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    A Look Back.

Afternoon Chatter.

Hi, it’s me!  How have you guys been?  I’m just going to ramble today.  I hope that’s okay!

We’re having such a mild winter this year.  We’ve had so little rain, and what has felt like weeks and weeks of sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s.  It is insanity, and I love every bit of it.  We are out strolling every single day.


I am so grateful for these unseasonable temperatures, as the fresh air has really recharged me these last few weeks.  I feel happier, lighter, and so excited for the seasons that are coming.  Although I will admit, this warm winter has me somewhat scared of what this means for a summer with no air conditioning!  Do they still make those little fans you can wear on a string around your neck?

The boys have reached that pivotal stage I have been working toward for sixteen (!) long months – happily playing together and truly enjoying each other’s company (most of the time).


Now of course, there is still plenty of shoving, shouting over favorite cup choices, and the daily battle of who gets to go down the steps first.  But in between there is a lot of laughter and more opportunities for me to catch my breath, which has been wonderful.

Last summer was fun because – it was summer! – but it was also really challenging because Graham was in that wiggly stage of wanting to move, crawl, climb, eat sand/mulch, and not be held, and it made it really hard for me to get out to the beaches/parks/zoo as much as we have in the past.  These days Graham is sixteen months going on three years old, and he keeps up easily with his big brother.  He is going to be trouble for sure.  I cannot wait to spend sun up to sun down outside, covered in sunscreen, sand, dirt, and everything else we can get our hands into.

This morning I took both boys to the zoo in the wagon, and they absolutely loved it.  It was the first time that I felt like I had two “big” kids, and you know what?  It was awesome.  I love babies because they are squishy and perfect and snuggly.  But bigger kids are so much easier and – in my opinion – more enjoyable because we can DO so much more!


The pups are getting lots of outside time too, which they are loving.  Now that our days are getting longer, I’m able to walk them later and longer into the evening.  I find that I really look forward to those walks, as it’s the only true quiet of my whole day.  I think about how much I focused on them before the kids came along, and of course there is the guilt that now there is just never enough, for anyone really.  But I like our walks because it’s a chance for me to love on the dogs without any other distractions.  Their grey hairs seem to have snuck up on me.  Huey is eleven now, and Indy will be nine next week.  Everyone is growing up too quickly.


The other big THING of life right now is that some of our dearest friends just moved away.  I’ve known it was coming since last September, and I’m not sure if all that time has made it easier or harder to process.  Katie was my “person” – the one I called when I had mastitis and a 103 temperature and couldn’t even hold my own baby, who drove to my house at 5am and picked up Cullen and saw me writhe on the ground in the throws of labor, who invited us to dinner so many times when Casey was away, and the first person to hold Graham besides me or Casey.  She is a dear, dear friend, and while I know she’ll still remain very close, Seattle feels a bit emptier without her.

And while I have dealt with my own sadness and grief over saying goodbye to them, the true heartbreak has been for Cullen.  Of course, I don’t know that he actually feels that yet, or even if he will – kids are so quick to move forward.  But he and his buddy have done so much together, and I love how happy he always is when they are together.


We spent this past weekend helping them move.  All day Saturday was packing and loading the truck.  My job was to keep the kids entertained and out of the path of furniture and boxes.  How fitting that the boys showed up in matching outfits.  I love them so much!

Once the house was all packed up, they came back to our house for their final night in Seattle – and the three year olds had their first sleepover!  They were both so wiped out from a full day of playing with zero naps, and they were asleep within ten minutes.  I didn’t hear a peep until 6am, and then I watched them on the monitor – singing, chatting, trading stuffed animals, and looking through books together until 7am (when Cullen’s blue light turned off).  Total cuteness overload, and it made me really excited for future trips when we go visit!

I have never been good with change or goodbyes.  I’ve thought a lot about this in the past few months and weeks.  In the past, I’ve done a lot of crying, a lot of wallowing, and I’ve been paralyzed with regret and longing.  This time around, although there have still been plenty of tears, I tried really hard to focus on and be grateful for all that I do have – instead of wrapped up in what I was losing.

I have some really amazing friends here in Seattle.  Many moves and many moons ago when we first packed our lives up into a U-Haul and left Cincinnati, I could have never, ever imagined myself loving a life out on the west coast, and surrounded by an incredible group of people I consider to be family.  And while I’m sad to see a few of our good friends go, I am so grateful for all the wonderful people we still have here.  And now we have a new spot in Oregon to go visit!

Speaking of, I’m really hoping to explore a big chunk of the Northwest this year.  We’ve been here almost four years now, and there is still so much outside of Seattle we haven’t seen yet.  This summer, we have trips planned to Lake Chelan, WA, Cannon Beach, OR, and Bend, OR.  At some point I’d love to get to the Olympic Peninsula and British Columbia!

