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    A Look Back.

Snowy Seattle.

I know a lot of you (hello my southern friends!) are under a blanket of snow right now.  Growing up in Ohio, I am no stranger to massive snowbanks and afternoons spent dragging a sled up and down a hill over and over again.  In our almost-three years here in Seattle, it has now snowed a total of four times!  I’m not complaining though.  As much as I love the white stuff when it’s fresh and pretty, I hate driving in it and I’ve become a huge wimp in the cold.  I like snow that comes and goes just as quickly.

This past weekend – we got exactly that!

IMG_0196 (640x427)

It started snowing late on Saturday night, and I was so excited to get Cullen out of bed on Sunday morning.  He ran over to the window and yelled “snowing!” with his face pressed against the glass.  Is there anything better?

IMG_0198 (640x422)

Casey suggested that since the roads didn’t look bad (we only had 2-3 inches, if that), we drive over to Gasworks Park and let Cullen run around in a giant snowy space (instead of dodging snowy dog poop in our backyard).  It was so cool to see one of Seattle’s greenest spaces totally blanketed in white!

IMG_0199 (640x427)

IMG_0209 (640x426)



And winter!  Such a gorgeous place, no matter the season.  Looks like a black and white photo!

IMG_0213 (640x427)

IMG_0219 (640x427)

IMG_0222 (640x427)

IMG_0228 (426x640)

IMG_0235 (640x427)

IMG_0273 (640x427)

Graham was snuggled up like a little teddy bear on my chest – so warm and cozy. 

IMG_0291 (427x640)

IMG_0305 (424x640)

It was such a fun place to be early on Sunday morning.  We were there by 9am and it was already packed with being sledding down giant hills and making big snow structures.  I love how snow brings out this contagious youthful energy in everyone.

IMG_0311 (640x427)

Graham’s first snow!  He didn’t come out and play last time, as our snow only lasted about an hour.  He wasn’t quite sure what to think.

IMG_0318 (640x427)

We went out to our favorite breakfast spot, and then squeezed in a bit more snow fun at home before nap time.  Casey and Cullen built this awesome snowman!

IMG_0333 (640x427)

Cullen loved it and wouldn’t stop giving him hugs and kisses.  All day long he’d run to the window and check on the snowman to see if he was still there. 

IMG_0346 (640x426)

Naturally, this brought some drama when Mr. Snowman started to melt.  Cullen decided he was scared of it and would run at maximum speed to get past him every time we went in and out of the house.  Toddlers, I tell ya. 

IMG_0366 (640x427)

It all melted just as fast as it came, and there is no trace of these memories now other than in my camera.  We’re back to 50’s and sunny here today, but we sure did have fun with the little bit of snow that we had. 

IMG_0374 (640x427)

A quick post for today – just some fun weekend memories.  Off to bake some blueberry muffins with my two year old before our playgroup comes over.  Back tomorrow with a fun update on a little someone who just turned four months old.  Pinch me!

Fall Festivities.

Two quick notes:

1.  Sorry for the downtime and slow load times these past few days.  We are aware of it and trying to get it fixed quickly – thanks for your patience!

2.  Congrats to the winner of last week’s giveaway – Jessica, who said “I love the white cake doughnut with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles!”  Me too, Jessica, me too.  Happy donut baking!

As anxious as I am to have a baby sooner than later, after seeing the forecast for this past weekend, I was hoping my little friend would hold off until Monday (spoiler alert: he did).  We had absolutely perfect sunny, fall weather and we more than made the most of it!

On Friday night, Casey and I had our very last date night out (dinner and a Fiona Apple concert!) – at least for a while.  We have really tried to pack a lot into these last few days and weeks, as this time around we know what to expect out of life with a newborn (read: not much!). 

Saturday we were off for a morning of fall fun!  I really wanted to go pumpkin and apple picking this year, but knowing this was likely our last baby-free weekend, I knew we’d have to either pick one or fit both into one trip.  We ended up going to The Farm in Snohomish, which turned out to be the perfect spot!

