Culinary School

During the summer of 2009, I shocked many friends and family by announcing that I was quitting my job in non-profit fundraising and moving to Charlotte, North Carolina to go to Johnson and Wales University and get my Culinary Arts degree. It was a life changing decision that truly transformed both my personal and professional aspirations. I am living proof that it is never too late to start over or follow your dreams. Here is a detailed look into what became one of the most exciting and fulfilling years of my life!

The Bake Shop.

Roasting and Grilling and Deep-Frying – Oh My!

Oxtail Stew!

100 Degrees in December.

Adventures in Culinary School

Catching Up.

Temporary Setback.

Temporary Setback.

Just Say No.

The Burnt Bicep.

Fried Veal for Breakfast, Anyone?

The First Day of School.

The First Day of School.

A New Beginning.

I'm Not Dead.