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    A Look Back.

Holiday Happiness.

Are you ready?  It’s the same post I write every December, with pictures of the exact same Christmas decorations I’ve been using since 2006!  Can you contain your excitement?  Let’s do this!

This has been a really fun holiday season so far, and we’re only halfway there.  Also, I’m exhausted.  Holidays with kids are so much fun, but my intense Fear Of Missing Out also find me dragging my family to every holiday activity under the sun.  WE WILL DO IT ALLLLL!!

We got a late start this year, since we didn’t get home from Thanksgiving til December 1st.  And yes, I just called December 1st a late start.  You can be sure I was having a panic attack watching all the Instagram photos going up with twinkle lights and decorated trees, when I was still on the other side of the country.  Upon our return, we were sleep deprived from the time change, drowning in laundry and luggage, and had zero food in the fridge upon our return, but you KNOW I got those Christmas boxes out and started decorating ASAP.

IMG_6303 (640x410) 

And it was all more than worth it because now our house is overflowing with holiday cheer, and it makes me happy every time I walk in the front door.  Hi Huey dog!

IMG_6305 (401x640)

The kids were really excited to help decorate this year, which made it more fun (and subsequently more challenging – holy broken ornaments). 

IMG_6310 (419x640)

The advent calendar is definitely the hit of the holiday, and Cullen races down the steps each morning to find out our daily activity.  In related news, twenty five activities is exhausting! 

IMG_6315 (427x640)

I tried to do a mix of holiday activities I knew we were doing already, mixed in with some low key things, along with really fun events.  Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • December 3 – finally hung the advent calendar!
  • December 4 – get our Christmas tree!

20151204_180946 (487x640)

  • December 5 – bake Christmas cookies with mom
  • December 6 – go to the Elves & the Toymaker play!

20151206_110319 (478x640)

  • December 7 – drink hot chocolate
  • December 8 – read a new Christmas book
  • December 9 – watch a Christmas movie
  • December 10 – make gingerbread houses

. (640x414)

  • December 11 – go to Snowflake Lane!
  • December 12 – visit Santa and get picture taken!
  • December 13 – decorate holiday cookies at a friend’s house!
  • December 14 – go to Zoolights! (rescheduled because mom has strep throat)

There is still a lot more fun ahead, and I love seeing the boys’ excitement as the season continues.  Cullen helped me do our staircase garland this year – I love how into it he is!

IMG_6320 (640x427)

And of course, the tree itself was a BIG DEAL when it arrived.  If it were up to me, we’d have a tree covered in twinkle lights in the corner all year long.  Cannot get enough!

IMG_6324 (404x640)

I think this year’s tree is a real beauty!

IMG_6327 (406x640)

The holiday pillows also make me really happy.  So fun to mix it up with small changes for a month or two.  I went with more of a silver and gold theme so that these could stay out for a few weeks into January. 

IMG_6335 (424x640)

A fun new addition this year was a mini tree for the kids in their playroom.  It was $20 at Target and I couldn’t help myself.  My mom makes them a new felt ornament each year, so they both hung theirs here – Cullen has Buddy from Dinosaur Train, and Graham has a tool set.  Adorable!  They also hung a painted birdhouse and their participation ribbons from gymnastics class.  Looking festive!

IMG_6337 (415x640)

The playroom also has some snowflake pillows, because I apparently I can’t walk out of Target without spending at least $100. 

IMG_6338 (640x427) 

This little bear is super creepy, but it was a gift from the boys’ great grandmother, and they both love it. 

IMG_6342 (640x426)

And no Christmas season is complete without a visit to Santa.  Check out how tiny they looked last year!!


I was particularly concerned about going this year, because Graham is TERRIFIED of anything in a costume.  He literally recoils when any character comes near.  I knew Santa would be a struggle.  We talked it up BIG time, but as soon as we walked in the door he started waving and trying to back out of the room.  I picked him up and slowly walked forward, and he started screaming.  The wonderful employee there jumped in with a stuffed monkey to distract him, and I bribed hard with candy canes. 

He very cautiously made his way to Santa’s lap, and then suddenly warmed up.  He chatted him up and told him all about the orange scooter he hopes to get on Christmas morning.  And Cullen, god love him, sat there sweetly and asked for the only thing he’s hoping to get this Christmas – a green pencil.  These little boys just kill me. 

IMG_6372 (426x640)

This coming weekend we are riding the Santa Train out in the Snoqualmie area, and we’re hoping to visit the reindeer at Swanson’s Nursery.  My mom arrives next week and then Christmas is around the corner.  I hope your holiday seasons are off to a good start (or were wonderful, if you just wrapped up Chanukah celebrations!). 

Happy Wednesday!  Graham and I are off to the doctor to get this strep throat under control, and then our week will be MUCH better. 

Thanksgiving 2015 (& Beautiful Bouqs!)

We are back home in Seattle after a wonderful week back in the Midwest with our families.  We took off last Tuesday morning, and for the first time in four years I wasn’t nervous to fly.  The kids are at great ages for it, and it was also our first time flying without a stroller – so much easier!


It was also Graham’s first time on a plane since he turned two, so he finally had his own seat.  It costs a million dollars for us to fly anywhere now, but it’s always worth it to go see family.

20151201_072432 (489x640)

We spent the first half of the week in Indiana with Casey’s side of the family.  The house was full of extended family members from as far away as Miami and Atlanta, and it was so wonderful to see everyone.  The boys were in heaven!  Casey’s mom and I took them to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum on Wednesday morning, and I am surprised we ever got them to leave.

Thursday was all about FOOD!  Casey and I snuck off to the gym and got a rare opportunity to work out together, which was a nice start to the day.

20151126_093112 (498x640)

Tina and her sisters were cooking machines – there was a schedule complete with cell phone alarms going off to ensure that dinner made it onto the table on time.  Pretty impressive!

