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    A Look Back.

Postpartum: 12 Weeks.

I still have a million things to catch up on that are backlogged from my little mini-vacation.  Would you believe that I am still planning to force a super late Christmas recap coming soon?  But for today, I thought I’d go with the spirit of all things New Year and talk a bit about health and fitness. 

My attitude toward exercise, health, and fitness and general has changed a lot over the past few years.  What used to be a high priority and something I truly loved, just simply fell to the backburner for a while.  I had a hard time getting back into it after Cullen was born (for a number of reasons).  The void of fitness talk here in this space has directly reflected the role that fitness has recently played in my life – not much!

During my second pregnancy, I ran for the first 20 or so weeks until it became uncomfortable and I felt too sluggish.  I did prenatal yoga here and there, but it was hard to schedule around Casey’s availability to watch Cullen.  The one thing I did do consistently was Barre3.  I started barre classes way back in November 2012 and have loved them ever since.  I went 2-3 times a week during most of my pregnancy, and took my last class when I was 38 weeks along!

preggo barre

That feels like a million years ago!

I’m proud that I lasted as long as I did, and that I continued to modify workouts and push myself for almost the duration of my pregnancy.  Since Graham was born twelve weeks ago (whaaaat?), I haven’t really done much other than the obvious circus that is trying to juggle two kids.  At my postpartum appointment a month ago, my midwife asked me how exercise was going and I realized I hadn’t actually done any.  Oops!

The following week my in-laws were in town, and there was a perfect sunny opportunity for me to change that.  With willing babysitters and two happy kids, I laced up my sneakers and went for my first postpartum run.  Casey went with me and we ended up covering just under four miles.  I took a number of walking breaks, but I felt pretty good all things considered.  I felt much less jiggley inside than I did when I first started running after Cullen was born, and overall I just felt more comfortable.


Of course, two hours later I could barely move and felt like I’d run a marathon.  Every muscle and joint in my body ached, and I was humbled by how far I’d fallen.  But really, what can I expect?  Have to start somewhere!

As timing would have it, I got an offer code for a discount on Seattle’s Rock N Roll Half Marathon – a race I ran two years ago after Cullen was born! – and before I knew what had happened I was registered.  Yikes!  I haven’t run since and I have absolutely no plan, but I also feel like I still have some time to get all of that together.  Graham is still just a little bit too small to run with directly in the stroller right now (and he is a major car seat screamer, so the attachment is useless!), but I’m hoping he and I can get out there together soon.  I’m also feeling very, very tempted by today’s Name Your LinkAmazon Deal of the DayName Your Link40%off BOB strollers, including the Duallie!  So far I have resisted but seriously – SUCH a good deal.

For now, my plan is to start casually running in the next few weeks and then come up with a more formal training plan.  I’m not going to take any of it too seriously though, since I’ve already been down that road before, and I know the logistics and realities of running with two kids. 

I mentioned in my last post that I’m working on getting some regular childcare now, which will hopefully provide some time for me to get out there more regularly.  And in doing that, I’ll be able to double up on another one of my 2014 resolutions – getting more activity for the dogs!  I’m looking forward to leashing up my two favorite running buddies and hopefully giving them some physical and social stimulation.  It is a million times easier to go running with two dogs than it is with two kids – it’s all about perspective, right?

Outside of slowly easing back into running, I’m also jumping back into barre!  Cullen played at a friend’s house this morning while Graham and I headed to our first postpartum class at Barre3 (they have childcare!). 


He was a rock star who didn’t cry a single tear (seriously – world’s easiest baby!), and I was a nervous mess who you would have never believed was a second-time mom. 

I spent sixty long minutes shaking, sweating, pulsing, bobbing, and craning my neck to listen for baby screams.  It was brutal!  I realized while I was there that other than for the two months after I first started classes, I have been pregnant for the rest of them!  It felt good to not need to modify anything and to be able to lay on my back and stomach with ease.

I’m working at least one class regularly into my weekday schedule, and am hoping to add another 6am class once I get Graham on a more consistent sleep schedule (stop laughing).  I am already feeling sore!

So for now, my basic fitness “plan” if you can call it that – is 1-2 barre classes per week, three runs a week either on my own or with the pups, and long daily dog walks whenever possible.  It’s definitely a lot more complicated this time around since there are two kids (and schedules/needs) to coordinate.  But in some ways it is easier because I’ve been through it before, and I already know what works, what doesn’t, and hopefully how to set myself up realistically for success.

As for me physically?  I’m down within a few pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight, entirely thanks to breastfeeding and toddler/carseat lifting.  I’m not really concerned about weight though as I know it’s so arbitrary.  My actual figure is still definitely carrying some extra curves, and while I would expect that to be the case, I’m also ready to start seeing some progress toward being more toned and fit.  I’d like my old clothes to fit a bit better, and more than anything I’d just like to get a bit of my old confidence back.

The good news is that despite feeling like I am stretched thin on time and energy, I’m also feeling a big surge of motivation.  Maybe it’s the new year, maybe it’s the new baby – whatever it is I’m happy to be feeling excited about working out and getting back into shape.  It is definitely time to start moving again!

Second Pregnancy: Due Date Update!

I left off exactly one month ago, just shy of 36 weeks pregnant.  And here I am, still massively pregnant and bouncing at my desk on a birthing ball on my due date!

This past month has felt fast.  I know people often feel like the end of pregnancy drags on foreveeeeeer, but it has felt much quicker to me this time – probably because we waited so late to do so much!

Here’s how things were ticking along at week 37…

37 weeks collage

Somewhere right around then I got hit with a wicked sinus infection that left me feeling really horrible for about two weeks.  I wasn’t able to take any medication to help with symptoms, so I did my best to manage with a Neti-Pot and several boxes of tissues.  It was miserable, and I couldn’t sleep for longer than 30 minutes or so at a time. 

