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Favorite Fitness Finds

Now that training for my summer races has officially started, I’m finding myself in fitness gear almost every day of the week!  Of course, even when I have a run planned that I know is not until 6pm, I might as well spend the whole day in stretchy pants – right? All jokes aside, if I’m going to spend a lot of time in workout gear, I want it to be things that are both comfy and flattering.

I get comments and emails all the time asking for recommendations on what to wear to barre class, favorite things to run in, and which headphones stay in my ears the best.  So here is a list of all my favorite stuff – the things I’m wearing these days as I try to find a good balance between running, barre classes, and even just daily walks with the kids. 


Lululemon Run Your Heart Out Crops – I’ve mentioned these before, but they are hands down my favorite running item ever.  I haven’t really fallen too far down the Lulu rabbit hole – the prices are just so totally outrageous.  But I do have a few key pieces (all bottoms) that I love.  I ask for gift cards for my birthday and Christmas so that I can get a few things without passing out at the register.  These crops have big stretchy side pockets on the legs where I keep my phone, Shot blocks, etc. during training runs and races.  It is the only pocket I’ve ever found that is big enough to securely hold my giant phone.  They aren’t making these right now, but if they bring them back I am buying at least two more pairs!

Lululemon Run Times Shorts – I finally caved and bought a pair of shorts last summer after melting during a really hot half marathon.  I ended up wearing these all the time last summer, both for running and just for hanging with the kids during the day.  They are super comfortable and a really nice, breezy material.  I just bought a second color for this summer since I wore them so much last year!

GapFit Motion Racerback Tank – this is my favorite workout top, both for barre and for running.  I buy them whenever Gap does the Friends & Family or 40% off deals.  They are super flattering and a really great long length. 

Brooks Women’s Versatile Run Happy Racerback – Even though I get to test out some Brooks merchandise through the ambassador program, I actually ordered this one myself.  It is super lightweight and breezy, which I love.  I hate running in tight, clingy tanks!

IMG_5152 (640x426)

Brooks Infiniti Capri – I wrote about these last month, and I ended up ordering a second color that was on sale.  They are a really nice material and they come in super cute colors and patterns!

Brooks Infiniti Anorak – This was another sale item that I ordered and actually planned to return.  And then a cold, rainy day came along and I decided to give it a try instead (because I hate returning things!).  I am SO glad I kept it.  I ran five miles in windy, misty rain and I stayed completely dry.  Bonus – it’s seriously adorable with the ruffle top and snap neck.  My only complain is no pockets, which seems strange for a jacket.  These are still on sale online!


Gap gFast Leggings – These are stretchy and have a nice wide waistband that holds in all the mushy stuff at my waist.  I have several pairs of the full pants and one capri pair, and I wear them to barre regularly.  Various colors and prints go on sale every few weeks, so you can also score these for really cheap (especially when there is an additional coupon). 

Lululemon Wunder Under Crops – There is no denying the classic Wunder Unders.  These were my first piece of Lulu and they are still in great shape three years later.  I don’t love them for running (because I feel too jiggly) but they are perfect for barre and yoga.  Also great for a casual day just bumming around with kids!

GapFit Breathe Heathered Tanks – These are cotton, so not as good for running, but they are awesome for barre (where I don’t sweat much).  They are super thin and stretchy and come in a ton of different colors.  I order these during all the big sales (<—- currently 40% off online right now!). 

Target C9 Seamless Sports Bras – Now that I am done breastfeeding two kids, sadly there is not much left in the boob department.  I prefer a lightweight molded sports bra, and these Target C9 bras are my absolute fave.  They are a bit too light for running, but perfect for barre or just wearing with a tank in the summer. 

Hello Apparel sweatshirt – If you follow me on Instagram, you know I can’t get enough of Hello Apparel.  This isn’t exactly workout gear, but it’s my favorite sweatshirt to throw on before and after a workout, when I’m running around town.  Softest thing EVER.  I follow them on Instagram and watch for flash sales to get good deals!

Other Gear

Brooks Pureflow 4’s – I’ve been running in these for about a month now, and I think I’m finally willing to commit to say that I like these better than my Glycerins.  They are super cushy inside, and I wear them without socks (although I’m not sure that’s how they are intended to be worn).  They are really lightweight and remind me of the Nike Free’s I  wore when I first started running.

Brooks Chariot – I am embarrassed to admit that I now have three pairs of these – I can’t stop buying them.  I wear them for all my walks with the dogs and kids, and whenever I am headed to/from barre or yoga.  They have great support and are less clunky than a traditional running shoe.  I never take them off.


Merrill Pace Glove Shoes – Before I discovered the Chariots, these were my to-go walking and summer shoes.  I still wear them a lot in the summer because they are breathable and so lightweight.  Great for the beach or a hike.  I originally had these in yellow and one of my dogs chewed on up (sob!), so I replaced them in purple.  Casey has them too!

That’s all I can think of for now – all my favorite things, and what you can find me wearing 90% of the time these days.  As far as fitness in general goes, I decided to pause my ClassPass membership for a few months while I’m training for summer races.  There aren’t enough hours in the day or days in a week to take advantage of every fun fitness opportunity. 

