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    A Look Back.

April Flowers.

A big thanks to everyone who entered the Brooks shoe giveaway!  I wish I could give a pair of shoes to all of you!  Our lucky winner is Sarah who said – “I was matched with the Launch 3’s and would love to try out a pair. I run in Glycerins now while training for the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in June and Portland Marathon (my first full) in October. Love your blog!!”  Congrats, Sarah!

One of the ways that helped me get through the days following Huey’s passing, was to dig through old photos and memories.  I don’t have tons of digital photos from the early days circa 2005, but it sure did help that I started using my blog a lot more in 2009.  I have thousands and thousands of photos saved on hard drives and in the cloud, and I sat and cried and looked at every one of them.

I’m getting some new prints made and hung so that we still see the old brown dog a bit more when we look around the house, and that feels comforting.  But another thing that came from looking through all those photos – I realized that in the past year or so, I pretty much stopped using my big SLR camera.  It wasn’t intentional, but with all the other things I lug around for the kids, added to the fact that they never stop moving, and I took the easy route with quick camera phone shots and never looked back.

It wasn’t just pictures of the dogs I was missing – it was the kids, the house, the every day stuff.  Of course I have lots of fun vacation pictures and memories from special events, but it was a reminder to me that they every day stuff can be just as (if not more) comforting to look back on later.

And so these past few weeks I’ve kept my camera out on the kitchen counter.  Not in an intrusive way – just a snap here and there.  I also realized that because I had these photos, I used to share a lot more of the day to day here on the ole’ blog.

And with that, a quick note.  I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of comments recently about the content here – that it’s forced, or lacking, or just “pointless photo dumps.”  And while my skin is thick, I can also appreciate good conversation.  I’ve let this last one roll around in my mind for a few days.  I thought about what types of things I’d write about back in 2009 or 2010 (which as a reminder was SIX years ago!).  And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that as a lifestyle blog – this has always been “photo dumps.”

Photos of my adventures in culinary school, photos of life in Charlotte – walking dogs, working out at home, and badly-lit photos of food.  Photos in Alexandria – walking around town, working in coffee shops, and enjoying the riverfront.  Photos of life in Seattle – the farmers markets, the parks, the water everywhere, and now – my family.  The story told through the photos is still the same, but the people in the photos have changed.  So for some people, it might be less exciting (and appear lazy?) to see pictures of my kids enjoying our local beaches or playing in the yard – but that is life now.  And I really enjoy it.

In a few months, Graham will join Cullen a few mornings each week at preschool, and for the first time in five years (!), I will have regular, predictable time to myself to anything I want to do.  Twelve whole hours each week – can you even imagine?  My mind races with the possibilities!

One of the big focuses of that time will be here – on this space.  I’d like to do better cooking again.  More pre-planned posts, a more regular editorial calendar, and better reader engagement.  I also have a long over-due site re-design planned!  But I’ll also be spending time on our kombucha business – helping Casey with sales, social media, web inquiries and site management, and all sorts of other things as we grow.

And I might even use some of that time to do things that are NOT work related – like read a book, loop around the lake with a friend, or tackle a baking project.  And then I’ll pick up the boys and we’ll hit up the beaches and ice cream shops and splash parks.  Can you tell I’m excited?  It’s going to be such a fun summer!

My current goal is to post in this space three to four times each week – a mix of lifestyle posts and updates, fitness-focused content, and yes – some branded/product content that will remain carefully chosen and given the same level of effort as other posts.

And so with that, how about I stop babbling and I show you some of those pictures I talked about snapping.

IMG_8720 (426x640)

Spring has ARRIVED in Seattle, and it is perfection.  I promise this will be the last time I mention our hellish rain, but oh man guys – it’s been, well,  hell.  I have always been the biggest champion for Seattle weather, but this winter was a doozy.  And when I got to Ohio and felt the sun on my skin I was tempted to stay there forever.

Thank goodness I came home and found my whole yard (and CITY, even!) in beautiful bloom – birds chirping, tulips and daffodils everywhere, and bright colors all around.

IMG_8722 (640x425)

Check out the cherry blossoms in our neighborhood – incredible!


I took this picture of our tulips over a week ago, and now they are all opened and bursting with color.  Many thanks to the green thumb who lived here before us, because I never could have made it look this good.

IMG_8723 (640x425)

IMG_8725 (640x425)

We also have those lovely blue bells popping up everywhere.  They are such a pain to pull when they are done blooming, but for now they are turning our front and back yards into a beautiful sea of purple-y blue.