Alright, this nap time stretch is over so that’s enough rambling for today.  I still need to give you some final thoughts on the Barre3 challenge, and tell you about ClassPass – something I’m trying out this month!  Hope you are all having a great week.  Talk soon!

Friday FanFest Fun.

Happy Friday, my friends!!  It’s been a quiet week here in blog-land, but my house feels like it hasn’t been quiet in a long time.  I’ve been distracted by life, and I feel like I haven’t shared what we’ve been up to on a closer level in so long.  That hasn’t really been intentional, but anyway – I feel distant!

So what’s up with you guys!?  Things are going really well here.  We just left a stretch of weeks (or was it months?) that were kind of rough – both boys at difficult ages, and often directly at odds with each other.  So much yelling, crying, pushing, and coffee.  So little napping and listening. And now the clouds have parted (for now), and I feel slightly sane again.


These days – right now – the boys are so so so much fun.  Cullen is through his (what I’m sure was the first of many) threenager phase, and I am loving that he has become such a little boy.  There is nothing toddler about him – he is just a tiny adult running around with superhuman strength, a long lanky body I barely recognize, and teenager drama and emotions.

Graham is 15 months old now, and has entered what I consider to be the most fun stage of toddler-hood.  He is learning all sorts of words, and nods his head wildly when asked if he wants snacks, milk, or to read another book.  He is frighteningly agile and strong, and he can climb anything and everything.  He is ridiculously attached to me, and has an epic meltdown if I am more than an arm’s length away or if anyone else dares to pick him up. 

Together, they are nothing but trouble.  Mealtimes are a thing of my nightmares.  They conspire to bang on the table, throw food, and shout louder than the other.  Every meals ends in the threat to send one of them into the dining room to eat alone.  They are also impossibly sweet.  My heart explodes when I see Cullen pass Graham a bunny cracker in the backseat without me prompting him.  Graham follows Cullen around all day long with giant puppy dog eyes, and he is quite certain he is also three.  Cullen spends his whole day trying to get Graham to laugh or chase him.  Nothing fills up my heart quite like a lap full of boys who just want to read and snuggle for one more book.


With the holidays long behind us and Casey’s travel slowed down for a while, we’ve had lots of time to enjoy evenings and weekends as a foursome, and it has been a breath of fresh air.  Last weekend, we took part in an awesome Seattle event – Mariners FanFest

IMG_7407 (640x427)

My husband and my kids are all obsessed with baseball.  Sure, part of it is that Cullen (and now Graham) has been exposed to it a lot, since it’s something that Casey and I both really enjoy.  But he’s also taken soccer class, swimming lessons, and tried plenty of other sports and games.  Baseball is his first true love.

IMG_7410 (427x640)

FanFest was a baseball lover’s dream.  The whole stadium was open to fans (for just $10! and kids were free!) and they had all sorts of cool “experiences” and baseball things to do.  Since we were walking all over the ballpark for several hours, I figured the stroller would be a huge pain (so many steps!).  My little slugger hung out happily on my back in the Ergo while we cruised around. 

IMG_7416 (427x640)

Cullen got to run the bases and I tried not to cringe when he did a huge slide in the dirt as he got to second base. 

IMG_7436 (426x640)

Such a cool perspective to be down on the field.  These two kill me!

IMG_7445 (640x427)

Got to hang out in the Mariners dugout…

IMG_7453 (425x640)

Before we left, I asked Cullen if he wanted to wear his baseball glove to the park (like he usually does for games).  He insisted that he wanted both his glove and his bat, and when Casey and I tried to protest the bat, he burst into tears insisting, “I might get to hit the ball and their bats will all be too heavy and I won’t be able to dooooo itttttt!”  And so, we brought a bat. 

IMG_7454 (427x640)

And he was totally right.  Well played, kid. 

IMG_7646 (427x640)

And that glove came in handy when we got to go into the outfield and play catch!  If I had to guess who had the most fun, I’d probably say Casey. 

IMG_7470 (426x640)

Graham was turned loose and ran wild, loving all those bright lights and the open green space. 

IMG_7494 (427x640)

This was his first time in our tiny hand-me-down jersey, and I could not stop laughing at him.  Out of control cuteness.

IMG_7517 (427x640)

IMG_7552 (640x426)

IMG_7575 (425x640)

Like I said before, these two are just at really fun ages right now, and I am so loving being a mama to two boys.  I don’t have any brothers myself, so this is new territory for me.  It is terrifying, exhilarating, and so completely adorable. 

IMG_7636 (427x640)

Before we left, we took one more trip around the bases before Graham conked out.

IMG_7689 (427x640)

IMG_7700 (425x640)

And after searching high and low, we found the Moose!  It was the one thing Cullen asked about all day long, so we were very happy to see him just as we got ready to leave.  Meltdown avoided!

IMG_7712 (427x640)

A totally fun family day, and a fun break in the winter dreariness that has me so excited for summer nights at the ballpark. 

Have a great weekend!  GO SEAHAWKS!!!

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