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    A Look Back.

Rainy Day Salads & Sleep Shenanigans.

Happy Monday! Thought I’d pop in this morning for a bit more randomness (that’s how it goes these days).  We had a busy week!  The boys were off school on Monday and then we had some stomach bug stuff happening on Tuesday, so we had a LOT of time at home.  Here is a bit of what we were up to!

On the food front, we’ve been crushing it in the budget/reducing waste department. We’ve had to throw very little away, and we’ve eaten all our meals at home this month – victory!  I’ve been trying to mix things up so I don’t get bored of the same five things.

I made this delicious green salad with hardboiled eggs and blue cheese in hopes that the color scheme would help edge our Seahawks toward a playoff win.  No such luck, but the salad was great!

blog5 (541x597)

I’ve been getting those three packs of butter lettuce from Coscto, so it was a salad-heavy week.  This one was topped with goat cheese crumbles, leftover roasted green beans, and sautéed tofu.  I actually realized after I ate this that I forgot to add a dressing, so clearly it was tasty enough on it’s own. 

blog6 (504x597)

As far as dinners go, I’ve been trying to break out of our rut and still think of things the kids will actually eat.  I’m also really trying to keep things as healthy as possible right now, as I am really working hard to continue to get into better shape (and eating is such a big part of that!).  This was sautéed cauliflower rice, crispy tofu, and a veggie medley all tossed with coconut aminos – SO good.  The kids wouldn’t touch it, so I ate my bowl and both of theirs – their loss!

blog7 (478x598)

One thing I’ve been doing differently despite the fact that it’s still freezing outside, is mixing up my breakfasts with a smoothie.  I used to do smoothies more as a summer treat or snack, but now I’m doing them as a daily breakfast.  I make one as soon as I get home from Orangetheory as a recovery breakfast, and I usually do some sort of combo of protein powder, bananas, almond milk, yogurt, peanut butter, and ice cubes.  Last week I got a special delivery from Metropolitan Market (our local grocery store!) with all the goodies to make a tropical smoothie – yes please!

20170112_180820 (474x640)

Delicious, and has been keeping me surprisingly full until just about lunch time.  I never really did smoothies as full meals before, but these are pretty nutrient packed and have been working so far.  The only downside is that I am always cold. 

20170113_074619 (395x640)

Other household news – we got a piano!  I am SO excited about it.  I have been wanting one for a long time, and I think Cullen is finally at the age where he can take some lessons.  I got it for free (!) from a neighbor, and Casey was able to move it in our delivery van (the perks of owning a business!).  I took piano for years as a kid but don’t remember much at all, so I’d like to take some adult lessons too once I relearn the basics myself.  I always wished I had stuck with it.

20170115_173927 (410x640)

Last week and weekend were horribly gross and rainy, so we were inside a LOT.  For whatever reason, the kids were actually playing together and getting along really well, which felt like a gift from the gods.  They destroyed the house in their wake, but it felt like a small price to pay for some peaceful play time!

20170117_143336 (640x360)

On one of the dark rainy days we took a trip down to IKEA together.  The boys were told if they had perfect behavior there was a tasty reward at the end, which was quite effective.  I was there for new bedding for the kids – something warmer than the quilts they currently have.  We left with new bedding and ice cream cones, so I think it was a win for everyone. 

blog2 (595x598)

I can’t decide if I actually like the bedding I got them or not (it’s the Rajgras stripe!), but they like it so that’s probably all that matters.  I wanted to get them warm comforters with duvets because our upstairs is freezing, and I felt like they weren’t warm enough.  Our house is so old that the second floor doesn’t have any heat (!), so we use space heaters but it’s still not exactly toasty. 

20170117_170750 (360x640)

And if you can’t tell, we didn’t actually end up moving the bunk beds back together this weekend after all.  Graham threw up on Saturday, and Cullen puked a few days later, so we figured it was not the best time to be moving anyone’s bed.  A few days of rest was in order instead!  Lots of sleep…

blog4 (601x402)

And family movie nights.  It’s that time of year, right?

blog3 (560x598)

With their rooms still separated, Graham has been up to his usual shenanigans.  Every single night I go upstairs to bed and find him sleeping somewhere unusual.  Last night it was the floor in front of the bathroom!


What a goof.  It’s supposed to be nothing but glorious SUNSHINE here this week, which is a seriously needed mood-booster.  We are also looking forward to a really fun weekend trip coming up, so lots to do this week to prep and get ready!  Hope it’s a great week for you guys too. 

Dining In and Staying On Budget.

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron.  Thanks for continuing to support Daily Garnish!

We are over halfway through the month, and still crushing our new budgeting goals.  I am proud to report that we have not going out to eat ONCE this month!  And honestly?  We didn’t really even notice.  It probably helps that the weather has either been dreary or freezing, so it’s not like we are passing by sunny restaurant patios all day long. 

But even beyond eating out at restaurants, we had fallen into a pattern of ordering takeout at least 1-2 nights a week, many times out of sheer laziness. We’ve also been paying much more attention to what’s in our fridge, and choosing things that are close to expiration, or polishing off those last bites of leftovers so we are reducing a lot of waste.

