October Happenings.

Happy Friday, friends!  I’m typing with one hand because I took a bad fall and either broke or jammed my finger on Wednesday, so bear with me on any spelling or typing errors!

October has been so busy and so fun, and we still have all the Halloween fun to come.  I know I’m not over here as often anymore with the family and life updates, so I thought I’d show you a bit of what we have been up to this month.

On the 11th, we celebrated our baby’s FOURTH birthday!  How is it even possible?  Time sure flies when you are busy wiping butts and wrestling shoes onto little people.

20171011_063827 (767x1024)

Graham had an awesome day – gifts and birthday breakfast followed by a celebration with friends at school.  While it is always bittersweet to watch these little people get bigger, it has been such a joy to watch him grow and become a wonderful little boy.  He makes our whole family laugh all day long.

20171011_083208 (767x1024)

He requested chocolate cake with sprinkles, so that is exactly what he got!  I don’t bake very often (because I can’t control myself from eating it all!), so this was a fun treat for everyone.  Happy Birthday, Super G!

20171011_182415 (768x1024)

In other fall happenings, we are getting in the spirit in our house!  Now that the kids are older (and let’s be honest, way more fun) I’m trying to bring them into helping with holiday decorating and festivities.  The kids helped me pick out these adorable pumpkins at Target and we set the scene in the dining room.  I am a sucker for anything cable knit!

20171013_130550 (1024x768)

I’ve also been dying to get something fun for our front porch for Halloween ever since we got our porch swing last year.  When I saw this giant skeleton (also Target!), I knew we had to have him.  I fully expected Graham to be terrified of him, but the kids are OBSESSED.  His name is Skello, and I’m not sure we are ever going to be able to put him away after Halloween!

20171014_141029(0) (768x1024)

The weekend that fell between the kids’ birthdays, we had a small joint party to celebrate them both.  They agreed on a dinosaur theme, which was easy to execute!

20171014_124415 (1024x769)

We invited a few friends to a fun bounce house place and the kids all ran and jumped and had a total blast.



Four and six!  My gorgeous boys.  I love them with my whole heart.



It was a really fun time celebrating, and it was so easy and nice to do both birthdays at once.  Let’s hope they agree to that for many years to come!  And many thanks to my friend Nicki for always bringing her camera and snapping some great pictures and memories!


Obviously I celebrated successfully raising a 4 and 6 year old by eating all of their cake after they went to bed.

20171014_200550 (768x1024)

We had a dark gloomy week of rain that made us all depressed and grumpy, but we filled the time with lots of indoor fun.  Good thing we had a ton of new birthday gifts to enjoy!  The current favorite in our house is the card game Sleeping Queens – both kids are obsessed, and it’s even fun for me to play.

20171018_140431 (1024x768)

Cullen has always been really into puzzles, but now Graham has gotten into them too.  Being a puzzle lover myself, this is my most suggested activity.  Who else loves puzzles??  I always take a big one to do on every vacation!

20171019_080211 (768x1024)

Last Friday I took a whirlwind trip to Chicago for 36 hours to see my mom’s family and celebrate the life of my grandfather, who passed away on October 8th.  It was a really sad weekend, but also really wonderful to hear stories about his life and see family from all over the country. The last time we were all together was nine years ago – way too long!

IMG_20171020_114538_272 (878x878)

The weekend was extra hard because it was also Cullen’s 6th birthday! It felt so strange to wake up far away from him on Saturday morning.  The video chatted me in for birthday breakfast and present opening.

Screenshot_20171021-105029 (498x1024)

I spent the day with family at the burial, the memorial service, the reception, and then a private family dinner.  It know it meant a lot to my grandmother for me to be there, and I was really glad I had been able to make the trip.  Don’t mind my pinup girl pose – my grandmother is 4’9’’, and I was trying to get on her level – ha!

20171021_205443 (768x1024)

Just after we said our goodbyes to family, I was able to virtually join my birthday boy for candles and cupcakes.  So sweet!

Screenshot_20171021-204643 (498x1024)

And now all our birthday celebrations are over, and we are looking forward to a sunny nice weekend full of Halloween prep and fun.  We are planning on apple picking and pumpkin carving.  And catching up on a lot of rest and sleep.  This month has been too busy!

20171023_202515 (768x1024)

Happy Halloween weekend to you guys!  Can’t wait to see all the costumes next week!