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Easing Back In With Blue Apron.

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron.  Thanks for your continued support of Daily Garnish!

Last week was our first week back from our Florida vacation, and it was perfect timing for a Blue Apron box!  I wasn’t quite ready to dive back into massive meal prep or creative cooking, so I was happy to let someone else do the leg work for me.

2016-04-28 009 (426x640)

Blue Apron and I go way back – we’ve been using it for almost two years now!  We tend to get a box once each month when we have a busy week ahead or just need to mix things up.  I love that there is no commitment, and that every week is different!

If you are new to Blue Apron – or maybe just haven’t used it for a while – here are a few new features that I feel are worth highlighting:

  • Blue Apron helps you learn to make new recipes and cuisines, and teaches new cooking techniques along the way! It a great, healthy alternative to takeout or highly processed prepared foods.
  • Blue Apron is working to develop a sustainable food system and use high quality ingredients. You can check out their mission page here!
  • Blue Apron now offers a recycling program!  You can learn more about how to recycle your packaging here.
  • There’s no commitment – you can skip weeks (or months!) or cancel the service at any time!

If you are new to Blue Apron and want to try it yourself – the first 25 readers will get two free meals in their first box when you click here!

Just as I did last time, I ate all three meals myself this week.  Casey has been eating a lower carb diet recently, and he’s also been working some off-hours, so it was easier for me to just eat and prep the meals myself!

The first dish I made from last week’s box was the Spicy Peanut Noodles with Snow Peas, Pea Tips & Garlic Peanuts.  I always pick what sounds tastiest to make first, and I am such a sucker for anything with peanut sauce.  This one did not disappoint!

2016-05-11 013 (640x428)

I jumped into cooking as soon as I got home from a Pilates class, and I was starving from minute one.  Prep was pretty simple and easy, and required very few dishes – my kind of meal.

2016-04-28 002 (640x428)

I loved that they used this Wild Friends peanut butter in the sauce.  I remember seeing them on Shark Tank forever ago!  I love that Blue Apron uses a lot of smaller companies and food retailers to partner with, instead of just the big names.

2016-04-28 003 (640x426)

I have had black rice pasta before, but never angel hair – so I was really excited to try this.  Even though I planned to eat half that night and half the next day, I went ahead and just cooked it all at once.

2016-04-28 006 (427x640)

Once I was finished cooking, I plated it into two dishes – one for dinner, and one for tomorrow’s lunch.  It looked incredible, and I was tempted to eat both right then and there.

2016-04-28 007 (640x427)

I am obsessed with snap peas, so this was right up my alley.  I take a bag of snack peas in my purse a few mornings each week and snack out of it all day long.  Along with the peanuts, they added the perfect crunch on top of the creamy peanut-y pasta.  Delish!

I stuck the other bowl straight into the fridge and covered it until the next day.

2016-04-28 016 (640x425)

And then I enjoyed my pasta dinner on the couch watching Survivor with Casey.  Wild and crazy!

2016-04-28 021 (640x427)

Even though it doesn’t feel as exciting to essentially cook for leftovers the next day, it is SUPER exciting each time I come home and remember that I have a ready-to-go delicious meal waiting in the fridge for me for lunch.  I reheated the whole dish in the microwave, and it was just as tasty the next day.

2016-04-28 027 (640x427)

Served along side some green tea kombucha, while plugging away at work and my always-looming inbox.

2016-04-28 030 (640x428)

My second Blue Apron meal of the week was the Vadouvan Chickpea Burgers.  We make a lot of homemade veggie burgers at our house, so I was interested to see what would make these different!

2016-05-11 011 (640x428)

Almost immediately, I messed up the instructions.  I was supposed to add the curry spice blend to the onions and garlic I was sautéing, and accidentally added it to the yogurt sauce instead – OOPS!

2016-05-03 001 (640x427)

I scooped as much out as I could, but I figured it would be okay to have a spicier dipping sauce – too late to fix it!  The patties were formed from a mixture of cooked onions and garlic, smashed chickpeas, chickpea flour, and parmesan cheese.  I was really surprised at how well it came together without any egg or added oils.

2016-05-03 005 (640x427)

I ended up deciding to scrap the buns since I felt like there were enough carbs offered between the bean burgers and the side of roasted sweet potatoes.  I never like when bread overwhelms a sandwich!

2016-05-03 006 (640x428)

I plated up serving number one into a Pyrex and stored it in the refrigerator for the next day.

2016-05-03 010 (640x427)

And the rest was left for me for dinner!  The roasted sweet potatoes and chickpeas were perfectly cooked and lightly seasoned with a curry sprinkle – so good!

2016-05-03 015 (640x426)

And I was really, really impressed with how well the burger held together.  With so few ingredients, and all things we tend to have on hand anyway, I’ll definitely be making these again soon.

2016-05-03 019 (640x427)

The next day it was lunch al fresco – delicious leftovers to help me refuel after a busy morning out with the kids.

2016-05-03 020 (640x427)

Our weather has been amazing these last few weeks, and we’ve been eating outside for almost every meal.  It was heaven, and this totally hit the spot.

