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    A Look Back.

Thursday Tangents.

Hello, hello!!  It’s sunny and freezing cold here, and I’m enjoying an early lunch at my desk while the kids are at school.  Today is a work day and yesterday was a run around and get things done day.  And I literally RAN AROUND – ran a very cold 3 miles around our frozen lake. 


It was my first time running outside in a few months (!), and it actually felt really great.  I had no idea if all my sprints and inclines on the treadmills at Orangetheory would actually make a difference in my outdoor running, but so far so good!  It also felt amazing to be back to running outside, and it got me really excited for spring running!

Like the rest of you, we are very much in “January mode” in our house.  Our big task for this month (and coming year) is a major budget overhaul. Not that we were frivolous spenders before, but we are looking to be very mindful of our spending each and every day going forward. It is so easy to grab things that are just a few dollars here and there, and it all adds up so quickly!

We went through all our bank and credit card statements and unsubscribed from all the things we didn’t need or weren’t using – it felt good to clean house. And another area where we are really trying to cut back our spending – FOOD!  The goal is to eat only home-cooked meals all month, and to cut out excess spending on takeout and restaurant meals.

I’m also trying to be more mindful at the grocery store, of both what we are buying and focusing on sale items and good deals.  I’m trying to buy less and use up what we have – I feel like (especially with kids!) food is wasted way too easily.  Here is a bit of what we’ve been cooking recently!

Last week I had some potatoes and carrots I wanted to use up, so I made homemade veggie burgers and fries.  It was a loose spin on my black bean burger recipe, and was a hit with the whole family.  The kids went nuts for the fries (which were simply potatoes cut into fry shapes and roasted). 


I also made a version of my favorite enchilada bake, but this time with tons of yummy maitake mushrooms, baby kale, and roasted sweet corn.  We have been eating this for several days!  The maitakes and kale were a great deal at Costco (which I’m trying to go to more often for things like produce because of better prices!).  


I think I told you guys that I got a new crockpot for Christmas – my first one!  I’ve been experimenting with various soups and stews during this chilly winter season.  I threw together this homemade lentil and rice stew that we made with warm mini naan breads (with butter).  SO tasty!


Last night we had three rotting bananas hanging out, so banana bread was a MUST.  We used the blueberry banana bread recipe but swapped in some fresh raspberries that were also on their last leg.  Also didn’t have any Greek yogurt so we subbed in applesauce, and it turned out delish!


And now that Christmas break is over I’m back to packing lunches, which means I need a good variety of options so the kids don’t get bored!  Love the guacamole cups from Costco – such an easy thing to grab and pack!  My kids also loved chopped up Field Roast, which is a nice way to get some veggie protein in mid-day. Btw, all pictures are from my Daily Garnish Instagram account <—a separate Instagram feed for all our family food photos.  Follow along if you aren’t already!


Outside of cooking we’ve just been hibernating at home a lot.  I’ve been taking advantage of finally having slightly older kids who (gasp) actually go off and play together for extended period of time.  It’s amazing and sort of mind blowing.  The other day the kids were playing really well together and I decided to curl up on the couch in a sunny spot and crack open this book I borrowed from my friend, Lacey. 


I ended up reading the ENTIRE thing!  It was the best book I’ve read in a long time, and obviously I love that it’s written by a fellow blogger, and about opening a restaurant here in Seattle.  So much of their adventures in opening Delancey reminded me of what it’s been like for me and Casey to start our business.  Such a good read! 

Speaking of business things, an update in the kombucha world – we are MOVING!  We have reached capacity at our current brewing space, which is really exciting.  So we are moving to a new production facility right across the bridge in Ballard, and we will have a big new space with much bigger capacity, an on-site office, and tons of storage (which we desperately need!).  So that is a big thing and a ton of work, but also really exciting. 


Our home delivery business is growing really well, and we have three employees now (in addition to the two of us).  It’s so much hard work but it’s also really fun to do it together, and it never gets old seeing it on shelves around the city.

Last but not least – big plans for the weekend include moving the boys back into the same room.  We put them in bunk beds over the summer, but then had to move them apart when Cullen stopped napping and their sleep schedules were too off (read:  Graham never sleeps, and Cullen needs a lot of sleep).  But now it sort of feels like no one is sleeping (or at least sleeping in strange places), and I know Graham will be happier sharing a room with someone (and it’s not going to be ME!). 

A few recent places I have found the kids sleeping when I’ve gone to bed – Cullen, wrapped up like a body bag on his floor…


And Graham, passed out next to a stack of books in our bed (this is the case almost every night). 


