How To Make Oatmeal in A Rice Cooker.

Now that I’ve come clean about my love affair with my rice cooker, it’s probably time for me to show you my very favorite way to use it.  Say what you want about it, but I just can’t get behind rolled oats anymore.  I used to think they were wonderful and creamy, until I found the real deal…

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Steel cut oats rock my world, and my breakfast.  Steel cut oats are essentially chopped up whole oat groats, which mean that they are a lot less processed, and they retain the whole oat kernel and all its good vitamins and minerals.  (Although there is nothing nutritionally bad about rolled oats either – they are just more processed!)  The texture of these oats can’t be beat – perfect chewy and nuttiness, with a creamy base that holds it all together.

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The downside of steel cut oats is that they take a LOT longer to cook than traditional rolled oats.  I can’t imagine having the time to make these on the stovetop each morning (about 35-40 minutes!).  Enter the rice cooker – the solution to so many of life’s problems.

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For the two of us, I typically measure out 3/4 cup dry steel cut oats.  The recommended serving is 1/4 cup, so we each eat 1.5 servings as our breakfast – we are HUNGRY!

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Dump the dry oats straight into the rice cooker bowl.

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One of the most common questions I get about making my oatmeal in the rice cooker is, “What about all my fun mix-ins?”  Never fear, my friends – your mix-ins are safe in the rice cooker.  For our daily batch, I usually add one diced banana…

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Along with chia seeds, hemp seeds, sweeteners – you name it.  Seasonally, I also add canned pumpkin or diced apple – delicious! 

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The only thing you need to consider when adding mix-ins is whether or not you need to adjust your water content.  I have found that bananas don’t really affect the water level, but if using apples (which have a high moisture level), you’ll want to reduce the water level just a bit – maybe by 1/4 cup.

So speaking of water, the recommended ratio for steel cut is 1/4 dry oats to 1 cup water.  So for our 3/4 cup, I add 3 cups water.

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Poured straight on top of the oats – mix-ins and all!  It will seem like a LOT of water, but I assure you it’s the correct amount. 

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The most complicated part of this entire process is making sure you push the right button.  Steel cut oats need to be cooked on the PORRIDGE setting!  Anything else and you will regret it – take my word for it!

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Now here’s the thing, the rice cooker doesn’t save you any actual TIME, if time is of the essence.  The porridge setting actually takes longer than the stovetop.  But the beauty lies in the fact that you can set it up, walk away, and come back when it’s perfectly finished. 

There is also the life-saving TIMER function.  Typically I set these up at night before bed, and then come down to breakfast waiting for me in the kitchen.  But if you set them up early in the morning, you have time to head off on a glorious morning bike ride while your breakfast cooks safely inside your house…

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Afterwards, you will come home to THIS!  On first glance, you will probably think “Oh no!  There is way too much water – it looks all wrong!”

IMG_0535 (640x480)

For some reason the liquid mostly settles on the top, but one quick stir of a spatula reveals that you actually have perfectly cooked, creamy delicious oatmeal hiding underneath.  Mix-ins included!

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Transfer the rice cooker bowl to your serving surface…

IMG_0539 (478x640)

And dish out your delicious breakfast.  Ready and waiting for toppings!

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This morning’s toppings of choice included Trader Joe’s reduced sugar strawberry preserves, slivered almonds, and coconut butter.

IMG_0541 (640x475)

Can you tell how perfect and creamy they are?

IMG_0549 (640x480)

I have a bowl like this pretty much every single day – even in the summer!

IMG_0544 (640x476)

Peanut butter, move over – coconut butter is my new obsession.  It is soooo rich and creamy and has a flavor unlike anything else I’ve tasted.

IMG_0542 (640x480)

IMG_0547 (640x465)

Hard to believe that a breakfast this decadent came from the single push of a button!

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Now, who wants oatmeal?  YUM.