Here I am looking sick and tired at week 38… (same sweater – oops!)

38 weeks collage

We certainly waited much longer than most people, and much longer than we did the first time, but we finally kicked it into gear and got a lot done during this final month.  Cullen still has the crib in his room, but other than that his room has been totally switched over to his “big boy room” and he absolutely loves it.  We spend so much more time in there now!

The nursery is painted, organized, and ready to go – other than the crib, of course.  Our plan is to transition Cullen out of his crib in another few months, and until then baby brother will sleep in a pack n’ play in our room (which is what Cullen did for the first few months too).  It feels really good to finally have our space feeling settled!

We also brought out the baby swing, installed the infant carseat, and got a few other things out – mostly just to get Cullen familiar with them and used to them being around (also so there wasn’t quite so much change all at once).  I’m glad we did this early, as we’ve had to teach him gentle rocking, swinging, etc. using stuffed friends like Elmo, and with some practice he’s starting to understand. 

If you had asked me how I was feeling during week 38, I would have told you that I thought this little guy was coming early – “any day now.”  I felt super crampy and uncomfortable, and by the end of the night each night I could barely walk from the couch to the kitchen to refill my raspberry leaf tea.  But clearly I was wrong, as two weeks have passed and there is no baby here!

And then week 39 hit, and I felt totally normal again!  Enormously pregnant, but “normal” for the end of pregnancy at least.

39 weeks collage

I’m laughably gigantic now, and anywhere I go, people ask me when I am due.  For whatever reason though, I am one of those people who enjoys the end of pregnancy the most.  I know a lot of people hate it and wish it away, but both times it has been my favorite part.  My belly is huge and ridiculous, the kicks and rolls are non-stop and sometimes leave me breathless, and I’m drinking at least two gallons of water a day.  But something about the end just feels so comforting to me. 

Also – look at how deceiving maternity clothes can be!  Depending on whether or not my shirt hugs my body, I fluctuate between looking simply “very pregnant” and looking like octo-mom.  Funny!

39 week arms

And that bring us to today – 40 weeks!  I am not entirely surprised to be sitting here pregnant on my due date, since big brother was fashionably six days late.  And unlike the first time, I don’t really feel any sort of anxiousness or rush.  I know he is going to be here in the next two weeks, and until he is, I’m taking it one day at a time – soaking up time with Cullen, and making sure we are as prepared as possible. 

The biggest source of anxiety to me is just not knowing how or when labor will start, and how quickly it will progress.  Now that we have Cullen in the picture, the logistics of laboring and getting to the hospital are much more complicated.  He’ll be going to his best buddy’s house, and I feel 100% comfortable with their care and our plan, but I still wish the whole WHEN and HOW weren’t so up in the air.  Despite having a horrifically long labor the first time, I’m actually hoping for a rather slow start this second time around so that we have time to get him settled, and then shift our focus to helping our new guy arrive. 

I’ve had a lot of people ask if we’ll have family here to help us afterward this time.  When Cullen was born, we ended up with a full house due to his late arrival, and we spent our first week with all three grandparents here with us.  This time we’ll be on our own for a bit, and while that sounds slightly daunting, I also think it is going to be really important – particularly for Cullen’s adjustment – to have some time together as just us four. 

My mom will be coming out in a few weeks for Cullen’s birthday, and then other family will start trickling in during the weeks after that.  Casey is hoping to get one week off from work, and possibly a second week working from home.  We have lots of friends who are eager to help with meals, playdates, and more, so while I know it will be challenging, I’m not feeling too overwhelmed (famous last words?).  We will figure it out as we go!

So that’s where we are today!  Casey had a conference call this morning and wasn’t able to snap a picture, so here is what 40 weeks looks like in all its Instagram glory…

40 weeks

I had an appointment this morning to check on my progress and talk plans with my midwife.  The good news is that I seem to be moving in the right direction (much more so than last time!), which was really encouraging.  Baby boy still seems very happy and comfortable, so I will be patient while he continues to get ready.  I opted not to do any labor-inducing extras today, and am just going to wait and see how the next few days go.  I’ve been staying really active and walking the 3-mile Greenlake loop a few times each week, so hopefully those things are helping. 

My next appointment is a week from today, and at that point (if I am still pregnant!) I’ll have an ultrasound, non-stress test, and appointment to talk about where we go from there.  If I’m still pregnant at 42 weeks, I’ll be induced.  But (knock on wood) I really don’t expect it to come down to that. 

As far as news from our camp goes, I will certainly be updating once our new guy arrives!  And I might give an update once things start rolling – we’ll see how it goes.  Last time I tweeted a bit during the beginning of labor, but I’m planning on being a lot more focused and disconnected this time.  Two years ago I felt quite a bit differently about privacy, parenting, and the internet in general – and well, live and learn, right?

I’ll still be here chattering away until that time comes!  Thank you so much for all your well wishes, support, and kind thoughts during this big time in our lives.  Here’s hoping this is my last pregnancy update for a long while!

  • Gestational age today:  40 weeks!
  • Total weight gain:  35 pounds
  • Baby clothes washed:  Everything through three months – all other clothes sorted and organized into new storage bins
  • Baby items purchased:  Newborn diapers, hospital outfit, and new pacifiers
  • Baby name contenders:  One – we are finally settled.  Thank goodness!
  • Things on my calendar:  Absolutely nothing, other than a prenatal massage tomorrow in hopes of hitting some pressure points.
  • Clothing left that fits:  Two pairs of jeans, two sweaters, and two long sleeved shirts.  Zero bras and underwear.
  • Days until due date:  Zero!
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