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    A Look Back.

Easter Weekend 2014.

What a wonderful holiday weekend!  This was the first time we really celebrated Easter now that we’re parents.  Cullen’s first Easter was super low key and we didn’t really do much other than make him pose with bunny ears on.  Last year, we had just gotten back from traveling and we were in the midst of selling our house, which meant Easter fell off the radar.  This year was simple and relaxed, but definitely felt special. 

I had talked up the whole Easter Bunny thing to Cullen in the days before hand, and he was excited to come down and find his goodies!

IMG_2445 (640x426)

A few little gifts for Graham – new things to chew on!

IMG_2446 (427x640)

And just a few small treats for Cullen.  I didn’t want to go over the top, as the kid has plenty.  He’s really into construction trucks right now, so I got him this Water Wow coloring book – he is obsessed!  He also got some new smoothie cups and a few tiny trinkets that were supposed to go into his Easter eggs (and were too big – oops!). 

IMG_2447 (427x640)

IMG_2449 (640x427)

One of the biggest joys to me as a parent is watching these little people discover and experience things that are so memorable from my own childhood.  Easter was a BIG DEAL in my family, and while I don’t know if we’ll ever go all out, it was still really nice to celebrate together.

IMG_2457 (427x640)

And you can’t beat a good bunny ear photo. 

IMG_2462 (640x427)

Cullen is in a phase where he doesn’t want his picture taken.  Can you tell?  I feel like this is just a preview into what he will look like at fifteen…

IMG_2466 (640x427)

And Graham is in a phase where he wants to grab everything.  Luckily his brother was happy to give up the glasses and go back to his coloring book.

IMG_2472 (640x426)

We all shared a delicious frittata made with onions, mushrooms, spinach, and asparagus.  I am SO excited for asparagus season!  One of my all time favorite vegetables that has such a short seasonal life. 

IMG_2488 (640x427)

After hanging out for a bit, I went outside and prepped the yard for a hunt – mowed the grass, picked up dog poo, and hid an assortment of eggs.  Cullen came out with his game face on.

IMG_2492 (426x640)

This was his first time looking for Easter eggs, and he was totally into it.

IMG_2503 (427x640)

Although each time he’d find one he wanted to just stop and open it and then play with whatever was inside.  It took a lot of coaxing to get him to keep looking for more!  (Pay no attention to our jungle of a yard…)

IMG_2513 (640x428)

Meanwhile, Graham watched from his big Easter present – an awesome backyard swing!  Casey hung it that morning and the boys took turns – both of them love it. 

IMG_2522 (426x640)

I filled Cullen’s eggs with a variety of stickers and little stretchy robot guys.  Super cheap and fun, and no need to battle over candy (since he doesn’t really know about candy yet!). 

IMG_2533 (426x640)

IMG_2540 (427x640)

The Easter dog was also excited to check out the action, and helped sniff out the eggs. 

IMG_2543 (640x427)

And one more gratuitous picture of Graham because…check out that TONGUE!  I will write more in his next update, but I am so so glad we ultimately went through with figuring out and fixing his tongue tie.  Kid will not stop sticking it out now, and it shows how restricted it must have been before.  Never thought I’d be so excited about a tongue!

IMG_2550 (427x640)

Didn’t get a full family Easter photo, but did snap a few to help us remember the day. 

IMG_2580 (640x427)

IMG_2594 (425x640)

IMG_2606 (426x640)

After a few hours in the backyard, we took advantage of gorgeous sunshine and headed over to Fremont for lunch at the farmer’s market.  We browsed the booths and picked up a few plates of food to enjoy over on the canal steps along the water.  A giant plate of delicious Indian food on a piece of naan…

IMG_2609 (640x427)

And yummy Afghan food that did not disappoint. 

IMG_2610 (640x427)

I also picked up a fresh bunch of gorgeous flowers.  Everything is starting to bloom here and it looks and smells like spring all around.  I can’t get enough!

IMG_2648 (427x640)

The kids napped in the afternoon while Casey worked, and I ran out to the carwash and did a full clean out and detailing of our car.  It is alarming how happy a clean car void of bunny crackers and twenty extra sweatshirts makes me.  It’s the little things.

Finished off our Sunday holiday with a long walk to a neighborhood playground.  Graham snoozed on the way there and woke up just in time to play. 

20140420_174207 (360x640)

These two have more and more fun together with each passing day, and I remind myself on the hard days that their relationship is so worth the challenges of these early years.

