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Halloween 2014!

I remember thinking last year on Halloween that we had finally reached that moment in parenting where suddenly things like holidays and childhood traditions were so much more fun now that we had kids of our own!  Graham was only a few weeks old, snuggled into an Ergo and zipped up inside my jacket away from the October cold, and Cullen was fumbling around in a giant robot costume shouting, “people open doors!” at each house.

And this year?  We had two legitimate trick or treaters!

IMG_5124 (428x640)

My mom found these two dinosaur costumes (or are they lizards??) at the Pottery Barn outlet and gave them to the boys last Christmas.  I had tucked them away and almost forgot about them, until I found them stuffed in a bin a few weeks ago when I was digging around in Cullen’s closet.  The sizes were perfect, and it made costume selection for this year pretty easy. 

IMG_5139 (426x640)

I was worried that there was no way Graham was going to actually wear it, as one year olds are not known for loving anything on their heads!  Every time I tried to try it on him he cried. 

IMG_5154 (427x640)

So on Halloween day, I waited until an hour before trick or treating to even attempt.  The first time I put it on him he ripped it right off, so I got Cullen dressed instead.  Once big brother had his costume on too, he forgot about the headpiece and left it alone – they were cracking each other up!

IMG_5158 (640x427)

And they were definitely cracking me up.  Those big gigantic tails and the spikes down the back.  I could not stop laughing all night. 

IMG_5281 (640x427)

Cullen’s buddy – who we have trick or treated with every single year – came over so we could all go out together.  His family is moving next year so this was their last year of doing it together, which was bittersweet.  Cullen does know yet and I am heartbroken just thinking about it.  Dinosaurs were a popular choice this year!

IMG_5197 (426x640)

Is there anything more fun than little kids in costumes?  Graham was a riot.  (And check out Casey’s amazing puzzle pumpkin!)

IMG_5206 (426x640)

We hung out at the house for a little bit before heading out, and I laughed every time I looked into the playroom…

IMG_5212 (427x640)

I joked that from now on whenever we are having a really tough or grouchy day, I am going to put the kids in costumes.  There is no way to stay angry or yell when your kids look this ridiculous!  :)

IMG_5249 (427x640)

Our neighborhood does a “village” trick or treat where all the shops and businesses on the main street hand out candy to the kids, and they close the street to traffic.  It was NUTS – there were hundreds and hundreds of families there!  And while the kids certainly had fun, I thought it was crowded and not at all what I think of when I picture Halloween.  It seems like this is a thing in Seattle – trick or treating in the business centers of neighborhoods instead of going house to house.  Maybe because it is a major city and is probably considered safer?  I don’t know – for me, trick or treat is all about visiting the neighbors and walking up each long driveway to knock on doors.

So when we got home, that is exactly what we did. 

IMG_5246 (426x640)

We only went to about ten or so houses, as that was plenty for two little guys.  Cullen loved knocking on the doors and talking to people, and Graham just loved running around with his pumpkin.  Graham is way too young for candy, and Cullen didn’t really care about it too much – he was much more interested in collecting than eating.  He did get to eat a few peanut M&M’s at the end of the night!

We had a really fun evening, and I can only imagine Halloween getting more and more fun with each passing year. 

IMG_5312 (425x640)

A Happy (belated) Halloween to all of you too!

IMG_5323 (425x640)


This weekend felt like one long celebration.  We had a lot planned and so much to look forward to, so I kicked it off Thursday night with a haircut!


I chopped a lot of length off, and am going with my natural waves this summer.  So much easier with a grabby baby and no time for styling.  After having long straight hair for so long, it’s fun to have a new look!

Friday was our fifth wedding anniversary!  Obviously our anniversary always feels like a special day, but five felt extra special.  Casey worked from home, and we spent the whole day smiling and happy.  Probably because we knew we had a big night out planned!

To celebrate, we made our first trip to Canlis, one of Seattle’s best restaurants.  Casey surprised me by making a reservation for us to do their seven course vegetarian tasting menu, and he was even able to request a seat by the window, overlooking the gorgeous Seattle skyline.  Canlis has a dress code, so we got all dressed up for a night out on the town.


Honestly, it was one of the best nights I can remember in a long time.  We laughed and talked and looked back on five wonderful years together.  I felt so connected to and loved by Casey, and it was really special to have that time just for us, as we probably don’t share those sentiments and feelings with each other enough in our day to day life. 

It was also our three year anniversary of living in Seattle – we moved here on our second anniversary back in 2011!  Hard to believe we’ve been here that long, yet at the same time I can’t imagine living anywhere else. 

Saturday we spent the morning at a fun fair at Cullen’s preschool, and had a simple morning out in the sunshine.  We were so tired from staying out late the night before – definitely can’t hang like we used to.


Saturday night we were back at the ballpark!  Casey is a huge Mariners fan, and this year is extra fun now that Cullen is old enough to really enjoy the games.  This was Cullen’s third game of the season, and game #2 for me and Graham. 


We went with friends and Cullen had fun playing with his buddy and staying up extra late.  Unlike the last time we went, Graham didn’t sleep a wink this time – oops!  He was wide awake and wired the whole time, jumping on my lap and laughing with his brother.  Would you believe this was almost 9pm? 


Sunday morning I woke up to Mother’s Day kisses and hugs from all my boys.  We all slept in late (meaning 7:30am) from being up late the night before, and then we were off to Cullen’s soccer practice (crazy adorable).  Afterward, we headed over to Greenlake for a family run – my mother’s day wish! 

Casey pushed the stroller along side me for four miles, and then he peeled off to the playground with the boys while I ran one more lap by myself.  It was my longest run to date – seven tough miles that I gutted out at an 8:35 average pace.  I felt amazing afterward!  Training for races post-baby has been so different this time around, and while it’s physically still very difficult, I feel much more motivated and confident now. 


We spent the rest of the afternoon napping and playing at home, and then walked down to the Ballard Locks for an evening picnic.

IMG_3184 (426x640)

IMG_3192 (640x427)

Motherhood is by far my best and most important role to date, and I am so grateful to these three for giving me that gift. 

IMG_3195 (640x427)

IMG_3208 (640x427)


IMG_3209 (640x427)

We had the perfect weather in the perfect Seattle spot – watching boats cruise through and everyone in Seattle out enjoying the sunny day.

IMG_3210 (640x427)

IMG_3211 (640x427)

And of course – the perfect Mother’s Day photo!

IMG_3214 (640x427)

IMG_3234 (426x640)

Feeling truly blessed this year and so grateful for all that I have. 

IMG_3250 (426x640)

A Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to all my mama readers, and of course to my own mama.  Hope everyone had a nice weekend too!

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