Second Prenatal Visit Surprises!

We have had such a fun morning!  Today was my long anticipated second prenatal appointment, and even though we had all good news at our last visit, I was still really nervous and anxious to hear that everything was still going well.

We decided back when we first found out I was pregnant, that we would go to all of the prenatal appointments together.  I love how interested and involved Casey has been in my pregnancy, and even though I was already obsessed with him, I think it’s brought us even closer together.  It is so much more fun to have him there with me so that we can experience it all together!

After we got to the doctor’s office, I weighed in and peed in a cup, and then we met with the doctor to talk about how things were going.  The first question he asked was whether or not we wanted to do the Down Syndrome test.  I have read a lot about genetic testing – what to do, if you should do it, what it means, etc.  After talking it over with Casey, we both agreed that we would like to have as much information as possible.

Whether or not to do genetic testing is such a personal and emotional decision.  For us, we wanted to make sure we were prepared.  If we did (or do) find out that our baby is at risk for any potential problems, it won’t affect anything we will do differently, but it will help us to plan for any additional needs that may arise down the road.  Being so far away from family in Seattle, we want to make sure we have the best support system possible for our little one!

I will admit that I was also further swayed in the direction of the Down Syndrome test when I heard there was an additional ultrasound involved.  Another chance to see the baby swimming around?  Yes please!

This was my first ultrasound done externally (the first one was done vaginally – that was kind of a shocker).  My stomach got all lubed up with cold goo, and the doctor pressed a probe onto my belly as the images appeared.  I know it sounds ridiculous since we’ve already heard the heartbeat and seen the first images, but I was still surprised to see the baby still growing in there!  Since I can’t feel it inside of me yet, I always feel a little worried that something might be off.  The pictures that he brought up on the screen were in 3D, and literally blew us away!!

IMG_2815 (640x480)

Holy crap – that is a BABY!  We could see arms, legs, spinal bones, facial features, and more.  It was amaaaaaaazing, and we were both grinning ear to ear asking about all the different parts.  I also couldn’t believe how much the little one was MOVING!  So weird to think there is a party going on in there, but I can’t feel a thing.

IMG_2816 (640x480)

The doctor did all the measurements for the Down Syndrome test and said everything looks healthy and perfect – what great news!  And then came the part that we were absolutely NOT expecting.  He asked us if we wanted to know the gender…

We were both so shocked!  I was under the impression that we wouldn’t know the gender until our 20 week appointment, and here I was at only 13 weeks being offered early information!  Immediately we both said YES!

We decided long ago that we would definitely find out the gender of the baby ahead of time.  I know that people typically feel very strongly about this on both sides of the argument.  For me personally, I think that knowing who to expect and planning for our specific little person will help me feel more connected to the baby, and prepared for his/her arrival.  I am a control freak and like to have as much information as possible!

So the doctor moved the scope around to show us this image of what is basically the baby sitting on top of the camera.  That blob on the left is a baby butt (so cute!), with a leg on the left, a leg on the right, and a big white spot in the middle.  Me being clueless STILL hadn’t caught on and said, “so what does that mean?”  The doctor told us that at this point, he could say with 85% certainty that we are having a BABY BOY

IMG_2817 (640x476)

I was completely stunned, and we both just kept staring at each other and smiling.  I was absolutely convinced up until this point that I would have a girl, and I am SO so surprised to find out that there is a little boy in there.  To say that I am excited is such an understatement.  All of this suddenly feels very real, and I am already feeling very protective and madly in love with my little boy.  Of course the results are not 100% conclusive, and there is a chance that the image might actually be an umbilical cord, but it’s good enough for me for now!

I am one of three girls, my mom is one of three girls, my grandmother is one of two girls, and Casey’s mom is one of three girls!  I literally cannot believe my sister and I are BOTH having BOYS just three months apart.  How fun.

Finding out the (likely) gender was a huge surprise, and has left me beaming all morning.  But even better was seeing the amazing images of the little guy dancing around in there, with his strong heart beating away, and all his little arms and legs flailing about.  This feels real.  This is happening.

IMG_2820 (640x480)

I am feeling so emotional and can’t stop thinking about all the possibilities.  Picturing Casey with a little baby boy in his arms literally brings me to tears.  We celebrated by spending the afternoon working at Buzz Bakery, where I enjoyed a peanut butter cookie the size of my face. 

IMG_2821 (640x483)

What an exciting and wonderful way to start our day!  I have finally stopped feeling sad about leaving Virginia, and am looking forward to getting to Seattle so that we can start building a new life to bring our baby into!  Time to start thinking about names and nursery themes…