2016-05-03 026 (427x640)

The third and final meal of the Blue Apron box was the Zucchini & Parmesan Quiches with Red Leaf Lettuce Salad!

2016-05-11 014 (640x428)

I never, ever make quiche because I usually find the crust to be heavy and intimidating, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this.  I was very pleasantly surprised though, because it was DELICIOUS.

2016-05-04 001 (640x427)

The crust was very light and not overwhelming at all, and there was a ton of lemon zest in the filling that really brought some complexity to the dish.  I will definitely use lemon in eggs again – such a tasty combo!

2016-05-04 012 (640x427)

As for the salad on the side, I didn’t feel like keeping a salad overnight since they tend to get wilted and soggy, so I just ate the whole thing for dinner myself.  There is no such thing as too much salad, right?

2016-05-04 006 (640x427)

Eaten outside as the sun set over our twinkly patio.  Can you tell how much I love summer time?

2016-05-04 014 (640x416)

To reheat the extra quiche the next day, I just popped it back into the oven for about 10 minutes on 350 degrees.  It felt so fancy to be eating quiche at lunch time on a weekday!

2016-05-04 019 (640x428)

It tasted just as fresh as it had the night before.  Using the oven is such a great way to reheat things without losing the original texture of the dish.

2016-05-04 023 (640x427)

Since I’d eaten the whole salad the night before, I made myself a new one the next day out of simple spring mix, balsamic, and blue cheese crumbles (current obsession).

2016-05-04 024 (640x427)

It was another delicious week, and a great way to east back into cooking after coming home from our vacation.  This week we finally dusted off our grill, and we’re ready for outdoor cooking season!

Here’s a sweet deal if you are new to Blue Apron and want to try it yourself – the first 25 readers will get two free meals in their first box!  Many thanks to Blue Apron for a tasty week of dinners and lunches – looking forward to seeing their new summer recipes in the coming months.

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron.  Thanks for your continued support of Daily Garnish!

Fun Friday Finds.

I’ve been working on my recap of our Florida vacation this week, but apparently I took about 4,000 photos that I am still editing and sorting through – oops!  In the meantime, I thought I’d pop in with a fun Friday post for you.  Since I tend to not post as often anymore, I feel like I’ve been holding out on sharing some of my favorite finds that we’ve been using and loving, as well as other randomness.

So here we go!  Still loving my Costco membership, and I think we’ve been averaging going down there 1-2 times a month depending on what we need.  My current favorite Costco find is this giant bag of dry roasted almonds. 

IMG_0997 (421x640)

Seems like such a simple thing, but it is the perfect amount of salt and they are so easy to just grab right out of the bag in the pantry.  The whole family snacks on them all day long!  I’m trying really hard to focus getting in more good fats and less empty carbs, so these are a good start.

I mentioned a while ago that I stopped shopping at Trader Joe’s for a bit.  It wasn’t really intentional, but the Costco thing happened and then I just never found myself there anymore.  Well Graham and I were killing some time before picking Cullen up this week, and I decided to head there for a few of our old staples that we were out of.  While we were there, we grabbed these treat temptations. 

IMG_1001 (640x421) 

Do you know what these mean?  POTTY TRAINING.  Graham has been very ready to officially potty train for a long time, but I was being lazy about it (basically trained at home but not out of the house), and I didn’t want to deal with it before we went on vacation.  I told him that there were no more pull ups when we got home from Florida, and he’s been in undies all week.  Still definitely learning the whole “ask to pee out of the house” thing, so I decided to bribe him with candy. 

TV and chocolate chips didn’t work, so I’m really pulling out the big guns here.  A friend recommended these gummies, and so far they have helped a lot.  He gets a gummy for pee or a lollipop for poop (#momlife), and he is so excited to choose his color and show the whole family.  I also got Cullen involved since he was feeling a bit left out, and he earns a gummy if he encourages and helps praise Graham, as well as helping him with setting up the stool and potty seat. 

I actually have a post in my mind that I’d like to write all about SUGAR and kids and my thoughts there, but that’s for another day.  Today, I’m bribing my kids and celebrating what might be the end of our diapering days.  I’ve been wiping butts for 4.5 years now, so this is worthy of a celebration. 

IMG_1003 (640x427) 

Another interesting Trader Joe’s find – this fresh turmeric!  I am not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I love imagining the possibilities.  Turmeric is super healthy and we use the spice blend on roasted vegetables and scrambled eggs all the time.  I could even see putting this fresh turmeric in smoothies, as well as soups, curries, and more. 

IMG_1008 (640x427)

I had seen this Riced Cauliflower around the interwebs, but hadn’t actually picked up any yet.  I’ve been making cauliflower crust pizza for the family recently and we are all loving it, but I’ve just made my own with a head of cauliflower.  I’ve mentioned before that Casey is doing a lower carb, and higher fat diet these days, and while no one is eliminating carbs entirely, I’m trying to be more mindful of it too.