And since we’ve been doing a lot of home cooking, this week we were really excited to get a delivery from Blue Apron

IMG_5996 (640x427)

Cooking seven nights a week means that we exhaust our favorite meals more quickly, and I was so excited to see the big tan and blue big arrive just as I’d run out of creative meal ideas. 

IMG_5944 (640x427)

I’ve been partnering with Blue Apron for a while now, so many of you already know the drill.  But for those who haven’t tried it – here are the details:

  • Blue Apron allows you to cook delicious, chef-designed recipes at home, with all the farm-fresh ingredients you need delivered right to your doorstep, in exactly the right proportions.

  • Blue Apron is working to develop a sustainable food system and use high quality ingredients. Check out their mission page here.

  • There are two types of plans available, the 2-Person Plan and Family Plan, and you can customize your plan to meet your personal dietary restrictions (we do the vegetarian box!)

  • There’s no commitment – you can skip or cancel the service at any time!

(And if you want to try Blue Apron yourself, don’t miss a sweet discount at the bottom of the post!)

After a few weeks of roasted veggies, sautéed tofu, and stir-fry meals, I was so excited to pull out the menu cards and make some more composed dishes.  I chose this stromboli first on a day when Casey and I had both had particularly hard workouts, and we were starving.  This looked like the perfect dinner.

IMG_5950 (640x427)

Casey took the kids up to bed, and I stayed downstairs and got to prepping.  I had never made a stromboli before so I was excited to learn to make something new. 

IMG_5960 (640x427)

I noticed that since we last did Blue Apron there is a new little nutrition facts cards – a nice touch, and much easier to see all the details than when it was much smaller on the recipe card. 

IMG_5964 (640x427)

I made all the filling – a yummy mix of mozarrella and ricotta cheese, fresh chopped spinach and mushrooms, and red pepper flakes. 

IMG_5968 (640x427)

And then I spread the dough and wrapped it all up!  I had NO idea what I was doing, but I followed the pictures on the recipe card and it came out pretty well. 

IMG_5970 (640x427)

And after a bit of baking – just long enough for me to sneak upstairs and kiss the kids goodnight and change into sweatpants – dinner was ready!

IMG_5976 (640x427)

Not gonna lie – I felt proud that I’d made something that felt so fancy, even though it was just glorified pizza.  It was a treat!

IMG_5983 (640x427)

There was a homemade marinara dipping sauce too, which was absolutely delicious.  I put a little bit on my fork with each bite. 

IMG_5988 (640x427)

The final product was seriously tasty, and we both inhaled it in front of the Bachelor on the couch.  This season is such a mess but also SO GOOD!

IMG_5993 (640x427)

We made our second meal the following night, and I new instantly which recipe I wanted to make.  There is a restaurant here in Seattle (Joule, for my local friends) who has this sticky rice cake dish that is absolutely mind-blowing.  I’ve had it at least ten times, and it never gets old.  Something about those Korean rice cakes is so unlike anything I’ve ever had before, and I couldn’t wait to cook them myself at home!

IMG_5956 (640x427)

Plus any time you add an egg to something I am on board.  All set up and ready to cook!

IMG_6000 (640x427)

I need to go look for these at our local Asian market – I’m sure they have them!

IMG_6009 (640x427)

Heaven in a bowl – seriously.  The rice cakes were perfect and chewy, there was a delicious black bean sesame sauce with the perfect amount of spice, and my 6-minute eggs ended up just right. 

IMG_6016 (640x427)

So much yum. 

IMG_6019 (427x640)

This was my favorite meal of the week!  We will definitely look for some of the specialty ingredients so we can make something similar again soon.

IMG_6023 (640x427)

And last but not least, it was quesadillas on Sunday night!  I was really excited about this one because it was my night off from cooking – Casey made it for us while I handled the bedtime stories. 

IMG_5953 (640x427)

I got the kids into bed and came down to find this waiting for me!  And while the quesadillas looked all sorts of delicious in their own, I was actually really excited about the salad.  He did a quick pickle on some shallots and also added avocado, and those two things together were seriously tasty. 

IMG_6030 (640x427)

Eaten on the couch in front of MMA Fight Night, because apparently that is something we watch now.  Casey does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and really likes watching MMA, and now with so many amazing female athletes in the mix too, he’s gotten me into it.  Not something I ever thought I’d watch, but it’s surprisingly entertaining and interesting. 

IMG_6040 (427x640)

I really liked that this week’s Blue Apron box had a mix of cultural recipes – Italian, Korean, and Mexican – definitely made our weekly meals a lot more interesting!  And at $10 per person for each meal, it was still far less expensive than restaurants or takeout, while also feeling more special than another night of soup or chili. 

IMG_6033 (427x640)

Thanks again to Blue Apron for the delicious meals this week!  If you haven’t tried Blue Apron yourself yet – I have a deal for you!  The first 25 readers to order will get three free meals on their first Blue Apron delivery!

Happy Thursday, friends!  I’ll be back tomorrow with the weekly update!

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