Natural Products for Before and After Baby.

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Now that I’m pregnant again, I’m trying to take care of myself (and my babe!) as best as I can.  Long gone are the days when I was pregnant with Cullen and could focus all my time on preparing healthy meals, napping when I felt tired, and eliminating most sources of stress.  Those were the days!  These days I squeeze in sleep as I can although it is never enough, and naps are a thing many years in the past.  My eating has been fine, but not superb (meal planning is a big goal for 2018!).  And so because so much of this is essentially out of my control due to LIFE, I’m doing my best to take advantage of the things I can control, like what products I’m using, vitamins I’m taking, and all the other things that are affecting me both inside and out.

I’ve been working on switching over to natural products for many years now, but that’s an ever-changing process.  And just when I think I’ve covered all my basis, I realize there is something else I am using that should really be swapped out for a more natural solution.  One of the things I did before and already have set up for post-baby once it’s needed, is the switch to more natural feminine hygiene products.

A few years ago, I told you guys about Lola, a natural feminine care line that is conveniently delivered through a subscription!  Some of you guys had BIG feelings about it – why weren’t the products organic?  Why were the tampon applicators plastic?  The great thing about supporting companies when they are new and growing is that with that support, they are able to change and evolve!  The current line of Lola products is now made with 100% organic cotton, and includes tampons with BPA-free plastic applicators, cardboard applicators, or non-applicator tampons, as well as pads and liners.  Seriously awesome!

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Of my favorite aspects of Lola is the subscription program.  There is nothing quite like starting your period and opening up the bathroom cabinet to see two sad “light days” tampons staring back at you.  The subscription is fully customizable so you can choose a mix of light, regular, super, and super+ (or mix of day and night pads), the number of boxes, and the frequency of delivery.

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And the price is super competitive – it’s $10 for one box of applicator tampons, or $18 for 2 boxes each month.  Considering the quality of the products, I think that is a steal when compared to the mainstream alternatives.

In addition to the tampons and liners, there is also an amazing essential oil blend available now to help with cramps as well.  You guys know I’m a big fan of oils (when used properly!) and I will definitely be getting this when my cycle returns, since it only seems to get worse after each child!

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Want to give it a try yourself? The first 100 readers to sign up and use the code GARNISH will save 50% off their first order!  (Offer is for new customers only, and is only available in the continental US – they do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska)  I’m happily enjoying a break from my period right now, but I’ll definitely be reactivating my subscription once it is needed again eventually!

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As far as natural products go, here are a few of the other changes I have made so far:

Chemical-free house cleaners

I stopped buying all purpose sprays and traditional cleaners a few years ago, and since then I’ve used one spray bottle with a homemade mix of water, white vinegar, and a few drops of lemon and citrus essential oils.  I spray it liberally on most surfaces in our house, and love the way it smells and feels when our kitchen is all cleaned up.  The only traditional cleaner I still buy is toilet bowl cleaners, because of…well, POOP.  Enough said.

Natural Hair Products

My poor hair has been through the ringer ever since having kids.  Normal postpartum hair loss coupled with a thyroid that has been all over the place has left me with significantly thinned and sad hair.  Because of this, I’ve tried to be super careful with what I use on my hair.  I only wash my hair twice a week and I’m currently using the Aveda Invati hair system – I really like it so far.

Natural Makeup

I barely wear any makeup anymore, but what I do wear is all rated really well by the EWG.  My daily regimen includes Bare Minerals powder, mineral veil, and blush.  The only other thing I use is a Beautycounter mascara that my friend Lindsay sent to me.  Very low maintenance!

Quality Supplements

I credit Casey on this one.  He listened to a podcast one afternoon and then came home and told me he had ordered me all new vitamins, as he had researched what were the very best supplements I should be taking at this stage of pregnancy.  So right now I’m taking Nordic Naturals Omega 3’s and Thorne Basic Prenatals.  One thing I know I’ve really neglected in past pregnancies is to continue to commit to a daily vitamin regimen after the baby comes.  A doctor recently told me that women my age should take a prenatal vitamin for up to five years after delivery in order to fully recover from pregnancy and childbirth.  And while I’m certainly not here dishing out medical advice, and I am planning to make this a bigger focus post-delivery this time.

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Can you guys recommend any other wonderful and effective natural products?  I feel like I am forever on the hunt for the best deodorant!  Hope you guys are having a great week!