So for now, I’m focusing on running 3-4 days a week and getting to Barre3 2x each week – it feels like the right balance.  I’m up to 8 miles for my long runs and I have a 15k coming up at the end of the month.  Running feels pretty good right now, but I’m definitely slower than I was at this time last year.  I’ve done a lot of my runs with my friend, Lacey, which as been wonderful – it makes such a difference to have a friend there for motivation and conversation. 


I’m going to shoot for 8 miles again this weekend and hope to continue to build up those base miles.  I’m hoping to get out for a run tonight if it stops raining.  Happy Wednesday!

Getting Ready For Racing.

It is that time of year again!  Birds are chirping, temps are rising, and I am back at Greenlake looping around with the BOB Duallie after taking most of the cold winter months off.  I am always so excited at the beginning of racing season — with a handful of races on the calendar and the hope of fast speeds and personal bests on my mind.  Here is what I am signed up for so far:

These are all local Seattle races, and actually all races I have done before!  I am sure I’ll sprinkle in some 5k’s and 10k’s throughout the summer as well.  So far I’ve just been working on building back up my base fitness and mileage.

I have been doing Barre3 classes consistently all year long, and I can see and feel that I have gained a lot of strength and muscle tone.  But I am definitely lacking in cardiovascular fitness – I can tell I have taken some time off!  My breathing is heavy and I don’t have the endurance I have when I’m running consistently.  Time to change that!

This past week was my first official week of training for the Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon.  It has been on my calendar for weeks now, and I’ve been excited about checking off the boxes and committing to my training program.  My first run of the 12-week program was Tuesday…and I ended up missing it.  Off to a good start, huh?

On Sunday afternoon, our house got taken down by a really nasty stomach bug.  Would you believe that in 3.5 years, this was our first one??  Casey’s parents were here visiting, and by the end of the week four out of six of us were seriously ill.  It was HORRIBLE.


After 24 hours of puking my guts out, I finally felt human again but my appetite didn’t return for almost a full week.  I can’t even remember the last time I have been sick like that!  And hardest of all was seeing poor Cullen feel absolutely miserable.  Thankfully somehow Graham was spared (and Casey too!), which truly felt like a miracle.  Mimi and Grandpa were not as lucky, which is definitely not how they planned on spending their visit.  So frustrating and awful.

So needless to say, after being sick and then eating almost nothing for a week, running was off the table for quite a few days.  I finally mustered up some energy for a short loop with Graham on Friday afternoon, and ooof – it hurt.

On Saturday morning, we all went for a family run at Greenlake – one of my favorite weekend activities in the spring!  Casey pushes the boys and I crank my music up as loud as it goes and I give it everything I have because it is my one stroller-free run of the week!  We looped 4 miles and it felt hard.  I took a few walking breaks.  I felt out of shape.  I also felt awesome to be running, excited about what’s to come, and really grateful to finally feel healthy again.

I’m following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Half Marathon training plan this time around.  I’ve done this one before and it works pretty well for me.  At this stage of life, I’m just trying to get back into decent running shape and maybe meet a few goals.  I don’t want to overcomplicate it with lots of speed-work or trying to run too many times in a week.  I’m also planning to balance this with barre and yoga classes as my cross-training two or three times a week (if possible).  I did my best to choose a training schedule that was realistic for both my fitness level and my lifestyle, so that I’ll be able to stick with it for twelve weeks!

half marathon schedule

I’m also running in some new gear, which is really exciting.  Other than my beloved Lululemon running crops (which they don’t make anymore – sob!!), I’ve never invested much in my running wardrobe, and most of it consists of shirts from previous races and Target sports bras.  As part of the Brooks Run Happy Ambassador program, I got to try out the Bring It Racerback tank and the Infiniti Capri III.

IMG_9076 (426x640)

The capris are amazing, and instantly became my new favorite bottoms.  The inside of the leg opening has a grippy/gummy band that keeps the fabric from creeping up or slipping down, and I absolutely love it.  The fit is perfect and they are comfortable enough to wear all day long.  My only complaint is that the back pocket is too small for my phone, but that’s probably more the fault of my ginormous Samsung.  I’ve been wearing these day after day (probably too much, actually) and even rocked them to the beach when it was SEVENTY degrees on Thursday and we were finally all feeling better.


The Bring it Racerback comes in a few different fun, bright colors and it is super LONG, which I love because it covers most of my backside.  These are definitely going to be summer running staple items!

IMG_9081 (426x640)

And most importantly – new shoes!!  I have been guilty of simply ordering the newest pair of my same old boring (white!) running shoes for years and years without ever re-checking my fit or trying out any different styles.  I have a neutral stride, so I chose to test out the Brooks Glycerin 12.  I mean, just look at them.  Purppplle!!!

IMG_9083 (640x426)

Aside from being ridiculously flashy and outrageous, they are also really comfortable and have great cushion.  I love that the laces are stretchy and the inside fabric of the shoe is super soft.  And I am so happy when I look down at my feet!

IMG_9085 (640x427)

Now that the week of puking and sickness is behind us (knock on wood), I am looking forward to a healthy week ahead and a full week of training.  And I’m excited to write a lot more about running now that I plan to be doing it a lot more!  Speaking of – a recap of Casey’s recent marathon and our trip to California coming up next!

What races are you guys training for?  Any local runners who can recommend good races we might not know about yet?

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