New Beginnings.

On this day last year, I was in the midst of experiencing our second loss.  I was sent home from the doctor’s office with the excruciating task of waiting until our baby’s heart would ultimately stop.  I laid on the couch and watched my family carve pumpkins, feeling angry that I couldn’t participate, and heartbroken for what might have been.

It has been a year of sadness, growth, healing, and eventually – peace.  All of the emotional ups and down put a huge stress on our family and my marriage.  I had a third miscarriage in June, and at that point we said enough.  We had an awesome summer.  We healed as a family.  We felt more grateful than ever for our two amazing boys and all the fun they bring to our lives.

IMG_9595 (682x1024)

And now with all of the sadness of the past year behind us, I’m so excited to finally share with you that Casey, Cullen, Graham, and I are expecting a new baby next May!


We are overjoyed and still somewhat in denial that this might be real (okay maybe just me – will that feeling ever end?).  We shared the news with the kids last week – their final birthday present.  Cullen screamed with excitement, as he has been asking for “a new baby” for a long time.  Graham said “but where is the present?” :)  I continue to feel apprehensive to share the news, and in disbelief that it will all work out, but I know it’s time to breathe and try to enjoy it.

It all finally started to sink in last week when we got our testing results back (all good – hallelujah), along with our baby’s sex (which they can test chromosomally when you are old like me!).  Casey and I decided to do a fun reveal with the boys – just the four of us – as a way to celebrate this new arrival as a family.  Casey surprised me by saying he actually had the perfect reveal idea to do with the kids (didn’t see that coming!).  So he ordered what we needed and we got it all set up and ready to go.

My wonderful and very talented friend Kelsey joined us so that she could take some pictures for us to share with our loved ones who were eagerly anticipating the news!  The pictures tell the rest of the story!

D14B1995 (683x1024)

D14B1997 (683x1024)

D14B2005 (1024x683)

D14B2007 (1024x683)

D14B2008 (1024x683)

D14B2009 (1024x683)

D14B2011 (1024x683)

D14B2019 (1024x683)

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A sweet baby girl to complete our family next May.  We truly cannot believe it.  Our hearts are so full and it feels like the long road that led us here brought us to where we were meant to end up all along.  Thank you for being part of our family’s journey, and for all your love and support!