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    A Look Back.

A Weekend of Celebrations.

Just in time for another glorious weekend, I am popping in to tell you all about last weekend!  It was full of celebration and fun, and I felt like I needed one more day when Monday morning rolled around, just to come down from it all.

Saturday was our 6th wedding anniversary – I love the feeling of waking up on holidays just knowing there is a little bit more magic in the air.  It was a perfect sunny day in Seattle, and we decided to mix up our usual spots and head out to West Seattle to go to Alki Beach. 

IMG_9790 (640x425)

The kids immediately dug in (literally) and Casey and I sat back on a big piece of driftwood and sipped our coffees and it was wonderful. 

IMG_9784 (640x423) 

Last summer I’d take the boys to the beach and everything about it was just so, so hard.  Cullen was 2.5 and still wanted (and often needed) my help with everything.  And Graham was like 7 or 8 months old and didn’t want to be held, but also didn’t want to be sandy (unless he was eating it), so I spent most of our beach days bouncing around with him strapped to my back or chest, while also trying to keep a two year old from diving headfirst into the Puget Sound.  I did it because I was stubborn and because in the summer you GO TO THE BEACH, but it was really tough.

IMG_9896 (426x640)

This one time, I took the boys to Carkeek Park beach and I was beyond overwhelmed and there was this mom there who had two boys who both seemed about a year older than each of mine.  And the mom was stretched out on a blanket enjoying the sunshine and the mountains while her boys dug around and zoomed trucks in the sand, and she sent me a few sympathetic smiles as I chased Cullen and tried to block every square inch of Graham’s body from the sun.

I promised myself that mom would be me next year.  I had to put in the work to get through the thing that is summer with a baby and a two year old, and if we could all survive it we were due for the best summer ever next year.

And you know what?  It’s totally going to be the best summer ever.

IMG_9833 (426x640)

These days Cullen completely entertains himself most of the time.  And when he doesn’t, all he wants to do is play catch (which is actually really fun to do).  He is also scared of the water – which I hope he grows out of eventually – but for now definitely makes beach trips pretty low stress.

IMG_9898 (426x640)

And now Graham is the fearless one who charges straight into the freezing water, will throw rocks for hours on end, and comes home with a ten pound diaper full of sand.  He’s still eating sand, but you can’t have it all, right?

IMG_9808 (427x640)

It was the perfect morning and a great chance for me and Casey to relax and enjoy this amazing little family we’ve created over our six married years together (and 10 total!). 

IMG_9908 (426x640)

For our “official” anniversary celebration, we decided to scrap the fancy dinner evening plans and trade them in for a daytime date.  There are so many amazing outdoor opportunities in the Northwest, and many of them are challenging to do with kids of such young ages.  All I wanted to celebrate our day was to spend some time alone together and enjoy a gorgeous day.  So we got a babysitter and headed into the mountains for an afternoon hike!

IMG_9952 (402x640)

In the interest of time (we said we’d be gone about five hours) we decided to spend less time driving and more time hiking, so we picked a spot pretty close to the city – Tiger Mountain right outside of Issaquah. 

IMG_9953 (426x640)

I did a bunch of research online ahead of time, and finally opted to hike to Poo Poo Point (which loses 5 points for a ridiculous name).  The guide said it was about 8 miles roundtrip, but most of the hiking reports claimed it was closer to ten.  It definitely felt like ten! 

IMG_9957 (427x640)

It was straight up, up, UP and I was really starting to fade when we finally reached a sign pointing us just another half mile to the overlook.  And then finally we reached it and I forgot my aching legs and shortness of breath when we stepped out and saw the incredible view in the distance. 

IMG_9919 (640x423) 

The entire reason I chose this particular hike that was that I read it was a popular spot for paragliders to take off on nice, sunny days.  I crossed my fingers and hoped we would see them, and it seriously took my breath away when we did.