IMG_4337 (640x427)

We started by walking around the farm for a bit and checking out all they had to offer – including a fun petting zoo area for the kids.  I want a kitten!

IMG_4339 (640x427)

And a sheep!

IMG_4346 (640x427)

We piled into a big tractor wagon and took a ride out to the apple picking orchard.  Despite what his face looked like during the ride, Cullen absolutely loved it.  Each time we stopped to let someone off or on, he yelled “more ride!”

IMG_4351 (427x640)

The wagon ride was much bumpier than I had expected, and I was convinced it was going to send me into labor.  Too much bouncing!

IMG_4361 (427x640)

We got to the apple picking spot and decided to get Honeycrips – my favorite!  Earlier this summer we went blueberry picking, and while Cullen loved it, he wasn’t willing to put any berries into the actual bucket – only his mouth.  Apple picking was much more successful!

IMG_4389 (427x640)

He was so into it and just kept going back for apple after apple.  Casey and I barely picked any, for fear that we’d end up with 100 apples after our little harvester was finished. 

IMG_4391 (640x425)

He’d pick one and immediately run over to the wheelbarrow to put it into our bag.  Way too adorable. 

IMG_4401 (428x640)

IMG_4409 (426x640)

IMG_4442 (426x640)

IMG_4465 (425x640)

And way too gorgeous!  Nothing like being out in the country surrounded by colorful leaves and miles of cornfields with beautiful snow-capped mountains in the background.  I love Washington!

IMG_4476 (426x640)

IMG_4480 (427x640)

IMG_4510 (427x640)

I also love these two. 

IMG_4515 (427x640)

IMG_4537 (426x640)

IMG_4557 (427x640)

Once our apples were picked and paid for, we moved on to the second half of our adventure – the pumpkin patch!

IMG_4578 (427x640)

The only thing Cullen liked more than ripping apples off of trees was finding the perfect pumpkin!

IMG_4613 (425x640)

He was all business and took it very seriously.  I could barely get him to look up for a quick picture!

IMG_4645 (640x425)


IMG_4637 (426x640)

Our plan was to pick out four pumpkins for dad, mom, Cullen, and baby.  So Casey and I picked out the big ones and let Cullen find the smaller two.  But he was so into picking them up and putting them in the wheelbarrow that we kept ending up with like ten pumpkins and had to unload them several times.  He’d walk up with each one yelling, “heavy!” – ridiculous. 

IMG_4654 (427x640)

Eventually it was time to pack up and pay for our pumpkin family.  Now that they are home we have to visit them several times a day on our front porch.  Who knew pumpkins would be such a hit this year?

IMG_4708 (640x427)

Our perfect fall weather continued through the day, and we ended our evening camped out at Gasworks Park for a picnic with friends.  Cullen fell and got a weird shoulder injury (and stopped using his left arm!), and I threatened to take him to the ER (first trip!).  Casey convinced me to give him Motrin and let him sleep on it.  He was right, and Cullen woke up 100% normal at 5:30am on Sunday.  Thank goodness!  Kids are scary.  And pregnant hormones are even scarier. 


Sunday was another gorgeous one, and we spent our morning eating pancakes and looping Greenlake – hoping to encourage our little fella to come out and join us.  I also finally met local friend Devon after being virtual buddies for two years!


We spent Sunday’s naptime scrubbing, organizing, and scouring every surface in our house.  Toilets are scrubbed, laundry is done, diapers are clean, the shower has been bleached, and the floors are sparkling.  The infant car seat is in, and we are ready!

Our weekend ended at Golden Gardens park, sitting with our feet in the sand watching an absolutely gorgeous sunset. 

IMG_4717 (640x427)

IMG_4733 (640x427)

IMG_4747 (425x640)

Just before we left, I noticed an area of the beach roped off with caution tape and some people nearby taking pictures.  I wandered over and saw this absolutely precious seal pup snoozing away in the sand.  I could have watched him all day long – there is nothing cuter!

IMG_4764 (640x429)

A perfect way to end a wonderful weekend – perhaps our last as a family of three! 

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