I think I’ll try using this for more pizza crust, as well as stir-fries and maybe even a fried rice substitute?  We’ll see how it goes!  Depending on the seasonal price of cauliflower, I thought this was a bit pricey ($2.49) considering it is very simple to make your own. 

IMG_1011 (640x427)

Moving along to some new Whole Foods finds, I’ve been seeing Califa Farms almond milk for a while but still hadn’t tried it.  I’ve been on the search for the perfect almond milk for a while, and until now have been buying the 365 Brand at Whole Foods.  This was only 50 cents more per bottle, which didn’t seem significant if the quality and taste were better.

I tried some today and thought it was delicious!!  Excited to give it to the boys tomorrow morning for breakfast.  Also super excited to try this coffee creamer.  I have a serious coffee creamer problem, and have hated all the coconut and almond varieties I’ve tried so far, so I’ve stuck with soy.  But I’d love an alternative, and hopefully this is it!  I will report back. 

IMG_1005 (427x640)

I’ve been eating these Late July chips since last summer, but I picked up a few more bags today.  I kid you not – the Mild Green Mojo tastes exactly like a Dorito.  It is HEAVEN, and while definitely not health food, still way better than actual Doritos.  Don’t tell me differently. 

IMG_1013 (640x425) 

I’ve written about these before, but I have to do it again.  These Hardbite parsnip chips are everything.  Cannot believe how much I love them, and am really hoping my Whole Foods gets their act together and gets the other varieties in stock at some point!

IMG_1014 (425x640)

I have seen this Purely Elizabeth brand before, but finally grabbed a bag today.  I have been looking for a granola that was much lower in sugar, and the “grain-free” variety caught my eye.  Like I said, we certainly aren’t avoiding all carbs entirely, but it’s good to make modifications where possible.  Plus I love adding extra hemp and chia to our diets!  I already had a bowl of this at lunch and it was amazing.  Love the saltiness and big clusters!

IMG_1018 (406x640)

And perhaps the most random Whole Foods purchase of all – workout capris!  I saw these today and couldn’t resist giving them a try – figured I could always return them if they didn’t work.  They are Threads 4 Thoughts brand, soft as butter, and fit perfectly.  Better yet, they were $48, which is by no means cheap but still significantly less expensive than most quality active wear on the market.  Also loving the pattern!

IMG_1024 (427x640)

On a totally unrelated note, here are a few kiddo tidbits.  I’ve posted this on Instagram a few times but haven’t mentioned it here.  We are obsessed with Art for Kids Hub on YouTube.  A good friend recommended it, and I feel like it has had a significant impact on Cullen’s drawing (and even writing!). 

It’s a dad and his kids doing very step by step (line by line) drawing tutorials for characters, animals, vehicles, seasonal things – you name it.  Instead of asking to watch TV most mornings now, Cullen asks for a drawing video instead.  Check out the one he did this afternoon – I mean, he did this completely by himself while I was working.  So cool!

IMG_1019 (412x640)

Graham can’t follow the directions yet but he loves to watch, and sometimes I’ll do them with them and offer to “help” Graham (meaning I draw the whole thing and he watches).  Can you tell we are into Inside Out right now?

IMG_1021 (426x640)

Okay last but not least, the most random of all!  I am strongly considering moving the kids into bunk beds sooner than later.  I think it’s something that will happen eventually anyway (because Graham’s room is miniscule), and I feel like the boys would really love it. 

I assure you this does not mean I’m pregnant (I’m not), but it does open the possibility of having room for a 3rd if that happened.  My current plan for that space is to turn it into a little play area upstairs with the play kitchen, maybe the legos or trains, and a reading corner.  I think Cullen will be done napping entirely by the end of this year, and if Graham is snoozing in their shared room it would be good to have a space like this for Cullen to play. 

So here are the bunks I am considering.  We have to do a “low bunk” option because the bedrooms upstairs all have slanted ceilings due to the roof line.  I like the low bunks better anyway because there is less far to fall in the event that someone does (fingers crossed that’s not an issue). 

The two bunks I’m eyeing are super similar, which is probably why I’m having a hard time deciding.  This Camaflexi bunk has the ladder on the side of the bed, and smaller slats on the head and footboards.


The other one – that I am leaning toward – has the ladder on the end instead, and slightly wider planks on the frame.  It is also about $100 cheaper which is an obvious plus. 


I like how they can be separated into two beds if we wanted to start out that way, and also the drawers underneath would be critical for the boys to share, as there isn’t room to move in a second dresser.  Obviously the top bunk would be just for Cullen, and I feel like he’s a cautious and responsible enough kid to be able to handle that.  The question is – can I keep Graham from climbing up?

Any bunk bed or room sharing advice from experienced parents is much appreciated!  Hope you guys had an awesome week, and have a wonderful weekend ahead.

We have t-ball, the Seattle Tilth edible plant sale, veggie garden planting, and I have a six mile run planned for tomorrow morning!  Going to be a busy one!

Worth adding – none of the brands or things mentioned here are partnerships or products I have relationships with – just all things we are trying out ourselves!

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