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Giving Back and Bee-ing Better.

One of the things I love most about the holiday season is that, despite commercialism and coupon codes everywhere you look, there is also so much generosity and charitable giving this time of year.  Cullen’s preschool classroom did a giving wreath, Casey’s work collected toys at their annual holiday dinner, and I see giving opportunities pretty much everywhere we go.

As much as I admittedly enjoy receiving gifts as much as the next person, I have so much fun choosing gifts for people we love each year.  Nothing gets me more excited than finding the perfect gift that I just know someone is going to be excited about on Christmas morning.  And even better is knowing that we purchased something from a company who cares and gives back to good causes as well.  Here are a few of my personal favorite charitable companies that we’ve supported this year:

The Little Bee Co. Cloth Diapers

I wrote about these during a Babble roundup several years ago, and we have been using them ever since.  I even used their bitty bee diapers on Graham as a tiny newborn. 

IMG_2719 (640x428)

In addition to simply being awesome cloth diapers, they are also a company with a mission.  For each diaper that is purchased, The Little Bee Co. donates a diaper to an orphan in need.  From their website:

Orphans, especially those in 3rd world countries, do not have proper diapering available. A large number of orphanages use split pants, rags or often times no diaper at all. These precious babies find themselves in unhealthy and unsanitary conditions that cause an already bad situation to be far worse.

Threads 4 Thought Sustainable Apparel

You might not have even realized you’ve seen these clothes before, but most often they are hanging on the end caps in Whole Foods!  I have a few pieces myself that I absolutely love – ridiculously soft fabric and unique patterns and styles unlike anything else I have.  Threads 4 Thought is committed to ethical sourcing, sustainable materials, and has a mission to give back.  From their website:

Our mission for Threads 4 Thought was to create great fashion that evoked a lifestyle of shared responsibility for each other & our world. We continue to work towards that mission every day … using sustainable materials to make our products, working with factories that respect their employees and treat them humanely and fairly. We are honored to work closely with two highly effective charities that we have worked with since we founded the Threads – the International Rescue Committee (the IRC) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

PBS Kids & Whole Foods Markets

Speaking of Whole Foods, I actually mentioned to Casey the other day that the front entrance of each store has suddenly become a small toy store this holiday season.  I honestly assumed the master marketers knew that it would be tough to get past the toy area without children shrieking and begging for toys.  Well played, Whole Foods.  But once I looked a bit closer, I realized that Whole Foods actually has a partnership with PBS Kids this year.  Here is more info from Whole Foods:

We’ve partnered with PBS KIDS to offer presents — plush animals, wooden trucks, green toys race cars and wee wear — with a purpose. 100% of the net proceeds PBS KIDS receives from your purchase of these toys supports its mission: building knowledge, critical thinking, imagination and curiosity to empower children for success.

Plus, we’re donating 1% of total sales from these toys (up to $25,000) to Whole Kids Foundation®, dedicated to helping kids eat better — and enjoy it!

TOMS Footwear & Apparel

My love for TOMS is no secret, as there is at least one member of our family in TOMS shoes at all times.  I love the styles, the fabrics, the patterns, and the mission.  Here is information on their One for One campaign:

In 2006, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie befriended children in a village in Argentina and saw that they didn’t have adequate shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes for a child in need. One for One.® In 2011, the One for One model was expanded and TOMS Eyewear was launched. With every pair purchased, TOMS helps restore sight to a person in need.

As much as, of course, I like picking out new shoes for the boys and myself, I also love knowing that for each pair we buy, a similar pair goes to a child in need.  It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day drama of our lives – skipped naps, marker on the wall, etc. – and to forget that there are children in the world who literally have no shoes.


And last but certainly not least, a new company we’re shopping this year – Bombas socks!  Their “bee better” mission means that for every pair of socks that are purchased, another pair is donated to someone without access to clean socks. 

IMG_6300 (640x427)

Did you know that socks are the number one requested item in homeless shelters?  For most of us, myself included, it’s hard to imagine going without something as simple as having something clean and warm on our feet.  Partnering with the Hannah’s Socks organization, Bombas has already helped donate over 150,000 socks since launching in October 2013 – pretty incredible!  You can see more about their donations and impact here

Not only is this a great company with a noble cause, they also have an awesome product!  Casey, Cullen, and I have all been wearing Bombas these last few weeks…

IMG_6295 (640x427)

Bombas are leisure-athletic socks, available in both calf and ankle styles for women, men, and children.  And while some people probably don’t think this much about SOCKS, if you’ve ever worn a pair of really bad socks, you know the difference.  Here are a few features that sets Bombas brand apart:

  • Stay Up Technology – is there anything more uncomfortable than saggy socks??  The calf style is guaranteed to stay up!

