Week 10: My Pregnancy Journey.

It’s weekly update time, and once again I am late!  Even though this is my official 10 week update, I’m actually 10 weeks and 5 days today, and I have discovered since getting pregnant that every day most definitely counts.

How Big is the Baby?

The grape just keeps on growing!  I have two different sources I consult for my weekly “your baby is as a big as a ____” updates, and this week they didn’t agree.  One says the grape has become a prune, and the other is telling me that he/she is the size of a kumquat!  Since kumquats are hard to come by in Virginia in March, we’re going to go with the less exotic prune option. 

IMG_8641 (640x427)

Yep, I went and bought prunes just for the occasion!  I suspect they will be in my fridge now for the next ten years.

How I’m Changing

This is the first week that I feel really puffy and bloated, instead of empty and hollow.  I will credit that to finally feeling much much better and actually eating again!  I’ve regained the pound or two that I lost during last week’s sickness, and I feel like my clothes are tugging a little more than they were last week.  At some point I plan to write a long post about weight gain and pregnancy, and all the emotions that come with that.

The only other physical change I have noticed recently is my insane sense of smell.  Seriously, I smell any and everything.  I feel like I should team up with a crime fighting unit or something to put my new super senses to work.  Although apparently some of these are also phantom smells, which my doctor confirmed is very common.  I have made multiple accusations that Casey smells like bacon.  He denies this wholeheartedly. 

IMG_8643 (427x640)

What I’m Eating

Happy to report that I actually ate a vegetable last night – roasted carrots!  While my appetite has returned, I’m still not really drawn to much beyond carbs right now.  Cold cereal has made an emergence this week, along with delicious fresh strawberries!  On two separate evenings, I felt so good that I wanted to cook a full meal.  One night we had spaghetti with olive oil and sun dried tomatoes, and then next was barbecued tofu, brown rice, and green peas – yum!

IMG_8589 (640x427)

I have also developed an alarming fondness for Ginger-O cookies…

IMG_8642 (425x640)

How I’m Feeling

Much MUCH better.  Last Thursday and Saturday were my two worst days of pregnancy to date, with almost constant sickness.  But ever since I have felt better and better each day.  I even headed back to the gym this week for some elliptical and weight lifting – felt great to be active again, and I can only hope it continues. 

I’m also having a lot of trouble sleeping, which is weird considering how tired I am.  I find that I’m waking up a lot throughout the night and having strange dreams.  Even though I have no bump or physical signs of pregnancy yet, I’m just sort of uncomfortable all the time.  Luckily I am blessed with a great husband who gives me backrubs!

And last but certainly not least, my emotions are OUT of control!  We had another unexpected major life change pop up this week (more on that tomorrow), and I have been an anxious emotional mess.  These hormones are making it so that even the smallest things get the waterworks going.  Last night I started sobbing over a cat food commercial.  Seriously, it was for Fancy Feast.  Have you seen it – the “will you marry me” tag on the new kitten?  Sniff. 

I’m so excited to finally be in the double digits, and close to the end of my first trimester – the weeks were craaaawling at the beginning, but they are already feeling like they are flying by!  Grow baby, grow!

IMG_8640 (640x427)