IMG_6069 (640x427)

I was in charge of the Thanksgiving centerpiece, and thankfully my job was super easy this year.  I was offered two beautiful flower arrangements from The Bouqs Company, and I knew that our week-long Thanksgiving festivities were the perfect occasion.

IMG_6035 (640x427)

I was super excited when The Bouqs Company reached out to me, because I had seen them on SHARK TANK on one of our many wild Friday nights last year.  Here is the basic rundown on how the business works:

  • The Bouqs Company is a flower delivery service that’s easy, fresh, and beautiful.
  • Flowers are cut the day you order and shipped the next day, so you’ll receive them sooner and they’ll last longer!
  • Flowers are grown on the side of an active volcano in Ecuador, so more sunshine and mineral rich soil makes for better flowers!
  • Flowers are shipped directly to your door from the farms – no waiting in warehouses until they’re ordered, so always good quality and beautiful.
  • All flowers are grown at sustainable, eco-friendly farms that follow strict responsible farming practices and are 3rd party certified by Veriflora and The Rainforest Alliance.
  • What you see is what you get – exactly like the picture on the website, no bait-and-switch, and never any teddy bears or cheap candy.
  • Always free shipping!!

When I was in high school, my mom was a florist and I worked at the flower shop part-time after school as her helper.  I learned a lot about the floral industry, and nothing drives me crazy like those over the top pre-arranged boxes arrangements full of balloons on a stick and died carnations.  My favorite thing about the arrangements from The Bouqs Company is that you get EXACTLY what you see in the picture – no surprises!

If you are interested in trying out The Bouqs Company yourself, just enter the promo code GETBLOOMS for 20% off your first order!  They have some gorgeous holiday arrangements available right now.

I ordered the BBQ’N arrangement for Thanksgiving at the Malone’s house, since I knew it would look great with the fall decorations and colors in their living room.  I went with the “deluxe” option that included 24 roses with freesia accents for $50.  They arrived all boxes up and packaged into two smaller bouquets.

IMG_6041 (640x426)

I did my best to channel my inner florist and arrange them nicely on the table.  They smelled amazing, and the colors were gorgeous.

IMG_6051 (427x640)

Beautiful blooms with football on in the background – Thanksgiving, indeed!

IMG_6053 (426x640)

While the moms cooked, the boys enjoyed time with family that they don’t see nearly enough.  Both boys were totally enamored by their great-grandmother, and it was really special to see them together after a long time away.

IMG_6063 (425x640)

IMG_6079 (426x640)

Finally, it was time to eat!  Tina planned an amaaaazing spread of veggie food (in addition to turkey and ham).  It was a serious feast!

IMG_6082 (640x427)

I was in charge of this vegan mac and cheese dish made with chao (vegan) cheese and field roast/breadcrumb topping.  It turned out really well – definitely one to remake!

IMG_6083 (640x424)

A plate full of goodness – so good I had to wait several hours for dessert.  Is there anything better than Thanksgiving food??

IMG_6085 (640x426)

The following day, we said our goodbyes and headed to Cincinnati to see my side of the family – it was grandparent overload for the boys!  We took them to the Cincinnati Museum Center, where they were very happy to discover there was a big snake and turtle event happening (yikes!).


One big thing of note from this trip was that it was the first time Graham has ever slept in a bed.  When we got there on our first night, he took one look at the pack n play and it was clear it wasn’t going to happen.  So we convinced Cullen to share his bed, and every night from then after they slept cuddled up together.  Truly, the cutest thing EVER.  My heart could only take so much.


On Saturday, we had Thanksgiving part two!  My mom and Jim cooked all afternoon while the boys took epic long naps, and I spent several hours cocooned under a blanket on the sun porch with my sister.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

IMG_0497 (640x480)

Once dinner was on the table, we were all ready for feast number two.  Cornbread veggie stuffing…

IMG_6093 (640x427)

Cranberry sauce (my personal favorite!)…

IMG_6094 (640x426)

Skin-on mashed potatoes (the only way to do it!)…

IMG_6096 (640x427)

Place cards made by the kids (with a little help from mom)…

IMG_6097 (640x406)

A yummy shaved Brussels sprout dish…

IMG_6102 (640x426)

Field Roast celebration roast…

IMG_6107 (640x427)

And a big bowl of roasted veggies with fresh herbs.  Such a great spread!

IMG_6111 (640x420)

And of course – more beautiful flowers from The Bouqs Company

IMG_6253 (427x640)

I sent the Desperado volcano roses to my mom’s house because that pink color looked so incredible.  It did not disappoint in person! 

IMG_6255 (640x427)

I moved them to the sunroom for better photos, but they were absolutely perfect on our holiday table.  Is there anything more classic and beautiful than roses?

IMG_6259 (426x640)

We stayed a few more days and enjoyed family and just all hanging out together.  Every time we go home it gets more difficult to leave.  When we landed at the airport in Seattle yesterday, Cullen burst into tears and sobbed, “I wish all our family lived in Seattle.”  Me too kid, me too. 

IMG_6178 (427x640)

IMG_6170 (426x640)

IMG_6249 (640x427)

The kids had an awesome week and were beyond exhausted by the end.


It was a great visit and I feel so lucky that we go to see so many loved ones all at once.  I’m thankful for so much family time and so much good food, and now the countdown is on until Christmas when we’ll have visitors here in Seattle!

And many thanks to The Bouqs Company for providing our gorgeous Thanksgiving arrangements.  The quality of the flowers was fantastic and the service was excellent – I’ll definitely be using it for gifts in the future!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  Back soon!

This post is sponsored by The Bouqs Company.  Thanks for your continued support of Daily Garnish, and our family!

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