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    A Look Back.

Winter Weekend.

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  It’s the first day of winter break here, so we are still in our jammies and it’s almost 9am – off to a good start. 

We had a really fun weekend full of winter adventures.  It’s been super cold here (by Seattle standards), but really sunny and beautiful.  I will take cold and sunny ANY day over gloom and rain.  Despite being frigid on Friday, my friend Nicki and I decided to mix it up and do something really special with the kids.  We parked downtown Seattle and then walked onto the ferry boat for an adventure across the Puget Sound.  Nicki came prepared with donuts, so everyone was pretty excited. 

20161216_094132(0) (462x640)

It was the most gorgeous crisp, clear day, and you could see perfect views of the city and the snow-capped mountains from the ferry.  We enjoyed the scenery from the boat for about 30 minutes as we rode across to Bainbridge Island. 

20161216_100441 (640x408)

It was my first time on the ferries since this past summer, which meant it was my first time also seeing our kombucha for sale in the ferry concessions area, which was really fun.  We are actually for sale on all Washington State ferries, which is a really exciting partnership for us. 

20161216_094421 (491x640)

We headed over to Bainbridge and then walked off the ferries and up to the Children’s Museum right in town.  By some miracle, we were literally the only people in the whole museum for the first hour we were there.  Eventually a few more people trickled in, but for the most part the kids had the place to themselves.   They were in heaven!

20161216_123701 (640x367)

After a few hours at the museum, we walked back to the ferry and caught the lunch boat home.  The kids ate and played Go Fish, while I sat there soaking it in and feeling so grateful to live in a place full of such beauty and opportunity for adventure.  

20161216_123737 (475x640)

On Friday night I went out to dinner with two of my good friends, which is always a treat.  And Saturday morning I was up early for barre3 with another friend – always a good way to kick off the weekend.  Once I got home from my class, Casey headed out for his workout, and I was trying to figure out what to do with the kids on a freezing cold morning.

The kids are always excited about movies, so we went to see the new Disney feature – Moana.  I’m not sure who liked it more, me or the boys. 

20161217_113912 (480x640)

It was so SO good, and we came home and sang the songs from the Soundtrack for the rest of the afternoon.  I can’t wait to watch it again when it comes to video!

20161217_114650 (360x640)

Our original plan for the evening was to do one of the holiday activities in the city, but by the time it was getting dark all my motivation had disappeared, and I really didn’t feel like standing outside in 20 degree weather.  So Cullen and I headed to the library to check out some new books. 

20161217_163209 (360x640)

He is such a little reader now, and it is REALLY amazing to watch.  It never gets old hearing him read me an entire book.  He will sit and read books himself for hours and hours – such a bookworm.  He loves this Fly Guy series, so he was really excited to find a bunch of those on the shelf. 

20161217_163259 (360x640)

We spent Saturday night at the house just reading and snuggling, and it was so nice to have a low-key night at home. 

20161217_174429 (540x640)

I had put this book on hold at the library, and it was finally ready to pick up, which was the main reason for our visit.  I started it on Saturday and can’t wait to get further into the story.

20161217_201840 (412x640)

On Sunday morning, I went to Orangetheory and was seriously hurting after four classes in a row.  I struggled through the hour long class with my only focus on getting through so I could go to brunch!

Afterward, I had an awesome brunch with my two besties – one of whom just came back from living in Hawaii for four months!  So fun to see her again and for all of us to catch up.  It was a good weekend, and a great start to our Christmas break.

Today, we are headed to Mt Rainier for the Polar Express train ride – the boys are SO excited!  Mom is pretty excited too.  So better go get ready for that.

Last but not least – the winner of the Brooks Stocking Stuffer Giveaway!  Thanks to all who entered!  The winner is Erin @ Her Heartland Soul – congrats!

2016 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas.

Anyone out there still shopping?  Bueller, Bueller??  I keep thinking I’m done, and then I’ll see something I know someone will love, or I’ll realize I totally forgot someone on my list.  Thank goodness for Amazon, right?

Most of your are probably not procrastinators like me, but in case there are a few stragglers, I thought I’d share one more gift guide of general ideas for moms, runners, foodies, friends – the special people in your life!

Some of these are things I have.  Some are things I’ve bought as gifts for others.  And some are things I just think are awesome and would make great gifts for loved ones!  (And if you missed my gift guide for kids – read here!) In no particular order, here are my last minute gift ideas for this holiday season:

Everyday Favorites


TOMS Booties – I have zero fashion when it comes to footwear, and pretty much wear my Brooks Heritage sneakers every day.  But I’m trying to mix that up more and more, and I snagged these Toms Leila Booties on Black Friday, and they are a DREAM.  So comfortable and make me feel so much more polished than a pair of sneaks.

TOMS Shearling Classics – Can you tell I’m loving TOMS this year? These new shearling-lined classics looks SO cozy and warm!  They are on my list this year!

Helly Hanson Winter Parka – We are having a really cold winter here so far, and I was majorly due for an upgrade to my winter coat (that was over ten years old).  I told Casey that a new coat could be his xmas gift to me, and he surprised me with it early since it was literally freezing outside!  He picked out this Helly Hanson parka, and it is SO UNBELIEVABLY warm.  Like warmer than you can even imagine. I am so happy I have it every time I put it on.

32 Degrees Quilted Top – I should probably be embarrassed by this, but I’m not. My favorite shirt I’ve bought this year is from Costco! My friend Amy had the same one, and I knew I needed it the minute I saw it. It is cheap, warm, flattering, and one of my favorite things. I wish I had it in five more colors!

