Our First Family Camping Trip

Hey, hey, hey!  Look who is back!  It’s my annual summer break from blogging, which is never intentional but seemingly always happens.  Summer is the absolute BEST time of year, but it is nonstop and busy and I never find myself sitting inside editing pictures or stringing together cohesive thoughts. I’ve missed you guys!

We’ve been up to a lot this summer already, and while I’m not going to show you everything – I’d love to share some highlights. Starting with – our first family camping trip! After years of talking about it, we finally did it.  The boys and I surprised Casey with a camping trip with our friends over Father’s Day weekend last month.

We planned it super last minute and totally lucked out with an oceanfront campsite at Ft. Flagler State Park (all thanks to my amazing friend, Nicki, who took care of the logistics).  We headed out first thing Saturday morning for a whole day of camping fun!

The site was amazing – it was RIGHT on the beach – about 20 yards away from the sand.  It had electrical hookups, a nearby bathroom, a small kids’ playground, and beautiful beachfront to explore.

IMG_8053 (1024x683)

Within about an hour of getting there and unloading, we started to feel a few sprinkles.  You guys, I’m not kidding when I say that it legit rained the ENTIRE rest of the time we were there.  Not a pouring, driving rain, but a soggy sprinkly mist.  Such a bummer!  We decided to enjoy the time together and the great adventure anyway, regardless of being cold and wet.

20170617_173653 (1024x576)

We spent the first night hanging around the camp site, cooking food under umbrellas, and laughing at the misery of it all.



We were thankfully able to make a fire since we found some semi-dry wood to use, which was a nice break from the damp weather.  Because what is camping if there are no s’mores?

20170617_182130 (746x1024)


We attempted to put the kids to bed around 8pm-ish, but of course since it was bright as day (sunset here is like 10pm right now!), they just fooled around and refused to sleep for several more hours.  But in between trips to the tent to threaten children, the adults got to hang around the fire and warm up a bit which was really nice.  We all crashed hard and slept easily in the quiet of the campsite!

The first thing I heard when I woke up was raindrops – groan.  On the bright side, the great thing about raising kids in Seattle is that they literally DO NOT care about being wet or in the rain.  It’s all they know!  The kids were happy and excited to explore the beach, and despite being tempted to pack up and go home, we obliged and threw on some more layers to go explore.

20170617_182908 (902x1024)

It was still misting a bit, but was sparse enough that I decided to be brave and bust out the big camera to capture the scene a bit.  Even though it was rainy and gloomy, it was still so gorgeous and incredible.  I’m forever in awe of the Northwest natural beauty.  We saw several bald eagles flying through the trees behind us, and countless critters along the beach as we walked.

IMG_8074 (683x1024)

IMG_8060 (1024x683)

IMG_8083 (1024x683)

So foggy you could barely see the ferries in the distance!

IMG_8090 (1024x683)

And yet, still so gorgeous.

IMG_8099 (1024x683)

Also gorgeous.  Love this kid so much.

IMG_8136 (683x1024)

Pretty fond of this one too.

IMG_8155 (683x1024)

The dads packed up our site and all our things, while I took the kids on an epic beach walk that lasted several hours.  Along the way we found several ocean friends.

IMG_8157 (1024x683)

As well as this amazing fort someone built.  A good place to camp next time?

IMG_8166 (683x1024)

We walked waaaay down to the other side of the beach where we had seen this shipwrecked boat far off in the distance.  We were on a stretch of beach that wrapped around the corner from the camping areas, and was under a nature preserve in the park – so there was no one in any direction. We got to within about 30 feet of it when I decided that I suddenly felt very creeped out and we shouldn’t go any further.  The boys thought it was AWESOME.

IMG_8174 (1024x683)

They spent the walk back climbing these giant sand walls, and ensuring that they had sand covering 99% of their clothes, shoes, and bodies.

IMG_8188 (683x1024)

IMG_8207 (1024x683)

It was wet and gloomy and it took us an entire day to clean up all the sand and rain from all our camping gear when we got home.  It was also totally awesome, and I’d do it all over again in a second.  In fact, we can’t wait to plan another trip!

IMG_8216 (1024x683)

Nothing like making summer memories together as a family, and with friends.

IMG_8225 (1024x683)

More summer adventures ahead!