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Summer Adventures Part 1: Oh, Canada!

Hi friends!  Today is my Monday, as we spent all day yesterday driving home from an amazing whirlwind weekend at the beach.  I’m scrambling to catch up since I’m missing my babysitting day this week, but as miracles would have it – both kids are napping right now!  Fingers crossed that lasts for more than ten minutes (Update: it didn’t, which it why I’m finishing this up at 8pm!).

As I’ve mentioned here a million times already – it’s SUMMER!  And just like most of you, we are living it up as much as possible.  We’ve spent so much time outside, on the beaches, and finding local summer adventures that I’ve spent very little time at my computer – which is both wonderful and slightly stressful at the same time.  I haven’t edited pictures past June, and now August is right around the corner!

The last summer outing I shared here was from way back in mid-June when we went strawberry picking.  So before any more time passes, I thought I’d try to recap some of the other fun things we’ve had going on.  At the end of June, Casey’s parents came to visit! 

IMG_5360 (533x800)

The boys were in grandparent heaven, and Cullen got to take Grandpa to a Mariners game, which was definitely a highlight for him. 

But the highlight for me and Casey was our first GETAWAY – just the two of us for the first time in four years.  While we have both traveled independently, the only night we ever spent away together was in the hospital when Graham was born – wonderful, but not exactly romantic!  Casey planned an overnight trip to Victoria for the two of us as an anniversary gift, and even arranged to have his parents come out to watch the kids – seriously amazing!

So early on a Tuesday morning, we boarded the Victoria Clipper and set sail for Canada! 

IMG_5376 (640x427)

The clipper was awesome – nice seats, plugs for electronics, and a gorgeous view of the Puget Sound out my window.  Once we got to Victoria, we unloaded our bags at our hotel and immediately set out in search of food!  We landed at the Jam Cafe – recommended by a friend and had a line out the door!

IMG_5383 (418x640)

The food was heavy and delicious, and we ate waaaaay too much. 

IMG_5390 (640x427)

After that we both fell into a massive food coma that, combined with a very early Clipper departure, required a rare afternoon nap.  I felt a little foolish wasting a few of our precious 36 hours for napping, but we both felt a million times better afterward.  And that’s what adult vacations are for, right?  Napping!

We eventually rejoined the world and I immediately announced that we needed ice cream!  I looked up best ice cream options online, and walked a few miles until we found Cold Comfort

IMG_5403 (640x425)

O.M.G you guys.  I started to feel a bit ridiculous that we were walking two miles (each way) just for ice cream, but that feeling disappeared with the first bite.  The owner suggested we try the most popular item – ice cream sandwiches, and they were hands down the best I’ve ever had.  I tried the Golden Graham, which was as delicious as it sounds. 

IMG_5397 (640x409)

But Casey’s ice cream was sandwiched between macarons, and it was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.  If we’d had enough time the next day, we planned to walk four miles round-trip just to get them again!

IMG_5401 (640x402)

From there, we walked all along the waterfront and just wandered around for a while.  Our mission for the trip was to walk and eat as much as possible!  I didn’t end up with any photos of dinner, but we went to Rebar and it was INCREDIBLE!  I guess I was too busy licking my plate to photograph.  I want to go back right now!

We finished up a full day of exploring just in time to watch the sunset over the water. 

IMG_5404 (640x426)

We decided to head back to our hotel at that point and hang out on our awesome waterfront balcony for a while – so beautiful!  (Dress from Stitchfix!)

IMG_5410 (426x640)

IMG_5415 (640x425)

I’m so grateful to this guy for planning such a wonderful trip for us.  We’ve been itching to get away just the two of us for a while now, but I was never quite ready to pull the trigger and actually do it.  He knew the best approach was to just plan it and make it happen – and it was exactly what we needed!

IMG_5427 (640x426)

The next morning, we slept in as late as parents of young kids possibly can – 8am!  Felt like a total luxury.  We headed to Mole for breakfast, and had another delicious meal. 

IMG_5437 (427x640)

IMG_5434 (640x427)

Like I said before, the goal was to eat and walk as much as we could – so after fueling up we headed out to walk along Dallas Road – a spot recommended by many friends!  We walked through a park and all along the bluff overlooking the water – totally beautiful even though it was gloomy and overcast. 

IMG_5439 (640x427)

The other goal for our trip was to do something adventurous that we can’t do when we’re with the kids.  The weather was cool, windy, and even a little rainy, so that limited the options a bit.  On a whim, we decided we had just enough time left to go whale watching!  We’ve gone whale watching with the kids before (last year in the San Juans!), but this time we decided to do one of the open zodiac boats.  And the gross weather didn’t matter at all, because they had these incredible flotation suits for us to wear!

IMG_5448 (427x640)

They were totally waterproof and insulated, so it didn’t matter that we were whipping through the freezing northwest waters with rain splashing us in the face. 

IMG_5449 (426x640)

This wasn’t our boat, but gives you an idea of what we were on – totally open and able to get up to pretty high speeds!

IMG_5587 (640x426)

It was seriously incredible, and Casey and I were so glad we’d decided to squeeze it in before heading back.  We caught up with the resident J-pod of orcas, and saw TONS of whales just off the coast of San Juan Island. 

IMG_5475 (640x422)

IMG_5501 (640x426)

Casey and I love the San Juan area so much, and I’m so glad we were finally able to make it up to British Columbia to explore even more of the surrounding area.  The northwest is just so beautiful!