IMG_9926 (427x640)

We sat on this giant grassy green space and looked out at Lake Sammamish and toward the Cascades as paragliders just sailed out into the sky all around us. 

IMG_9931 (640x426) 

IMG_9934 (640x426) 

It was so perfect and so beautiful, and most importantly just so special and wonderful to have that time with Casey.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

IMG_9935 (427x640)

IMG_9938 (640x411) 

IMG_9941 (427x640)

  IMG_9942 (640x425)

IMG_9944 (640x427) 

IMG_9947 (640x427) 

IMG_9949 (426x640)

We came home after an awesome afternoon of hiking and tucked the kids into bed, before retiring to the backyard patio for a delicious dinner of cheese, crackers, dips, olives, bread, and more.  Oh, and giant slices of cake from a local bakery.  We had definitely earned them!

The next day was Mother’s Day and I woke up to lots of smiles and hugs and sweet words, followed by amaaaaaaaazing homemade (by Casey) vegan biscuits and gravy.  Seriously delicious. 

IMG_9965 (683x1024)

Gorgeous flowers for mom!

IMG_9975 (683x1024)

We spent the morning doing exactly what I asked if we could do – getting plants for this year’s garden!  We went to Swanson’s and picked out all the veggies and herbs for our backyard, as well as some pretty flowers for pots out front. 

IMG_9983 (1024x679) 

I am so excited to garden this year, and I hope we have as much success as we did with last year’s first garden.  I’ll definitely post all about it again as the plant and grow. 

IMG_9985 (1024x655) 

I spent the afternoon outside eating yummy food, pulling weeds, and prepping the garden. 

IMG_9988 (1024x676) 

And listening to Pandora on our new bluetooth speaker <— obsessed!!

IMG_9990 (1024x683)

My Mother’s Day gift from Casey was probably not very traditional, but was completely perfect for me.  This is our beloved patio that has finally all come together just in time for summer.  We sit out here almost every night under the lights and talk and listen to music, but I’m usually wrapped up in blankets.  Casey surprised me with this amazing propane heater that means we can sit out there for much longer this year – happiness!

IMG_0193 (683x1024)

The hooks and hanging baskets and twinkle lights were actually part of my birthday present this year too.  This area of our home makes me so happy every time I look out there.  It has changed so much in just two short years!

IMG_0194 (674x1024)

Dinner was prepared salads from PCC because I didn’t feel like cooking. 

IMG_9991 (1024x681) 

I sure do love those wild goofballs that have made me a mom, and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

IMG_9998 (1024x682) 

IMG_0005 (1024x680) 

IMG_0041 (682x1024)

A happy (belated) Mother’s Day to all my fellow mamas out there, and a very happy to weekend to you all!

Going Back To Cali.

Just as soon as I finally sat down and told you all about our California mini-vacation, I found myself squeezed into a middle seat and headed back down south to Orange County this past weekend. 


A week or so ago – the Saturday before Easter – I was on my way to Greenlake to meet a friend for a run, when my mom called and told me that my uncle had passed away suddenly that morning.  It was unexpected and obviously very sad and shocking. 

And despite the fact that I had never left both kids before and that everything was super last minute, I just knew that I really really wanted to be there.  So I booked my ticket, packed a bag, and said a million thank you’s to Casey for handling everything back home so that I could take off just a few days later.

In three and a half years, I have left Cullen for two short weekends away, and I have never left Graham longer than a few hours.  So I found myself sort of dazed and confused when I suddenly only needed to care for myself.

Funny how when I travel with the boys I have a million things to manage and remember, and yet we’ve never had a major travel snafu or fail.  And yet, when traveling alone and with only a small carry-on, I almost totally blew it within the first few minutes.  Casey dropped me off at the airport and I was so wrapped up in saying goodbyes and giving hugs that I trotted straight into the airport WITHOUT MY LUGGAGE.

