fresh ingredients, colorful recipe cards, clear instructions, and bonus cooking tips!  We usually order a box once each month when I see a menu that I can’t resist (example – the crazy amazing Chirashi-style Rice Bowls we ate last week!).

The tempura mushrooms were, and it reminded me so much of the rice bowls I get from Revel here in Seattle that are my favorite ever.  I feel like I need to give them this mushroom idea for their next seasonal menu update!

IMG_7290 (1024x683)

Blue Apron is a great way to take the pressure off mom for the week, and lessen the load of meal planning and shopping for every single dinner.  It’s nice to try new types of cuisine (like the shakshura pictured below!) while also eating food that is fresh and healthy.  We treat our Blue Apron nights as date-night-in, and relax and hang out together in the kitchen after the kids go to bed.

IMG_7265 (1024x683)

Bonus points if dad does the cooking!

IMG_7130 (683x1024)

If you want to give the gift of Blue Apron this year, the first 25 readers to order get three free meals off their first box delivery!

2.  Something  cute or comfortable.

I don’t know about you guys, but now that I have to buy new clothes/shoes/jackets for the kids with every change of the season, I rarely indulge in anything new for myself.  Every once in a while I’ll stock up on essentials or replace my jeans, but I don’t refresh my wardrobe very often.  Good thing my standard outfit is jeans or yoga pants with a t-shirt and zip hoodie.  I am a lot of things, but fashionable isn’t one of them!  That said, I love getting new pieces I adore, and I love them even more if my husband takes the time to pick something fun and meaningful.  For Mother’s Day, a few mom-related items is a nice touch.  I’m obsessed with both of these.


3.  Something homemade.

I know better than to expect this, but I’ll never stop hoping.  I love the things my kids bring home to me from school, and it is so fun to see their creativity come to life as they are now old enough to do adorable art projects.  We love making homemade things for dad for holidays, and I am convinced that some day he will enlist the kids to all make something together for me.  I mean, how cute is THIS?


4.  Something local.

I love really personalized gifts, and I am a sucker for anything that is local.  Maybe it’s because we moved around a lot for a bit, but I always love any “home” themed gifts.  Our house has a great mix of art and memorabilia from Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, and now – Seattle!  Some of my favorite Northwest-themed things I’ve had my eye on for a while are:


Last year Casey hit it out of the park with the combo of cute and local, and got me an adorable vest from Filson!

5.  Something quiet.

Let’s be real guys.  We love our families.  We really, really do.  So much that it hurts.  But we also love being alone.  A lot, actually.  And once we are moms, especially new moms, we don’t get that opportunity that often.  I think a great Mother’s Day is the perfect balance of quality family time followed by some solo mama time.  Whether it’s a pedicure or a sunny quiet walk around the park (sans stroller!), some quiet space and time to myself always makes me head home a happier, healthier mom to my boys.

So there you have it – a few ideas for treating the moms in your life this year.  Don’t forget about the Blue Apron discount code if you are considering gifting some yummy meals!

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron.  As always, thanks for you continued support of Daily Garnish.