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Daily Garnish has an Amazon Associates Store!  I get many comments and emails from readers asking where and why I purchase the things that I have – like my beloved rice cooker!  I created this store in order to have an easy process for pointing readers towards those products.  I assure you that my store is 100% a reflection of products that I both use and endorse, and that I am never compensated to add products that I would not use myself.

Below is just a preview of the many useful things waiting for you in the Daily Garnish Store.  Please click below to be taken directly to the Amazon page

Daily Garnish Store

Happy shopping!

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Chef Marc A. Toth     at 9:03 am

Hello, i am trying to obtain class videos on the art of Garde Manager, could you please help me?


Emily Malone Reply:

I don’t have any videos, but there are pictures in my Garde Mangers class recaps!


afashion-styles.com Reply:

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Chris     at 9:27 am

I saw a pic of your spice rack in JL Goes Vegan Blog, Vegan 101 Series. Where did you purchase the spice rack. I have been looking for one to purchase for my wife. Just added your blog to my Google Reader. Great stuff. Thanks.


Deb Reply:

Also looking for that spice rack you have on Pinterest.


meredith     at 8:55 pm

i love the one line a day: a five year memory book i purchased after reading about it on your blog. thanks for the inspiration!


Irene     at 2:14 pm

What coffee-maker for the home do you recommend?


Lizzie     at 1:34 pm

Do you have a good knife sharpener that you like, or do you have them sharpened elsewhere?


Julie     at 9:43 pm

Hi, Emily!

I have been an avid reader of your blog for a few years and wanted to send you a card & small gift to congratulate you on your pregnancy. Would you be open to passing along an address or PO Box to me via email so I can send it?

Congrats to you and Casey!



Emily Malone Reply:

Sorry, I missed this comment on the Store page! I will email you now. :)


beverly rogers     at 3:27 pm

What bread maker do you recommend for the home?


Carol A.     at 6:36 pm

I see that you add dairy and eggs for approximately the same reason I would. I am wondering if there is a ‘rule of thumb’ for eating these things. You said you treat them as special foods. Engine 2 gives a guideline for fat as a percentage of calories. They use very low fat for purposes of heart health. I’m old enough that very low fat makes good sense for me. But I need more protein too, so it would seem that eggs and cheese would provide that. Do you have any suggestions for controlling the fat? I use Calorie King, which tallies nutrients. I might use cheese just as a garnish, for example, rather than a whole sandwich. Or eggs once a week, maybe. I have difficulty organizing things in my head, so I need those little gems people use (righty tighty, lefty loosey). But I struggle when I have to. Maybe writing it down will be the final answer. Meanwhile, thank you for putting all this wonderful conversation, inspiration, and useful recipes on-line.


carrie     at 8:14 pm

Wher are your recipes???? I miss them..
Not that i dont love hearing about your baby…


Emily Malone Reply:

Still posting recipes! Usually 2 each week. :)


times edu     at 3:29 am

Incredible points. Sound arguments. Keep up the amazing work. times edu


Terikay Rumancik     at 7:11 pm

Yeah! Ordered your/my rice cookery today. Can’t wait!


Emily Malone Reply:

Hope you like it as much as I do!


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alison     at 4:56 pm

okay chef, question… cutting boards. i read that wood is best but what do you do with your chicken… i just can’t get the salmonella pic out of my head as i cut a chicken on a board that i could cut veggies on the next day… thoughts or suggestions!!! thanks : )


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