IMG_8729 (640x424)

And beyond our home, we’ve been enjoying the sunshine all around town.  Casey is working at the Fremont Farmers Market for the business now, so on Sundays I’m on my own.  It requires me to dig deep and plan fun activities to do by myself on the weekends, when I’ve already been at it all week long.  Last weekend I was thrilled to have two other friends suggest we all try out a new (to us) beach and explore together – YES please!

IMG_8823 (640x427)

We visited Lincoln Park in West Seattle – such a fun part of town, and one we don’t visit often enough.  The park itself was amazing.  We had to park out by the street and then hike a half mile through beautiful woods to get down to the water.  It was absolutely gorgeous!


And then we got down to the waterfront and found things like this, and I wondered how we had never been there before.

IMG_8829 (640x427)

IMG_8838 (640x426)

This beach had incredible driftwood, and despite carrying an enormous bag of diggers and buckets and shovels with me, this was the only thing the kids did for hours.  Nature’s toys!

IMG_8831 (640x426)

IMG_8851 (640x426)

IMG_8857 (640x427)

IMG_8869 (640x426)

It was exactly what I needed in order to stop dreaming of packing up and going back to Ohio, and to look around me instead and see the incredible beauty and wonderful friends I’m surrounded by out here.

IMG_8882 (640x426)

IMG_8888 (640x427)

IMG_8896 (640x426)

IMG_8905 (640x427)

IMG_8918 (427x640)

The other big excitement in our life right now is that Cullen started T-Ball.  And if that doesn’t sound exciting to you, then you have never watched T-Ball!

IMG_8964 (640x427)

In all my years of parenting, I can honestly say that this is one of the most fun things I’ve experienced yet.  Sometimes it feels heartbreaking to watch your kids grow up and get bigger, but most of the time it feels incredible to know that these babies that you have poured so much love and life into are become little people who wear uniforms and high five teammates.  It’s amazing.

IMG_8980 (427x640)

I have never seen Cullen love anything as much as he loves this.  He has lots of good buddies, but none of them care about baseball, and so it’s really cool to see him with like-minded kids and being part of a team.

IMG_9012 (427x640)

And speaking of those buddies, they might not care about the sport, but they sure do care about their friends.  Cullen had a few friends come watch his game the other night and the look on his face when he heard them cheering, “GO CULLEN!” – truly priceless.

IMG_8959 (427x640)

Okay a few more because I am a crazy baseball mama and I can’t help myself.

IMG_9032 (640x427)

IMG_9053 (425x640)

IMG_9062 (640x427)

IMG_9076 (427x640)

IMG_9125 (640x420)

IMG_9161 (427x640)

Okay thanks for indulging me.  I promise I won’t share 15 pictures from every single game this season.  :)

It’s a busy week here, as we are getting ready for a big trip at the end of the week!  We’ll be spending next week in sunny FLORIDA with Casey’s family.  We usually do our family vacation during the summer, but this year we’re doing it early while my sister-in-law is still on maternity leave.  I cannot wait to meet my new little niece and dip my toes into the ocean! 

I have another post planned for tomorrow, and I’ll have some posts going up during the week while we’re traveling.  I might even check in with a vacation update – we’ll see.  Hope your week is off to a great start!

Easter 2016 in Cincinnati!

We’ve been back a full week now, but I finally just got to sit down and edit my photos!  The boys and I spent Easter Weekend and a few days afterward in my hometown – Cincinnati, Ohio.  It was a super last minute trip – booked just two days before we left.

I had been feeling really homesick for a while.  I had originally planned to go to Cincinnati for spring break week, but then that fell through, and I realized how much I had been looking forward to it.  I don’t have any plans to see my family until July/August (and hadn’t seen them since the holidays), which felt way too far away.

And then Huey died, and I just became engulfed in sadness.  I cried all the time.  It rained ALL the time.  And I just felt so sad and far away from all the people I so desperately wanted to hug.  And on a gloomy day just before Easter – with nothing but rain the 10 day forecast – I found myself browsing for plane tickets.

I assumed they would be astronomically expensive, but it couldn’t hurt to look. So imagine my surprise when – tucked in there with the other super pricey tickets – was one little flight that was dirt cheap.  Sure, it was totally indirect and would mean a day of hellish travel, but it felt worth the challenge of getting there. 

And even more exciting – since Casey traveled SO much the past few years for his previous job – he was able to cash in some reward coupons and our entire last minute adventure cost a whopping $33!  Meant to be!

I had never flown with the kids alone, and this first solo travel adventure had us flying the 5.5 hours from Seattle to JFK (completely overshooting Ohio), and then jumping on a second 2.5 hour flight to Ohio.  What’s the worst that can happen, right?    


