So Long, Summer.

Well hello there!  It’s been a bit, huh?  We are in the last days of summer here – school starts next Wednesday.  And with that brings the return of schedules, busy mornings, and a bit more order and routine to life.  I’m also seeing it as the end of my self-imposed “maternity leave” – meaning the grace period I’ve given myself for three (okay, almost four) months while we’ve adjust to life as a family of five. 


I don’t really mean maternity leave in the traditional sense, since I’m clearly not heading back into an office tomorrow.  More a “leave” from the things that have felt stressful, or overwhelming, or uncomfortable during this newborn period.  Things like – blogging!  Also things like pants with buttons, cooking composed meals (it’s quesadilla night, kiddos!), regular exercise, answering emails on time (or ever), and drying my hair. 

It’s been the hardest summer and also a great summer.  There is so much I want to say and fill you in on, and yet it’s too much and I don’t even know where to begin.  So I’ll just say thank you for extending me the grace and space I needed through this new phase of life. 

I never planned to stop blogging for three months, but here we are.  I’m not going to pick up where we left off because that would be impossible and silly – too much has happened!  Instead, I’ll just tell you that Maeve is three months old and is our whole family’s greatest joy.  The boys love her to pieces, and I still pinch myself every day that she is here.  Seeing Casey love on his little girl makes my heart explode.  It’s happiness I didn’t know I could feel. 


I guess I forgot that a lot of you aren’t on Instagram – if you follow us over there, you know we’ve been playing baseball, running on beaches, swimming up a storm, and trying to make the most of our favorite season.  Despite summer’s challenges (so many kids! so little structure!), I’m sad to see it end because it feels like the end of this newborn grace period as well, and that makes me feel like Maeve is already growing up too quickly!  See, the hormones are still flowing!


I have a longer post planned to tell you about all things postpartum and baby – breastfeeding, work/life balance, sleep, sibling adjustments, dog adjustments – all that good stuff.  But for today I just wanted to say hi and again – thank you – for letting me take the summer off.

I’m going to be honest with you that I’m also still completely disorganized, which I’m sure comes as no surprise.  Time management is non-existent, and so the next post I have for you is a sponsored one, which I know isn’t ideal, but it is what it is.  Please just be nice about it – I’m doing my best. 

I’ve tried to get my posts and writing organized for a while now, and every night when I’ve sat down to write here after the kids go to bed, I’ve either felt too overwhelmed or just too dang tired.  So here I am at 6am instead, jumping in and rambling and ripping the band-aid off.  I’m going to hit publish on this guy and then jump into the shower.  We only have a few days of summer left and I want to make the most of them.  Today’s agenda includes fun in the park with friends this morning, haircuts for the boys this afternoon, and a welcome back event for 1st grade (SOB) tonight.  Oh, did I mention Casey had to travel 19 out of 31 days this month?  He comes back tonight and holy cow am I excited for him to be home for a while. 


That’s it.  Love you guys.  Happy last days of summer!