  • Blister Tab – A tiny ankle cushion that sits directly where your shoe hits your leg to prevent painful rubbing and chafing.

  • Invisitoe – We got rid of the annoying bump that runs across the toes on most socks. We hand link our socks so you don’t feel a thing.

  • Y-Stitched Heel – A Y-shaped stitch creates a natural cup around your heel, so your sock stays in place.

  • Long Staple Pima Cotton – The most comfortable socks you’ll ever wear start with the most comfortable sock fabric known to mankind: Long Staple Pima Cotton. It’s warm in the winter, cool in the summer, with natural moisture wicking properties.

Cullen (at age three) is actually still a bit too small for his, but I’ve tucked them into his drawer for a year or so from now when he’s getting into things like soccer and little league (omg!), and we’d like to avoid things like painful blisters! 

I haven’t been doing much running these days, so I’ve been wearing mine for more leisure activities and just day to day.  They are hands down my favorite socks to wear over leggings and under boots!  The calf style has just enough tension to hold jeans or leggings in place and avoid all that slipping around (without being too tight!).  And they are seriously adorable!

IMG_6316 (426x640)

But of all of us who tried these, Casey was by far the most excited.  He is forever on the quest for the perfect workout socks, and he’s honestly pretty picky.  Did I tell you guys he’s training for the LA Marathon!?  He’s really excited about it, and I’m super pumped to support him and go cheer for him next March.

In order to get ready he’d been doing base training for a while, and just started officially training a few weeks ago.  For his last several training runs, he took Bombas out for a spin, and came back with nothing but good things to say! 

IMG_6154 (640x428)

Here’s a look at how the ankle socks fit within running shoes – you can see that ankle tab that prevents chafing and rubbing.  He headed out for a sixteen mile run right after this, and reported back that the socks felt great and that he “didn’t even notice them” – which is pretty much the highest compliment for running socks, right? 

IMG_6162 (640x427)

And finally, just to touch on their charitable mission once more, you might be thinking –  but do needy or homeless people really need fancy athletic socks?  And the answer is, of course not.  That’s why the folks at Bombas worked closely with charity partners to design a special sock that specifically meets the needs of people without access to clean socks each day. 


The donated socks feature feature reinforced seams (for greater durability and longer lifespan), anti-microbial treatment (to prevent growth of fungus and requiring less washing), and darer colors (to show less visible wear).  A pretty cool company with a very worth cause.

For those of you who are interested in trying them yourselves or giving them as gifts this year (perfect stocking stuffers!), Bombas is offering a 20% discount to the first 100 readers to use the code: DAILYGARNISHDiscount applies to your first order of any size. 

Tis the season of giving, and most importantly – giving back! 

This post was sponsored by Bombas.  Thanks for your continued support of Daily Garnish!

Our Holiday Home.

The holidays are in full swing over here!  And even though I have had the same Christmas decorations for as long as I’ve been writing this blog (read: a long time!), I still feel the need to share pictures of them every year.  Indulge me!  I’ve been decorating with these glittery ornaments for at least five years, and I still absolutely love them.  Bonus that they are plastic, so a bit safer for the curious kiddos. 

IMG_5944 (426x640)

Our mantel is decked out with a lighted garland and our cable-knit stockings.  I have never actually filled these, but this might be the first year I finally do it.  Also, it seems that Land of Nod stopped making these, so I’ll have to break the news to Casey that we are done having kids!

IMG_5949 (426x640)

We stopped at a local re-store shop a few weekends ago so I could go digging around for an old shutter.  I had seen a cute Christmas card display using one so I thought I’d see if I could do something similar.  I found a perfect shutter for five bucks, and so far I think it looks pretty cute!

IMG_5951 (640x422)

We got our tree right after we got back from traveling to Atlanta for Thanksgiving.  I think we got a really good one this year!!  I had big fantasies about us all listening to Christmas music and wearing festive Christmas sweaters or pajamas or something, but that did not even come close to happening.  Ha!


But we still had a lot of fun, which is of course, what actually mattered.  Cullen was really into putting the ornaments on carefully this year, but Graham is at the age where he just wanted to rip them all off or eat them (which naturatelly infuriated Cullen).  Thankfully now that the excitement of tree trimming is over, he hasn’t given the tree much attention since. 

