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Summer Adventures Part 1: Oh, Canada!

Hi friends!  Today is my Monday, as we spent all day yesterday driving home from an amazing whirlwind weekend at the beach.  I’m scrambling to catch up since I’m missing my babysitting day this week, but as miracles would have it – both kids are napping right now!  Fingers crossed that lasts for more than ten minutes (Update: it didn’t, which it why I’m finishing this up at 8pm!).

As I’ve mentioned here a million times already – it’s SUMMER!  And just like most of you, we are living it up as much as possible.  We’ve spent so much time outside, on the beaches, and finding local summer adventures that I’ve spent very little time at my computer – which is both wonderful and slightly stressful at the same time.  I haven’t edited pictures past June, and now August is right around the corner!

The last summer outing I shared here was from way back in mid-June when we went strawberry picking.  So before any more time passes, I thought I’d try to recap some of the other fun things we’ve had going on.  At the end of June, Casey’s parents came to visit! 

IMG_5360 (533x800)

The boys were in grandparent heaven, and Cullen got to take Grandpa to a Mariners game, which was definitely a highlight for him. 

But the highlight for me and Casey was our first GETAWAY – just the two of us for the first time in four years.  While we have both traveled independently, the only night we ever spent away together was in the hospital when Graham was born – wonderful, but not exactly romantic!  Casey planned an overnight trip to Victoria for the two of us as an anniversary gift, and even arranged to have his parents come out to watch the kids – seriously amazing!

So early on a Tuesday morning, we boarded the Victoria Clipper and set sail for Canada! 

IMG_5376 (640x427)

The clipper was awesome – nice seats, plugs for electronics, and a gorgeous view of the Puget Sound out my window.  Once we got to Victoria, we unloaded our bags at our hotel and immediately set out in search of food!  We landed at the Jam Cafe – recommended by a friend and had a line out the door!

IMG_5383 (418x640)

The food was heavy and delicious, and we ate waaaaay too much. 

IMG_5390 (640x427)

After that we both fell into a massive food coma that, combined with a very early Clipper departure, required a rare afternoon nap.  I felt a little foolish wasting a few of our precious 36 hours for napping, but we both felt a million times better afterward.  And that’s what adult vacations are for, right?  Napping!

We eventually rejoined the world and I immediately announced that we needed ice cream!  I looked up best ice cream options online, and walked a few miles until we found Cold Comfort

IMG_5403 (640x425)

O.M.G you guys.  I started to feel a bit ridiculous that we were walking two miles (each way) just for ice cream, but that feeling disappeared with the first bite.  The owner suggested we try the most popular item – ice cream sandwiches, and they were hands down the best I’ve ever had.  I tried the Golden Graham, which was as delicious as it sounds. 

IMG_5397 (640x409)

But Casey’s ice cream was sandwiched between macarons, and it was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.  If we’d had enough time the next day, we planned to walk four miles round-trip just to get them again!

IMG_5401 (640x402)

From there, we walked all along the waterfront and just wandered around for a while.  Our mission for the trip was to walk and eat as much as possible!  I didn’t end up with any photos of dinner, but we went to Rebar and it was INCREDIBLE!  I guess I was too busy licking my plate to photograph.  I want to go back right now!

We finished up a full day of exploring just in time to watch the sunset over the water. 

IMG_5404 (640x426)

We decided to head back to our hotel at that point and hang out on our awesome waterfront balcony for a while – so beautiful!  (Dress from Stitchfix!)

IMG_5410 (426x640)

IMG_5415 (640x425)

I’m so grateful to this guy for planning such a wonderful trip for us.  We’ve been itching to get away just the two of us for a while now, but I was never quite ready to pull the trigger and actually do it.  He knew the best approach was to just plan it and make it happen – and it was exactly what we needed!

IMG_5427 (640x426)

The next morning, we slept in as late as parents of young kids possibly can – 8am!  Felt like a total luxury.  We headed to Mole for breakfast, and had another delicious meal. 

IMG_5437 (427x640)

IMG_5434 (640x427)

Like I said before, the goal was to eat and walk as much as we could – so after fueling up we headed out to walk along Dallas Road – a spot recommended by many friends!  We walked through a park and all along the bluff overlooking the water – totally beautiful even though it was gloomy and overcast. 