IMG_5561 (640x425)

IMG_5573 (640x425)

IMG_5584 (640x415)

It was the perfect end to our trip, and we cruised back to Seattle on the Clipper as the sunset over the Sound.  We were only gone about 36 hours, but it was enough to recharge and reconnect, and it felt so good.  Maybe we’ll do it again in another four years!  :) 

IMG_5586 (640x422)

We made it home just in time to enjoy two more days with Casey’s parents in town.  They were here during a particularly hot week, so we hit up the beaches, splash park, and the neighborhood pool for family swim. 

IMG_5598 (640x427)

Even Mimi went down the water slide! 

IMG_5662 (640x427)

Cullen has been doing swimming lessons a few times each week all summer long, and it’s amazing how much more confidence he has in the water this year!  I’m so proud of him.

IMG_5612 (640x415)

And Graham is a fearless fish who thinks he can do anything – it’s terrifying!  He is hilarious in the water though, and I am glad he is so confident and wild.

IMG_5650 (640x425)

A million thanks to Casey’s parents for taking such great care of our boys so that we could relax and get away without worrying.  The boys had a blast, and we were so grateful to be able to do a short trip together!

IMG_5670 (640x425)

We are counting down until we see them again in just a few short weeks for a big vacation with the whole family.  I love summer!

Back again soon with more summer adventures, a fun race announcement, and more!  Hope you guys are having a great week!

Coffee Talk.

Hi guys!!  I thought I’d do something a little different today.  These days I feel like I tend to do less frequent, longer posts – but those are harder to put together and take me several days worth of nap times (which is why they end up being like once a week!).  So today, I have an hour or so right in front of me and I thought I’d just pop in and say hi with no real plan.  Would it be weird if I did this like once a week?  You can be honest.


I’m in a coffee shop this morning, which feels totally extravagant and like a visit into a former life!  Cullen is going to a new school this year, and it starts in July instead of in the fall, which is kind of amazing.  He’s having a blast with his new buddies, and it’s giving me and Graham a fun window of time to do some things just to the two of us – good for everyone!  And once a week, while Cullen is at school, Graham hangs with our beloved babysitter – which  means I have four glorious hours to do whatever I need to do.  And today, that means catching up on work and emails at the coffee shop.  So I thought I would pop over here and ramble for a few minutes before getting a few other posts in the works…

How is your summer going?  I am doing what I always do and panicking that summer is almost over, instead of just enjoying what’s left of it (working on that…).  This summer has been so amazing so far (and I have a recap post coming once I edit all my photos!), and we have a lot more fun coming up in the next month.  We did the same thing this year that we did last year, and back loaded all of our travel and visits with family in the last few weeks of the summer.  Our first trip is this coming weekend, and I am counting down!

Although as much as I love to travel, I am also just soaking up Seattle right now.  This is when our city really shines, and I hang onto these late sunsets and sandy beach days all year long, reminding myself on the dreariest days that the northwest summers are more than worth it!


Speaking of – did you read that article in the New Yorker?  You know, the one that said that Seattle (and everyone who lives here) will be destroyed in a massive earthquake?  Um yeah, just slightly terrifying.

I read it, and then re-read it, and then spent two entire days doing nothing but reading and learning everything I could about earthquakes, seismic plates, tsunami patterns, emergency preparedness, and then naturally deciding that we clearly had to relocate to the middle of North Dakota or some other less threatening place.

The thing is – it’s actually REALLY scary.  But I don’t think moving away is realistic.  Of course we don’t want to die, but stuff happens everywhere.  Plus, we LOVE it here!  Once the buzz here died down a bit (it was the only thing anyone talked about for days!), Casey and I went into problem solving mode, and had some good conversations about how to prepare, what we would do, etc. – assuming it does happen while we’re here.  Casey did a ton of research and put together an extensive emergency kit, so I’m feeling good that we’ve done all we can do at this point.  Until then, we’re going to enjoy the beautiful landscape here and hope it doesn’t all wash away into the ocean someday.


Okay, switching gears!  On my last post someone asked me for an update on the dogs, and it made me realize I hadn’t said much about them in a while.  That’s not intentional and doesn’t mean anything more than I just don’t blog as often, and when I do it tends to be more focused on a particular topic (that rarely pertains to dogs!). 

But the dogs are great.  They are both getting older, which is hard to accept.  Huey will be TWELVE (!) at the end of the summer, and Indy is almost ten.  They both still have the energy level of puppies, and they are loving summer and so much time spent outside chasing birds and eating all my ripe strawberries and tomatoes. 


Ever since the aggression issues we dealt with back in December 2013, we’ve continued to keep them separated more than before, but it’s second nature for all of us now.  The dogs are happy getting more individual attention, and actually seem less stressed and anxious now that they aren’t competing so much.  They both get lots of snuggles and walks and on some days they drive me totally insane, and other days I can’t imagine life without them.  Usual stuff.

Onto food – I posted this on Instagram a few days ago, but I wanted to show you guys one of our favorite meals these days.  We call it “salsa bowls” and we eat it at least once a week. 


I make brown rice in the rice cooker, and then cook up some sort of vegetable medley from whatever we have on hand.  This particular bowl had a mixture of swiss chard and yellow squash (both from our garden – update on that coming soon!!) mixed with red onion, mushrooms, fresh corn, and black beans.  Then we top the bowls with cherry tomatoes, diced avocado, shredded cheese (and sometimes greek yogurt), and gobs and gobs of salsa.  It is the bomb. 

We’re also doing lots of grilling!  Tons of corn on the cob, grilled squash, sliced portabellas, endless field roast, and homemade veggie burgers.  Casey made a new version of our favorite veggie burgers last weekend, and I want him to remake them and measure the ingredients this time so I can share them.  The had salsa in them, and were insane!

Alright, off to pick Cullen up from school and go see what Graham has been up to this morning.  Back with another post toward the end of the week – hope your week is off to a great start!

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