It took about thirty seconds for me to realize it, and at that point I went flying back out onto the sidewalk screaming and waving my arms everywhere, just as Casey was pulling away.  Thankfully, he saw me and I ran over to the car, dropped a bunch of F-bombs, and then slammed the door and ran back into the airport.  Goodbye, indeed!

In a matter of a few hours I read an entire book for the first time in I don’t even know how long.  Side note – this book is hilarious, and a definite must-read for anyone who lives in Seattle (where it is set). 


It was my dad’s older brother who passed away, and almost the entire family was there.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, spouses, family dogs – it was so amazing to see everyone.  Other than a few people, I hadn’t seen most of these relatives since my grandparents’ memorial two years ago in Hilton Head.  Obviously I wish the occasion had been different, but I know Bob would have loved to have seen us all gathered together in celebration of his life.

We had family events and services pretty much all day on Friday, but with a few extra hours free in the morning, my cousins Sarah and Matt and I took advantage and headed to Laguna Beach to stare at the ocean. 


The California beaches are seriously so gorgeous.  And there is something so peaceful and meditative about looking out at the water – the perfect way to spend the morning of the memorial. 

20150410_124002 (640x427)

The rest of Friday was spent remembering, reflecting, and then celebrating (because life should be celebrated!) back at my aunt and uncle’s house.  Obviously I am glossing over the private and difficult parts, as they weren’t photo appropriate and I can’t really do any of it justice with words.  But it was a wonderful day of closeness and closure, and I was so so happy I had made the journey down to be there.

On Saturday morning, despite finally having the opportunity to sleep in as long as I possible wanted – I somehow found myself on a running trail with my cousins at 7:30am.  I never regret a run, but I do regret not getting a bit more sleep when I could – ha!  We ran on a beautiful park near my cousin Lynn’s house.  And I ran six sunny miles with another cousin, Sarah!

20150411_083932 (427x640)

She does the Galloway walk/run method, which was kind of fun to try out.  I really struggle with the mental aspect of running, and I think all the walking breaks are too tempting for someone like me.  But we covered six miles which was my longest run to date, so I was happy.  I also stopped to snap a few pictures of important scenery to send back home…

20150411_084748 (426x640)

And hilariously enough, I somehow literally ran straight into my blogging buddy, Monica!  In all of Orange County (which I assume is big?) we ended up on the same trail at the same time – so fun to see her, and wish I was speedy enough that I could have kept up to run along side her for a bit.

IMG_5152 (640x426)

After the run and two giant bagels, I had time to relax at the hotel and read more of my book.  That afternoon, I headed out onto the ocean with another pod of cousins!  My cousins, Dana and Lynn, have been doing volunteer marine wildlife rescue for years and years.  We headed out on a Zodiac boat in search of salty air and marine life. 

20150411_153742 (427x640)

Apparently this is the tail end of grey whale season, and even though they have seen a few lately, the sea was pretty calm while we were out there.  We did get to see a whole bunch of sea lions and seals though, and one gorgeous dolphin.  It was plenty for me, and I was so grateful to be out on the water and surrounded by people I love who I don’t see nearly enough.


While it was unexpected and sad, it was also a weekend that left me feeling very restored and centered.  Sometimes it takes something like death to bring a certain perspective back to life, and I returned home to find two little boys waiting for me in the airport with chocolates and flowers – and my life felt very, very full.

The funny thing is, while I went on and on about how I was worried to leave the kids for the first time – in reality, I have actually had my first trip away planned since last year.  And it is next weekend – gulp.  So I was bound to take off anyway, but now Casey got a bit of a test run. 

And it’s worth noting that he hit it out of the park.  He and the boys had a blast (as I expected they would) and by the end he was showing off and making vegan biscuits and gravy from scratch and other obnoxious things.  And so next weekend, I will jet off to Florida for three glorious days with my best friend, and I will relax knowing that it’s good for mom to get away sometimes, no matter the occasion.

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