IMG_5439 (640x427)

The other goal for our trip was to do something adventurous that we can’t do when we’re with the kids.  The weather was cool, windy, and even a little rainy, so that limited the options a bit.  On a whim, we decided we had just enough time left to go whale watching!  We’ve gone whale watching with the kids before (last year in the San Juans!), but this time we decided to do one of the open zodiac boats.  And the gross weather didn’t matter at all, because they had these incredible flotation suits for us to wear!

IMG_5448 (427x640)

They were totally waterproof and insulated, so it didn’t matter that we were whipping through the freezing northwest waters with rain splashing us in the face. 

IMG_5449 (426x640)

This wasn’t our boat, but gives you an idea of what we were on – totally open and able to get up to pretty high speeds!

IMG_5587 (640x426)

It was seriously incredible, and Casey and I were so glad we’d decided to squeeze it in before heading back.  We caught up with the resident J-pod of orcas, and saw TONS of whales just off the coast of San Juan Island. 

IMG_5475 (640x422)

IMG_5501 (640x426)

Casey and I love the San Juan area so much, and I’m so glad we were finally able to make it up to British Columbia to explore even more of the surrounding area.  The northwest is just so beautiful!

IMG_5561 (640x425)

IMG_5573 (640x425)

IMG_5584 (640x415)

It was the perfect end to our trip, and we cruised back to Seattle on the Clipper as the sunset over the Sound.  We were only gone about 36 hours, but it was enough to recharge and reconnect, and it felt so good.  Maybe we’ll do it again in another four years!  :) 

IMG_5586 (640x422)

We made it home just in time to enjoy two more days with Casey’s parents in town.  They were here during a particularly hot week, so we hit up the beaches, splash park, and the neighborhood pool for family swim. 

IMG_5598 (640x427)

Even Mimi went down the water slide! 

IMG_5662 (640x427)

Cullen has been doing swimming lessons a few times each week all summer long, and it’s amazing how much more confidence he has in the water this year!  I’m so proud of him.

IMG_5612 (640x415)

And Graham is a fearless fish who thinks he can do anything – it’s terrifying!  He is hilarious in the water though, and I am glad he is so confident and wild.

IMG_5650 (640x425)

A million thanks to Casey’s parents for taking such great care of our boys so that we could relax and get away without worrying.  The boys had a blast, and we were so grateful to be able to do a short trip together!

IMG_5670 (640x425)

We are counting down until we see them again in just a few short weeks for a big vacation with the whole family.  I love summer!

Back again soon with more summer adventures, a fun race announcement, and more!  Hope you guys are having a great week!

Mom Gets Married!

We spent our Memorial Day weekend this year back in my hometown – Cincinnati, Ohio – celebrating my mom getting married!  We had been looking forward to it for so long, and as I look back through the photos I can’t believe it is already over.  The best stuff in life just flies by, right?

We haven’t traveled back home or around to see family quite as much this year, and we hadn’t seen my big sis and her kids since last August when we were all in New Jersey together.  It had been WAY too long, especially with kiddos so young.  Four wild boys who are all so close in age – doesn’t get much more fun than that. 

IMG_0354 (640x425) 

My mom recently moved into her new husband’s house, but since her old house hadn’t closed quite yet, the rest of us stayed there for a last hurrah at our family home.  Three cheers to a new beginning for Grandma!

IMG_0392 (640x427) 

On Friday we ran around doing family stuff and helping with wedding prep, and the girls all went and got our nails done together.  That evening, they had a big dinner at the house for all the out of town guests.  We got dressed up and ready to go.  Three hour time changes with kids are a real treat!

IMG_0394 (425x640)  IMG_0406 (426x640)

We saw tons of family we hadn’t seen in a while – my mom’s whole extended family came in for the event.  It was really fun to see so many faces I hadn’t seen in forever, and to see my mom surrounded by so much love. 