Winter gear – Seasonal gear can make a great gift and winter necessities are perfect during the holidays. I am loving the 32 Degrees Baselayer pants and tops for wearing under snow gear – we grabbed some for oursevels and for the kids at Costco this year!  And last year for my birthday, Casey got me Columbia snow pants.  Being out in the snow is SO much more enjoyable when you are properly dressed.


Sorel Snow Boots – Speaking of being out in the snow, I know I sound like a broken record, but Costco has an awesome deal on Sorel snow boots right now.  These carnival boots are $129 at most retailers and only $89 at Costco for members.  SOLD!

Fitness Favorites

Brooks LSD Thermal Running Jacket and Vest – If I had to pick one favorite new thing I got in 2016, this jacket would probably be it.  I have the white one and I got the pink one for my sister (white still available on Amazon!).  And as ridiculous as it sounds to want something so similar, I’m kicking myself for not getting the vest before it sold out in my size.  It is the perfect mix of comfort and warmth.  I wear it almost every day. 

2016-12-10 043 (640x427)

Brooks Hyperion Shoe – I just got these shoes last month, and they are amazing.  They are super lightweight and flexible, and I love the bright colors and sleek fabric.  They are perfect for Orangetheory because they aren’t too clunky for treadmill running, and they allow me to move and jump around as needed in the weight room.

Zella Live-In Leggings – I’ve already raved about these here several times, but I just love them.  They are super thick and well made, and you can’t beat the $50 price point.  They are a little too warm for me to wear to OT, but I love them for barre3 or for outside running.

joyride hoodie

Brooks Joyride Hoodie – this hoodie is sort of like the little sister to my favorite jacket I raved about above.  It has the same amazing stretchy fabric on the cuffs and sleeves (with thumbholes!), and an awesome stretchy hood for rainy or windy days. It is perfect for throwing on after class when I am still cooling down!

Swell Bottle – I am pretty sure I wrote about these last year too, and I still love mine. They are totally leak-proof, and actually keep water cold for up to 12 hours. I am told they keep things hot too, but mine is strictly used for water so that I don’t end up drinking water that tastes like coffee or kombucha in the middle of a workout.

FitBit Blaze – I don’t actually have this, but a friend of mine has been raving about hers and I’m super intrigued.  I love the idea of using a smart watch so that I’m not so sucked into my phone every time I need to check the time. I gave my old Fitbit to my mom a while back, but I did really enjoy the fitness tracker aspect as well.  I’m watching to see if this drops in price any time soon!

2016-12-07 003 (425x640)

Brooks Threshold Long Sleeved Running Top – This top almost looks too cute for running, but I have put it to the test and found that it is both fashionable and functional.  I love the collared neck for extra warmth, and the stretchy cuffs and waist so that your top doesn’t ride around while running.  Super insulating too!

Comforts of Home

20161120_125924 (491x640)

Letterfolk Co. Boards – These boards are really hard to get right now (sold out!) but I love them so much.  I have one for me, one for our business, and I have given them as gifts too.  It’s so fun to create custom messages to display in the house – like a changing piece of art!  Also good for using to remember milestones like first day of school, birthdays, etc. and using as props in photos.


TOMS Slippers – I have a pair of TOMS slippers from three years ago, and they are worn down to the soles.  We don’t wear shoes in the house most of the time, so I wear these pretty much any time I’m at home.  I’m hoping to get a new pair this year since mine have worn so thin.  They are SO comfortable, and I love that I can run outside in them if needed since they have hard soles.  I may or may not have worn mine to the grocery store this past weekend…

Kleen Kanteen Coffee Thermos – Casey’s mom gave us two of these as gifts years ago, and we still fight over them every day.  It’s the only thermos I have that I can leave in my car for two hours, and come back to still find piping hot coffee waiting for me.

Crockpot – Would you believe that I don’t own a crockpot?  That finally changes this year!  Casey’s mom is getting me one for Christmas, and I can’t wait. It’s the perfect time of year for soups and stews, and it will be so nice to be able to leave dinner unattended and come home to a delicious smelling house! Hopefully crockpot recipes to come!

Ninja Blender – We got this last year, and I’m not sure we’ve pulled out our fancy expensive Vitamix once since we got it. It is SO easy to use and to clean. You make your smoothie right in your cup, add the blade attachment, flip it over, and BLEND!  It blends in like 10 seconds and crushes anything.  It’s incredible.  Quick and easy rinse and it’s all cleaned up. Casey and I both use it every day – life changing.

Amazon Echo – We are not an Alexa house just yet, but I’m getting more and more tempted. We might get the Dot so we can link it up to our Bose Soundlink speaker for easy music any time!

Homesick Candles – I keep seeing ads for these, and I am totally sold!  I think it’s such a fun idea and a really creative, meaningful gift.  I bought a few this year as gifts myself, and will cross my fingers that Ohio shows up under the tree this year.

Magazine Subscriptions – I love reading, but don’t always have the attention span for a book.  Magazine subscriptions make great gifts because they are such a savings over the cover price, and last all year long! I love reading Seattle Magazine and Seattle Met, and occasionally buy a celebrity gossip magazine at the airport when we are traveling.

Gift Cards – I know gift cards seem impersonal and I never like to give them, but I always love to receive them!  A gift card to a favorite shop or a service like Stitch Fix is a great way to let someone pick out something nice for themselves.  I also love gift cards for salon services like pedicures or a massage!

And that’s it for this year – all my gift ideas all wrapped up into one place.  We are loving this holiday season so far, and are looking forward to family arriving next week to help us celebrate!

Note: none of these products are sponsored or paid – just things I love and recommend!  Some affiliate links are used where applicable.

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