Dinner Deliveries & Work-Life Changes!

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron.

It’s that time of year!  Time for budgeting and fitness goals and resolutions galore.  I kept my goals super realistic this year – to get our household operating under a reasonable, maintainable budget and to get our lives well set up to best welcome our new little one in the spring.  Of course part of preparing for a new  baby is also taking care of myself.  I’m back to barre3 regularly, which feels good – and I’m trying to really be conscious of healthy, mindful eating now that I’m not feeling quite so nauseous. 

We’ve had some major changes on the work front recently.  Casey ended up being presented with a great job offer unexpectedly, so we made the decision to have him take that opportunity for a lot of reasons.  But of course, we also have a family business!  So now yours truly is managing that, which has been a very big change for me.  I’m working regular hours managing our brewery, our staff, our orders, our production – all of it.  Life feels very chaotic but it’s also really fun and I’m finding the work to be really rewarding.

That said, I’m also falling behind in areas where I used to have more time to do household things.  The cleaning situation is not great, and laundry piles up and has to be dealt with on weekends now.  I am relying heavily on the Amazon Fresh pickup option for groceries, as all the time for simple errands has essentially disappeared.  My hat is off to all the working parents out there – especially the double households. 

Since it’s not easy to get to the grocery as much as before, I’m trying to plan ahead and be organized with food, while still being as healthy and budget conscious as possible.  I don’t want to fall into a trap where we are getting takeout every other night!  Here are a few of the things we are doing to keep healthy meals regularly rotating into our kitchen!

First up, no surprise – Blue Apron!  Meal planning is also one of those things that falls under the category of never gonna happen – so having someone else pick and choose meals for us is both welcomed and invited.  Creativity in the kitchen is quite low right now.  So I’ve been doing Blue Apron boxes every couple of weeks in order to mix things up and make meals easy.  The box we got this week has been amazing!

The first meal I made was a Sweet & Sour Vegetable Stir-Fry with Fried Eggs & Peanuts.  Funny enough, I had actually forgotten I had ordered a Blue Apron box until it showed up on my porch.  So my plan for that night was to get takeout from one of my favorite restaurants because I was feeling super lazy and uninspired.  My go-to meal from there is a veggie rice bowl that comes with a fermented egg on top (SO GOOD).  But I went to check the mail and saw my Blue Apron box sitting on the porch, and when I opened it and saw this first recipe I immediately canceled my takeout order and got to cooking. 

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