IMG_0416 (640x426)

Saturday was the big day!!  I got up and went running, and trudged through seven hilly miles of my old favorite running loops.  I got back just in time to shower and start getting ready for the wedding.  The boys stayed back at the house so the kids could nap and they could all have some downtime, while my sisters and best friend and I all headed to the hotel to help my mom get ready.  Once we were ready to go, we took some family pictures outside in the courtyard.  Look how gorgeous my mom looks!

IMG_0436 (426x640)

All the Bohlen girls – three generations.  It meant so much to my mom to have everyone together for her big day.  There is something so comforting about being surround by family. 

IMG_0454 (640x419) 

And my best friend, Lindsey – who might as well be family – recently moved down to Florida for an amazing new job.  She flew back up to Ohio just for the weekend, and we spent pretty much every waking minute together.  I’m excited to have an excuse to head to Florida now and then!

IMG_0475 (426x640)

We got to the church and the guests started arriving, and pretty much everyone was taken aback by…

IMG_0492 (427x640)

The cutest little pack of boys you have ever seen in your life.  I mean BOW TIES!  It doesn’t get any better.  Cullen and Jonah handed out programs to the wedding guests, and they were super into their job.  It was awesome.

IMG_0516 (427x640)

I could tell within a minute of Casey arriving at the church with the boys that Graham was not going to make it.  It was 5pm EST which was the middle of naptime on Pacific time, and he was a hot MESS.  And Casey – well he was just hot.  :)

IMG_0532 (412x640)

When the last of the guests had gone into the church, the rest of us headed in to wait for the bride.

IMG_0537 (426x640)

Who was being escorted down the aisle by two very dapper three year olds. 

IMG_0540 (426x640) IMG_0543 (416x640)

And twenty minutes later – mom and Jim were married!  I got goose bumps when I found this picture days later during editing.  I haven’t seen my mom look that happy in so long, and it makes me smile just sitting here thinking about it.  He is a fantastic man and seems like the perfect fit for my mom – I feel so lucky that he has come into all of our lives. 

IMG_0547 (640x424) 

Poor Casey had to take one for the team and ended up missing the wedding ceremony.  As expected, Graham lasted a total of ten seconds and Casey spent the service outside trying to keep him quiet.  Good thing he’s so darn cute. 

IMG_0557 (427x640)

But he rallied just in time for family photos and even let us put his bow tie back on.  And then my heart exploded with so much cuteness in one small space. 

IMG_0582 (640x427) 

IMG_0585 (426x640)

  IMG_0624 (427x640)

IMG_0645 (640x426) 

IMG_0689 (640x426) 

IMG_0699 (411x640)

Oh Cullen – always swinging a baseball bat, no matter the occasion.  Gotta love him! 

IMG_0720 (427x640)

The reception was really dark and nearly impossible to photograph, but I tried.  There was dinner, cake, and then dancing. 

IMG_0742 (405x640)

Ohhhh the dancing…

IMG_0744 (415x640)

My boys danced from the first song to the last one – and literally shut down the dance floor along with Bon Jovi. 

IMG_0745 (412x640)

For once, the time change worked in our favor, and my party animals danced their tails off until well past 10pm.  I don’t think I have laughed that hard in my entire life.  They clapped, and spun, and Graham kept sticking his booty out and scooting in a circle, and I did my best to burn it all into my brain so that I never forget how much fun we all had. 

IMG_0757 (405x640)

And then they collapsed. 

IMG_0763 (425x640)

But of course, they were up at the crack of dawn as always, and ready to head back to Grandma’s house to swing at balls and rehash the memories of the previous night. 

IMG_0768 (640x423) 

IMG_0772 (640x427) 

We said goodbye to my grandparents, and their great-grandparents – how lucky they are to have them in their lives.  It is so hard to not know when you’ll see long distance family again, but I tried to just focus on enjoying the time we had when we were there. 

IMG_0777 (640x427) 

And I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with my oldest, dearest friend and her two little boys.  We met in ballet at age two and it is so crazy to watch our kids all run around together now. 

IMG_0790 (640x427) 

Eventually, it was time to pack up and head back to Seattle.  It is always so hard to say goodbye, but we left with wonderful memories, the fullest hearts, and so much joy for my mom as she starts this new chapter. 

IMG_0818 (640x426)

Congrats, Grandma!  :)

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