Savannah Celebrations.

It’s that time of the year – celebration season has arrived!  October is such a crazy month for us anyway – we have both kids’ birthdays, as well as Halloween and all the fun that back to school brings.  And this year, we had more fun to add to the mix – a family wedding!

Last week we traveled to Savannah, Georgia to help celebrate the wedding of one of Casey’s cousins.  We’ve spent a ton of time in Atlanta and Charleston, but somehow despite all my years of traveling to Hilton Head, I’d never been to Savannah.  We were so excited to see all of Casey’s family, and get a few days of heat and sunshine.

20171004_151038 (768x1024)

The kids are at the BEST traveling age.  They carry their own backpacks, they watch movies or play iPad games the entire trip, and they really don’t require much.  I spent the flight watching the DisneyNature documentary Born in China – whyyyyyy do I always do this to myself?  I was a sobbing fool and Casey kept looking at me like I was insane.  I also watched Sweet Home Alabama because it’s the best. 

We stayed at an AirBNB with Casey’s brother and his family, as well as Casey’s parents – right in the heart of Savannah around the corner from Forsyth Park.  It was an awesome walkable location, and the house had a koi pond that provided endless entertainment for the kids.  The boys were super excited to be back together with their cousins.

20171005_162904 (767x1024)

We drove to Savannah (from Atlanta, where we stayed overnight with family on Wednesday night) on Thursday morning, and spent most of our first day just settling in and exploring a bit.  On Friday, the boys all went golfing for the day, so my sister-in-law and I packed up the kids and headed to Tybee Island for a morning at the beach!

20171006_102948(0) (768x1024)

It was pure perfection – sunny, warm, and covered in endless stretches of shallow tide pools for splashing.  There were empty life guard stands to climb on, and really fun giant wooden swings spread down the beach for relaxing.  Every beach should have swings!

20171006_113310 (767x1024)

But Katie and I brought along the best entertainment of all – Grandpa!  These kids love Grandpa something fierce, and he had all four of them running, splashing, and laughing for hours.  It was the perfect way to spend our morning and let the kids run around after very long travels. 

20171006_121651(0) (767x1024)

Of course I love our West Coast rocky beaches so much, but there is also something so wonderful about the warm soft sand on the Atlantic Coast.  These are the beaches I grew up exploring, and I love that we still get to take our kids there even though we live so far away.

20171006_121022 (768x1024)

We were back home in time to shower and freshen up in time for the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner!  This was our first chance to connect with all the out of town family, and it was great to see everyone.  The kids were good sports and let me dress them in something other than sweatpants for once (adorable TOMS shoes for the win!).

20171006_153252 (767x1024)

The bride’s family rented this amazing mansion right on Forsyth Park, and we had dinner out in the back courtyard.  It was perfection! 

20171006_182353 (1024x769)

The next day was the day of the wedding, Katie and I were up and out the door early.  We were both bridesmaids, so we headed back to the Whitman house to start our hair and prep for the big day!  I showed the hairdresser a few Pinterest ideas I had for my hairstyle – it was going to be almost 90 degrees that day so I knew I wanted it all UP and off my neck.  I absolutely loved how it turned out!  

20171007_110736 (768x1024)

It was such a treat to get to spend so much time with Katie over the weekend.  I feel really lucky to have married into a family of such wonderful people. 

20171007_134828 (768x1024)

We spent our whole day hanging out with the other bridesmaids and getting ready at the house.  We eventually left for a few pictures and then headed out to the wedding site.  Here is the view out the front doors of the house – incredible, right?  That Spanish moss is so gorgeous!

20171007_135612 (1024x768)

Once we got to the ceremony site, I met up with Casey and the boys.  My heart skipped a million beats when I saw how amazing they all looked.  The boys could not have been more excited about their suits and being all dressed up.  They were taking their job very seriously and it was the cutest thing ever. (My dress was on sale from BHLDN, for those who will ask!)

20171007_170923 (768x1024)

Seriously though, CAN YOU HANDLE THIS?  Because I can’t. 

20171007_183112 (767x1024)

A moment alone with the gorgeous bride.  It was such a treat and an honor to be part of her big day.  The weekend was definitely one of the highlights of our year!

20171007_171811 (768x1024)

We danced and partied the night away, and it couldn’t have been more fun or more beautiful. 

20171007_184532 (767x1024)

The next day we made the loooooong journey home.  A four hour drive from Savannah to Atlanta, followed by a 5.5 hour flight!  We all slept and finally crashed into bed around 1am.  It was a long way but more than worth it to be there.

20171008_225204 (1024x768)

Unfortunately, I’m off on another plan ride in a few days.  While we were in Savannah I got news that my grandfather passed away, so I’m headed to Chicago this weekend to help celebrate his life and be with my mom’s family.  I’ll be missing Cullen’s birthday, which makes it twice as hard, but I know he will understand and that Casey will make it special for him. 

Hoping all is well with you!  Back soon to share all of our October birthday celebrations.  I’ve missed you guys!