Our House: Bathroom & Living Room Tours

As more and more empty boxes make their way out the recycling bin, I thought it was only fair to continue to show you the progress we’re making in our new home.  You guys have assured me that you really DO want to see detailed pictures of exciting things like our bathroom.  Hopefully this post doesn’t make you change your mind!

Behold – my favorite room in the house!  The vanity side has a wall to wall granite counter top that is soooo beautiful and easy to keep clean.  Our old bathroom had cheapo laminate and disgusting off-white countertops that always looked filthy, no matter how much you cleaned them.  I’m trying to keep this countertop as clutter-free and clean as possible!

IMG_0148 (469x640)

The other nice thing about the giant vanity is all the storage – so much that we have his and hers sides!  I am actually really good about not having an overly girly or frilly decorating style, but the bathroom is my one indulgence.  In fact is is the only room in the house where we have any pink at all.

IMG_0140 (480x640)

For whatever reason, I cannot stop myself from wanting to display my makeup on beautiful ruffled cake stands.

IMG_0141 (480x640)

I am a slave to Bare Escentuals eye shadow.  I can’t help myself.  (And it looks like I have the perfect spot for one more!)

IMG_0142 (479x640)

Pretty brushes in – what else? – tiny ball jars.  As long as makeup is clean and displayed nicely, I think it’s fine to set it out in plain view.

IMG_0143 (480x640)

The other side of the bathroom houses this amaaaaaaaaaazing Jacuzzi soaking tub.  (Still haven’t hung our pictures on the walls yet!)

IMG_0144 (640x474)

Gorgeous views with pretty pink flowers just outside the window.

IMG_0145 (461x640)

And more pretty pink flowers just IN-side the window!  This is my one remaining table arrangement from my wedding – my mom literally spent months making 20 of these with nothing but paper, wire, and her bare hands.  So gorgeous, and it brings back such fun memories.

IMG_0146 (471x640)

Next to the tub we have our glorious stand-up shower.  I love having just glass walls and no shower curtain or liner to get slimy and gross.  Also love the dual shower heads – feels like I’m in a spa!

IMG_0147 (480x640)

Leaving the bathroom for more civilized parts of the house, we can head down the staircase to our sun-filled living room.  I am SO excited about how well it has come together.

To the left side, we have our seating and living area.  We are still shopping for something fabulous to put on the wall behind the couch – any suggestions?

IMG_0153 (640x458)

IMG_0154 (640x475)

On the right side is our big bookshelf /
TV area.  Also still shopping for a lampshade for the headless lamp in the corner (a victim of the moving truck.)

IMG_0156 (640x472)

In moving to a smaller space, I have found that I appreciate each and every square inch much more than I did before.  Rather than use our old TV stand, which served no purpose other than to hold a TV, we used these bookshelves as a multi-function entertainment unit and storage space. 

IMG_0160 (470x640)

I tried to incorporate a mix of things that are useful with things that make us happy. 

IMG_0158 (640x479)

Things that are important and relevant.

IMG_0164 (640x478)

People we love to see every day, even if just in pictures.

IMG_0165 (640x480)

Things that are both pretty AND useful.

IMG_0168 (462x640)

And things that are simply just pretty…

IMG_0166 (640x477)

IMG_0159 (477x640)

And if you peek through the top of the front door you can see a flutter of Old Glory

IMG_0161 (640x480)

Finally, on the inside wall we have a glorious (working) wood-burning fireplace!  I won’t bore you with the story of the fireplace in our last house – lets just say it involved a giant wasp nest and an emergency effort to board it up on Christmas Eve.  Let’s hope this one is a little more friendly to us.

IMG_0162 (478x640)

And just down the hall, a sneak peek into the glory that is the kitchen.  But that one will have to wait for a post all of its own.

IMG_0163 (478x640)

This house is definitely starting to feel like a home.  What is your favorite room of the house?  Any bathroom fans out there like me?