So that should be a fun project for this weekend, and then I can finally show you guys pictures of their adorable room once it’s all set up again. 

That’s all for today – hope your week is going well!

Thursday, Three, & The Typhoon.

It’s Thursday!  Which seems to be the only day of the week that I actually make it to my computer for more than a few minutes.  Such is this phase of life I guess.  I keep hoping I will have all these more thematic and focused posts for you guys, but then Thursday rolls around and it hasn’t happened.  So here I am rambling again.

The big news this week – Graham turned three!  My itty bitty baby is somehow a giant kiddo with huge hair and an even bigger heart.  He was really tough in the early two’s, but he has been so sweet and wonderful as he has approached three.  Last night I went to tuck him into bed and he said, “Goodnight mom. I hope you have good dreams!”  I mean, come on. 

img_5508_29616842403_o (640x457)

We had a very small party for him at our house on Sunday morning – just a few close friends to help celebrate, play trains, whack a pinata, and eat yummy pumpkin spice cupcakes.  I think he felt really special and celebrated, which is all I really cared about.

img_5480_29616859483_o (640x427)

img_5597_29615851314_o (427x640)

My friend Nicki took these amazing pictures, which I am so grateful for.  She also helped me decorate this crazy Thomas Train I built out of boxes!  I did it sort of on a whim after we had a few business deliveries show up in giant boxes – I had to do something with them.  The kids loved it, and I am looking forward to sticking it out in next week’s recycling. :)

img_5478_30211621846_o (640x427)

When we went to all sing him happy birthday, he got shy and reached out for me and wrapped his little arm around my neck, and I just about melted right there.  He is such a loud and wild guy, and yet he is the BIGGEST sweetheart.  I can’t believe he is three!

img_5537_30246449415_o (640x427)

img_5544_30246434985_o (640x427)

img_5554_30246430405_o (640x457)

A really fun day with a lot of my favorite people.  Doesn’t get better than that!

img_5683_30246380195_o (640x438)

His actual birthday was Tuesday, and he had the day of school so we just celebrated as a family.  And his school celebration was yesterday, so now I am ready for the birthday festivities to end.  Just in time for Cullen’s birthday next week (hold me).

When we haven’t been celebrating birthdays, we’ve been really busy with other things.  I’ve been keeping up with my 3x a week OrangeTheory workouts, and loving/dreading it.  I love that I’m doing more running, and I know it’s good for me to keep varying my fitness styles.  I’m still doing pilates 1-2x a week as well because I love it and just can’t quit. 

Things on the business front are as busy as ever.  We are on all Washington State Ferries now, which is really exciting.  We are also in new places like Sweetgrass Food Co., Evergreens, Cone & Steiner General Stores, all Eltana Bagels locations, Cloud City Coffee, and more.  We also launched our home delivery service!  So now we are delivering cooler bags of kombucha directly to doorsteps in the Seattle area.  The feedback has been great so far, and we get new subscribers each day.  We also just bought a sweet new delivery van!


We are trying to get a ton of stuff done today, because we are preparing for a mega-storm.  I don’t know if it’s just hype or what, but I’m not taking any chances.


We have been told to expect power outages that could last for days, and to stock up on emergency essentials.  I’m headed out in a few to get water, extra flashlights, and more batteries!  And yummy pantry snacks, of course (they said essential!).  I’ve spent part of the morning trying to catch up on all laundry, secure things in the backyard (our neighborhood is predicted to have 60mph winds!), and get the house ready to hunker down in for the weekend. 

It is pouring rain here this morning, and with the wind picking up a bit already it was the perfect morning to wear my favorite new Dash Hoodie from Brooks!  Can we talk about this hood?  It seriously surrounds the entire face.  If you live in a place like Seattle, you know this is a game changer.

20161013_102704 (360x640)

And it’s super cute when the hood is down too.  Just so soft and cozy and lightweight.  We might get lots of rain here, but we also have lots of excuses to invest in amazing outerwear.  :)  Also still living in (no pun intended) these Nordstrom Zella Live-In Leggings.  They are so thick and soft, and I just bought a second pair so I don’t have to keep washing them every other day.  Also way more affordable than the other big brands.

20161013_102636 (359x640)

That’s it from here for now.  I’m off to buy flashlights and make a huge pot of chili to hold us over for a few days.  It’s going to be a very wet, windy weekend here!  Stay safe, my Northwest friends.

20161013_102754 (463x640)

Have a great weekend!

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