20140420_174258 (640x360)

A perfect family day full of good food, plenty of sunshine, and a chocolate bar at the end of it all. 

IMG_2633 (427x640)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Winter Weekend.

I haven’t done a weekend post in forever!  With a new baby arriving just as winter set in, a lot of our weekends have been spent hibernating.  This past one was the coldest weekend I can remember since we have lived here in Seattle, but we still managed to do quite a bit. 

Casey worked from home on Friday, which is always a fun treat for me and the boys.  It was really sunny outside, so I attempted to take both kids for an afternoon walk mid-day.  We bundled up as much as possible, but I turned around after a mile because I worried that Cullen was going to freeze in the stroller (Graham was toasty bundled up inside the Ergo and my jacket). 


How do people do it in colder places?  It was probably 28 degrees outside – very cold, but I know many places are much colder.  I think living here has made me extremely wimpy when it comes to extreme temperatures, since we are typically so mild.

In an effort to get an early start on some 2014 budgeting and health goals, we’re trying to be more mindful of how often we eat out – both in restaurants and take-out food.  Lack of planning is typically the reason we ended up deciding to go out, so in order to curb this I’m working on 1. meal planning, and 2. having a more structured schedule.  All this to say, we’re going to try to limit our meals out to Friday nights (very early, obviously) and Sunday mornings. 

So Friday evening we headed out to a super kid-friendly spot that we love, and discovered that they had a lot of tables blocked off for some sort of special group event.  It ended up being one of those miracle evenings where everything should have gone wrong but it ended up being wonderful.  Our 20 minute wait for a table turned into over an hour, and somehow Graham slept the entire time and Cullen was in a great mood.  We had a nice night out and didn’t even get home until 8pm – way past Cullen’s bedtime.  Party animals.  Cullen went to bed as soon as we got home, and the rest of us hit the couch.


Saturday morning we slept in late and made pancakes at home.  I made them and half of them were raw inside, and I am now forever kicked off pancake duty.  Fine with me!  We packed up and all headed to Cullen’s first day of soccer class.  Also known as – the cutest thing that has ever happened


Since I get to have fun and do activities with him all day long, I wanted him to have something fun that he could do with just dad.  All four of us went this time since it was the first one, but it will be fun for Casey and Cullen to have some solo time together going forward.  They ran and kicked and Graham and I watched and walked around. So totally adorable.

I’m not quite sure how I pulled this off, but I managed to get out of the house not once, not twice, but THREE times this weekend without kids.  A new record!  On Saturday afternoon I had a hair cut and color appointment during nap time – scheduled perfectly to coordinate with our evening plans.  Why is Aveda tea so delicious?


That night we had our first “real” night out away from both kids.  We snuck away once the week before when Casey’s parents were in town to see a movie (Hunger Games!), but we left after both kids were asleep which is sort of cheating.  This time our babysitter had to get both kids fed their dinners and into bed, which is challenging to do alone – even for me!  Luckily we have a wonderful babysitter that we trust completely, although I will admit I was still very nervous.

Even so, we got dolled up and headed out for the night!  (Dress from Anthropologie, which hopefully no one remembered from a few years ago!)


We had a great time, and it was so nice to have a few hours away with Casey.  We don’t get out just us two very often, so when we do we try to make the most of it.  Both boys did really well, and Graham slurped down a whole bottle – success.  Gives me hope that we can do it again sooner than later! 

It was really nice to be out, but it also felt good to come home, kick off my painful high heels, and scoop up our little guy after five hours away. 


On Sunday morning the whole family slept until 8am – how did that happen!?!  How nice that our kids seemed to know that we had been up later than usual.  We had a lazy morning of breakfast out and cookie baking at home.  My little assistant helped me bake four dozen of my favorite ginger spice cookies to take to a cookie exchange later that day.

IMG_8044 (425x640)

I had planned to take Graham with me when I left, but he had a full belly and looked very peaceful sleeping on his pillow.  So I left him at home with Casey and snuck off for another afternoon adventure of my own!


My friend Lacey hosted a cookie exchange, and we all brought 3-4 dozen cookies to taste and share.  There were cookies absolutely everywhere, and I ate myself sick – in the best possible way, of course.


We spent the rest of the day at home – winding down and gearing up for the week ahead.  Should be a fun one!  I can’t believe Christmas is two weeks away.  I guess it’s time to start shopping…

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