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Thursday Fix.

Well hey there, Thursday!  Sure snuck up on me.  This week has felt like pure chaos.  I’m trying to get ready for the boys’ birthdays – very simple this year, but still requires some planning and prep – we have friends headed into town for the weekend, my kids barely nap anymore, I can’t even LOOK at my inbox, and I have kind of felt like a headless chicken for way too long now.

WHEW.  That felt kind of good.  I’ve been trying to write this post for months now, and I finally pulled myself together and actually did it.  I have taken so many pictures of clothes and things that never made it to the blog (because too much time came and went), and gosh darn it and I going to make this one happen.  And the most ridiculous part is – it’s not even a serious post!  It’s a Stitchfix update – hurrah!  Here we go.

I started using Stitchfix almost two years ago now, and in all that time I have written about it exactly THREE times!  Here is my first post, with all the basic info on the service.  And then I did updates here and here, of my first few boxes, but nothing since!  And while I would never ever consider myself to be a fashion blogger, or let’s be honest – even fashionable, I have people ask me all the time if I’m still doing it.  And I’ve gotten many good friends hooked on the service too, so I thought it was high time for an update!

For those who are NOT using Stitchfix – the very brief rundown is that it’s a clothing service where you have five items that are hand-selected and shipped to you for a $20 styling fee.  If you buy anything, that $20 is applied toward the cost of the clothes – so as long as you buy something the service itself is free.  You can read more details on this first post if you are interested in trying it out!  (Also – they are now doing MATERNITY clothes too – so awesome!)

Like I said, I’ve used it pretty continuously for almost two years now, and while I’ve certainly had some things sent that weren’t the right fit or not quite my style, I’ve also received some pieces that have become wardrobe favorites.  Personally, I think the best season for Stitchfix is fall and winter – the jackets, coats, cozy sweaters, and button downs have almost always been keepers for me. 

As a stay at home mom, it’s not like I need to be super fashionable.  And I think my biggest hurdle with Stitchfix originally was making it clear that I didn’t need formal or business-wear.  But I don’t want to live in yoga pants every day (I mean I WANT TO, but…), so it’s nice to have some simple basics that keep me feeling good and looking good.  I always ask for soft fabrics, fun details, nothing fussy or WHITE (hello, stains), bright colors, and no accessories (I almost never wear jewelry and I don’t switch around bags either). 

One thing that I think has really helped me get more of what I’m looking for (and asking for in notes to my stylist) is updating my Pinterest board.  I’m able to tag and pin specific items, and she can send them if they are available when I request my next fix.  Wait until you see the amazing coat I got this time! 

Which brings me to…my latest box!  It was my 29th Stitchfix box, which sounds insane and probably is.  Here’s my style card with ideas for how to wear each piece…

Stitchfix October 2015 by Daily Garnish 

First up – the Marla Bootcut Jean by Mavi ($128). 

Stitchfix October 2015 by Daily Garnish

My stylist said I needed these because boot cut jeans are very “on trend” for fall.  Now I am very rarely “on trend” so I have no idea if this is true or not.  They are super soft and really stretchy and fit perfectly other than being way too long.  I can’t decide if they are worth keeping and hemming?  They are pricey too, but good denim generally is I guess.  Verdict – can’t decide. 

Katelyn Wool Coat by Eden Society ($108)

Stitchfix October 2015 by Daily Garnish

I had pinned this coat to my Pinterest board, and asked for it in my style notes too, so I was beyond excited when it actually arrived.  It is huge and made of really nice, thick wool, and the shape and cut are perfection.

It is big and roomy but the asymmetrical hem is unique and different.  Can you tell I love this??  Verdict – definite KEEP.  Now I just need Seattle to get cold enough for me to wear it…

Stitchfix October 2015 by Daily Garnish

Cassil Roll Tab Top by Skies are Blue ($58)

Stitchfix October 2015 by Daily Garnish

I keep going back and forth on this one – I think it is a teeny tiny bit too small, so I’m leaning toward returning it.  I love the plaid pattern (another thing I had asked for), but I sort of wish it was flannel instead of light cotton.  Verdict – can’t decide!

Oakridge Button Back Knit Top by Market & Spruce ($58)

Stitchfix October 2015 by Daily Garnish

I know that I am keeping this one because I wore it as soon as I pulled it out of the box!  I love the blue color and there is a very thin stripy pattern to the whole thing.  It’s a super soft, wool-like material – so also very warm.  But then there is the back…

Stitchfix October 2015 by Daily Garnish

It has this great open back with buttons, which is such a fun feature.  It requires wearing a tank or something under it, but I usually do anyway in the colder months.  Verdict – KEEP!

Rees V-Neck Blouse by 41Hawthorne ($54)

Stitchfix October 2015 by Daily Garnish

One of the other things I’d asked for was something mustard-colored – so quintessentially fall!  This is a nice thick, silky material and seems really well made.  I’m just not really sure when or how I would wear it.  It’s definitely not daytime wear with the kids, and on dressier nights I usually wear dresses.  But I don’t have anything like it, so could be worth keeping?  It’s more money than I’d usually consider spending on a sleeveless shirt too.