IMG_5953 (426x640)

My favorite part of decorating is rediscovering all the ornaments I’ve forgotten about!  My mom makes the boys adorable felt ornaments each year, and it was so fun to pull hers out and remember what she’d made them.  Last year, it was a garbage can – to coordinate with the garbage truck I got for Cullen.  He requested they be hung up just like this, and points them out daily. 

IMG_5955 (640x427)

Casey and I get each other ornaments every year too, and they usually end up being memories of places and things that were special to us that year, which is always fun to reflect on too. 

IMG_5956 (427x640)

Sniff – I still miss Old Town, especially this time of year ! I bet the lights on King Street look incredible!

IMG_5959 (427x640)

Even the doggies have special representation on the tree!

IMG_5957 (427x640)

Check out Graham’s first ornament from my mom last year!  I think she is so crafty and creative (which was sadly not passed down to me). 

IMG_5958 (427x640)

I have little bits of holiday cheer all over, and it made me so happy to unpack all of these things and set them out for the next few weeks. 

IMG_6139 (640x427)

Last year I decided to do an annual Santa picture frame, and keep all the Santa pictures in there together with the most current one displayed.  I was laughing talking to friends about this picture yesterday, saying I barely even remember it being taken.  I feel like I was in such a newborn fog last year!  Look at what BABIES they were!

IMG_6142 (426x640)

I got a new garland to put on the steps this year, to replace the one I’d been using since the year after I graduated college (think 2003).

IMG_5970 (427x640)

And my 2003 mistletoe is still going strong!  You can never have enough kisses, right?

IMG_5977 (427x640)

The year that Cullen was born, my aunt gifted us this advent calendar from Land of Nod.  Last year, Cullen moved the Santa from space to space but he wasn’t really into it and I had to remind him of it each day.  This year he is ALL about it! 

IMG_5962 (427x640)

I went an extra step this year and got gift tags that have a Christmas activity or project for each day.  I planned it all out with my calendar so that things like “go to Snowflake Lane” fall on weekends so we can do it as a family.  He is having so much fun that he actually remembers what day it is every day, and goes to be at night saying, “Mom, is tomorrow number twelve?”  I love that he’s into it.  Although he rejected my paper snowflakes and told me they didn’t have enough points.  Apparently mine are too round?? 

IMG_5963 (640x427)

This one is tonight!

IMG_5965 (640x427)

Other advent activities so far have included making Christmas cookies…

IMG_6096 (640x427)

And last weekend’s activity – go see the reindeer and Christmas trains at Swanson’s Nursery!

IMG_5996 (427x640)

Graham is the perfect age this Christmas – he is totally into everything and wants to explore and be part of all activities.  Which adds challenges of course, but it is SO fun and amazing to watch.  He was obsessed with the animals, which has me so excited for spending many days this coming spring at the zoo. 

IMG_6007 (426x640)

We met Cullen’s best buddy there too, and he and Graham were accidental twins.  Cutest kids ever, and not a bit biased. 

IMG_6036 (640x427)

This time of year just makes me so overwhelmingly happy.  The weather is so gross and it is so dark outside all of the time, and yet these two sweet little boys make the holiday season so much fun. 

IMG_6079 (425x640)

This week, our Wednesday advent activity was a big one – go see Santa and get pictures taken on his lap!  Cullen was thrilled and talked about it all morning.  He was very specific that he was going to ask for a particular garbage truck (sigh) with side-loading trash cans, and let me know he would ask Santa if the truck’s front doors open or not (they don’t, so I hope Santa gave him the right answer!). 

Graham is in a super-glue-cling-to-mama phase, so I knew he was going to be a tough sell.  I felt his body stiffen the minute we walked in the door.  Cullen trotted right up to the chair and said, “Santa, sure is rainin’ outside today!”  Three year olds are SO RIDICULOUS!  Cullen hopped up in his lap, and as predicted, Graham shrieked with terror the minute I set him down. 


But a few squeaks of a reindeer puppet later, and we got a successful (almost) smiling picture!  Check out the progression from Cullen’s first year to this year…  He was 14 months old here, which is how old Graham is now (and I remember him crying right after this was taken). 

IMG_9493-459x640 (459x640)

Last year, both looking so different and so tiny.  I look back at this now and wonder how I ever survived those first few months!

IMG_6145 (426x640)

And finally, this year!  Same exact Santa, and two very grown up looking boys.  All I want for Christmas is for time to slooooow down just a little bit. 

IMG_6149 (425x640)

More holiday fun on the calendar this weekend, and looks like we even have sunshine in the forecast.  Happy Friday to you all!

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