It was unbelievably smooth.  The kids were complete angels and we had zero meltdowns.  I watched two movies on the first flight and the kids snacked and watched shows and loved the great adventure.  The JFK connection was a little dicey, but I was in survival mode.  I refused to lose patience or get grumpy – we had a long way still to go.  The second flight flew by, and before I knew it we were in Ohio and running down the terminal toward my mom and sister, Sarah.  We were home!

It was exactly what I needed, and it felt so good to be there.  The kids passed out after a very long day of travel, and I settled in for a nice family visit. 


The next morning was Easter, and my mom really wanted us to go to church with her.  I told her that we’d have to wait and see what time the kids woke up, since they’d had such a long sleepless day before, and we were dealing with a 3 hour time difference.  We would need to leave for church by 8:30am, which was only FIVE thirty Seattle-time, so I told her it was unlikely.

Well the joke was on me, because no matter the time zone, my little blonde ball of love was up at 6am – meaning that I was stumbling around in a 3am fog and dressing my family for church.  Thank goodness for Grandma!

IMG_8036 (426x640)

The Easter bunny got the memo and made it all the way to Ohio with goodies!

IMG_8037 (640x416)

I don’t go big for Easter – I feel like my kids have plenty.  They each got a new pair of Native shoes for summer (which were the only shoes they wore all year last year!), and a Thomas the Train engine.  Cullen also got some oil pastels that he’s been begging for so he can use them with his YouTube art videos

IMG_8039 (406x640)

Graham got the same thing, but he got stamps instead of oil pastels.  I can barely even trust him with crayons!

IMG_8040 (427x640)

We DID make it to church, and it was so nice to see many familiar faces and wonderful friends I’ve known my whole life.  I was on such a high from being with family that I didn’t really even notice that it was only 5am in Seattle.  Yawn. 

As soon as we got back, it was time to hunt for Easter eggs!  Even after a full day of cross-country travel, I sat on the living room floor and helped stuff Easter eggs with goodies to get ready for the next day.  The kids were beyond excited.

 IMG_8071 (640x427)

I did the same thing this year that I did last year – assigned them each colors of eggs in order to avoid an all out brawl or any racing or competition.  It was MUCH smoother that way, and they loved spotting their colors peeking out of the grass.

IMG_8078 (434x640)

 IMG_8097 (640x427)

My mom’s new house has this amazing, gigantic front yard, and it was the perfect spot to spread out and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine (and reports from Seattle were all wind and rain!). 

IMG_8101 (427x640)

Kids make holidays so much more fun, and there is nothing I love more than watching these two smile and enjoy being with family as much as I do.

IMG_8123 (427x640)

 IMG_8152 (640x426)

 IMG_8207 (640x427)  

IMG_8303 (640x426)

So grateful to my mom and Jim for letting us show up on their doorstep with barely a day’s notice.  I know Easter was a lot more special for them too with lots of little people running around!

IMG_8319 (425x640)

No smiles left for mom – sigh.

IMG_8329 (414x640)

My sister Sarah totally changed her weekend plans in order to come to Cincinnati too, and she and her boyfriend even took Monday off to hang out with us an extra day.  They are coming out to Seattle to visit us in July, and I am counting down!

IMG_8336 (409x640)

The kids took naps while the rest of us hung out and relaxed in the sunshine.  It was 75 and blue skies in Ohio, and I couldn’t believe how good it felt to finally feel warm fresh air.  The kids woke up and we spent the rest of the day playing outside.

IMG_8392 (640x426) 

IMG_8410 (640x422) 

IMG_8428 (640x426) 

IMG_8466 (640x427)

IMG_8479 (640x427)

The rest of our visit was spent visiting with friends, hitting up the fun kid spots in Cincinnati.  Jim and I took the kids to this amazing play place that was nothing but TRAINS on Tuesday morning.


And on Wednesday we headed to the zoo with everyone else in the city – spring break chaos!


Every night the kids collapsed into bed – tired from full days of family and fun.  Seeing them like this really makes me want to move them into bunk beds at home!


And I spent my evenings watching NCAA basketball, eating endless bowls of Graeter’s Ice Cream, and having my feet rubbed by mama.  Home sweet home, indeed!


We enjoyed a few more days of sunshine and fun, and then it was time for us to head back home.  It felt really healing to be there.  I hope that someday, I can be as much of a source of strength to my boys as my mom has always been to me.

  IMG_8662 (640x427)

We are back in Seattle now, and our home feels so different without Huey dog.  But I am glad I got some time away to process and be with some of the people who knew Huey best – who understood his crazy quirks, and who loved him like we do.  And now we are home loving on Indy and showering him with as much love as we possibly can, because life is short and dogs are special.


We also came home to 70 degree temps and perfect Northwest sunshine, so life feels a bit better every day.  Thanks for all your wonderful support these past fewtrael weeks!  More adventures ahead – back soon!

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