Stitchfix October 2015 by Daily Garnish

I added a scarf and cardigan to see how it looked styled for the current season, and I liked it a lot better!  Verdict – another can’t decide!

What do you think I should keep – any opinions??  For those of you who are using the service too – any great recent pieces I should request?  And is this something that’s actually interesting to read?  I always hesitate to share much of these, since I don’t want to annoy people, but I LOVE seeing other people post what they get each month. 

It’s a  always a good day when a Stitchfix package lands on my doorstep!

I am not affiliated with or paid by Stitchfix, and all opinions are my own.  The link included is my affiliate link, which gives me a small credit if you decide to sign up!

Coffee Talk.

Hi guys!!  I thought I’d do something a little different today.  These days I feel like I tend to do less frequent, longer posts – but those are harder to put together and take me several days worth of nap times (which is why they end up being like once a week!).  So today, I have an hour or so right in front of me and I thought I’d just pop in and say hi with no real plan.  Would it be weird if I did this like once a week?  You can be honest.


I’m in a coffee shop this morning, which feels totally extravagant and like a visit into a former life!  Cullen is going to a new school this year, and it starts in July instead of in the fall, which is kind of amazing.  He’s having a blast with his new buddies, and it’s giving me and Graham a fun window of time to do some things just to the two of us – good for everyone!  And once a week, while Cullen is at school, Graham hangs with our beloved babysitter – which  means I have four glorious hours to do whatever I need to do.  And today, that means catching up on work and emails at the coffee shop.  So I thought I would pop over here and ramble for a few minutes before getting a few other posts in the works…

How is your summer going?  I am doing what I always do and panicking that summer is almost over, instead of just enjoying what’s left of it (working on that…).  This summer has been so amazing so far (and I have a recap post coming once I edit all my photos!), and we have a lot more fun coming up in the next month.  We did the same thing this year that we did last year, and back loaded all of our travel and visits with family in the last few weeks of the summer.  Our first trip is this coming weekend, and I am counting down!

Although as much as I love to travel, I am also just soaking up Seattle right now.  This is when our city really shines, and I hang onto these late sunsets and sandy beach days all year long, reminding myself on the dreariest days that the northwest summers are more than worth it!


Speaking of – did you read that article in the New Yorker?  You know, the one that said that Seattle (and everyone who lives here) will be destroyed in a massive earthquake?  Um yeah, just slightly terrifying.

I read it, and then re-read it, and then spent two entire days doing nothing but reading and learning everything I could about earthquakes, seismic plates, tsunami patterns, emergency preparedness, and then naturally deciding that we clearly had to relocate to the middle of North Dakota or some other less threatening place.

The thing is – it’s actually REALLY scary.  But I don’t think moving away is realistic.  Of course we don’t want to die, but stuff happens everywhere.  Plus, we LOVE it here!  Once the buzz here died down a bit (it was the only thing anyone talked about for days!), Casey and I went into problem solving mode, and had some good conversations about how to prepare, what we would do, etc. – assuming it does happen while we’re here.  Casey did a ton of research and put together an extensive emergency kit, so I’m feeling good that we’ve done all we can do at this point.  Until then, we’re going to enjoy the beautiful landscape here and hope it doesn’t all wash away into the ocean someday.


Okay, switching gears!  On my last post someone asked me for an update on the dogs, and it made me realize I hadn’t said much about them in a while.  That’s not intentional and doesn’t mean anything more than I just don’t blog as often, and when I do it tends to be more focused on a particular topic (that rarely pertains to dogs!). 

But the dogs are great.  They are both getting older, which is hard to accept.  Huey will be TWELVE (!) at the end of the summer, and Indy is almost ten.  They both still have the energy level of puppies, and they are loving summer and so much time spent outside chasing birds and eating all my ripe strawberries and tomatoes. 


Ever since the aggression issues we dealt with back in December 2013, we’ve continued to keep them separated more than before, but it’s second nature for all of us now.  The dogs are happy getting more individual attention, and actually seem less stressed and anxious now that they aren’t competing so much.  They both get lots of snuggles and walks and on some days they drive me totally insane, and other days I can’t imagine life without them.  Usual stuff.

Onto food – I posted this on Instagram a few days ago, but I wanted to show you guys one of our favorite meals these days.  We call it “salsa bowls” and we eat it at least once a week. 


I make brown rice in the rice cooker, and then cook up some sort of vegetable medley from whatever we have on hand.  This particular bowl had a mixture of swiss chard and yellow squash (both from our garden – update on that coming soon!!) mixed with red onion, mushrooms, fresh corn, and black beans.  Then we top the bowls with cherry tomatoes, diced avocado, shredded cheese (and sometimes greek yogurt), and gobs and gobs of salsa.  It is the bomb. 

We’re also doing lots of grilling!  Tons of corn on the cob, grilled squash, sliced portabellas, endless field roast, and homemade veggie burgers.  Casey made a new version of our favorite veggie burgers last weekend, and I want him to remake them and measure the ingredients this time so I can share them.  The had salsa in them, and were insane!

Alright, off to pick Cullen up from school and go see what Graham has been up to this morning.  Back with another post toward the end of the week – hope your week is off to a great start!

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