Home Life: A Kitchen Tour.

Okay, okay you win.  You guys keep emailing and commenting that you want to see more of our new house.  It still feels really unsettled and needs a lot more paint, but I’ll share a bit of what we have so far.  I probably won’t do a full house tour, but I’m happy to share a few of our favorite spots.  It comes as no surprise that one of those is – the kitchen!

IMG_3159 (640x423)

The kitchen was a major selling point for this house, and honestly I still can’t believe that it’s mine.  It is big and gorgeous and I feel lucky to cook in it every single day!  Let’s dive right into the tour…

The wall closest to the entry is what I keep referring to as “the business center.”  Not sure why I feel the need to give the spot for bananas and cell phone chargers such a formal name, but here she is…

IMG_3162 (640x427)

It’s pretty much the landing zone for all our crap – mail, keys, sunglasses, camera, loose change, pacifiers, etc.  There are some cabinets above that are currently housing our cookbooks, at least until I find a better way to display and organize them.

IMG_3161 (427x640)

Moving right along – next to the business center is our fridge.  When we looked at this house, this space was empty.  But we were able to negotiate and have the seller add one before we moved in.  I was so so excited to get a French door fridge!

IMG_3163 (427x640)

Bursting with food right now.  I spent three hours going to two different grocery stores yesterday.  No one is allowed to complain that there is nothing to eat.

IMG_3165 (640x420)

Next to the fridge is our gigantic pantry.  I have never had a pantry in my entire life!  I wasted no time filling it up…

IMG_3166 (416x640)

We have lived in really small spaces for a few years, and storage has always been a big issue.  I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who stockpiles pantry goods, but have never had the space to do so.  Now I do one big pantry stock-up trip each month, getting all the grains, canned goods, oils, etc. that we need.  It’s so nice to be able to buy extra!

All our grains and dry goods are still in ball jars.  I am really testing the weight limit of this shelf.

IMG_3167 (640x423)

Above that is canned goods.  I try to always have a variety of beans on hand, as well as soups for fast lunches.

IMG_3169 (640x419)

Right inside the door, you’ll find all my oils and vinegars.  I’m in and out of this area all the time, so I wanted it to be as accessible as possible.

IMG_3171 (640x418)

You may remember from our previous kitchens in both Old Town and Fremont, we had some metal shelves with our spice racks hanging below.  The shelves aren’t really needed anymore since we have the pantry space, but I didn’t want to lose the easy organization of all my most frequently used spices.  I bought two small bars and hung the spice racks on the inside of the pantry door – works perfectly!

IMG_3175 (427x640)

The middle of the kitchen is taken up by a gigantic center island, complete with gas cooktop!

IMG_3177 (427x640)

The stove looks out over the living room, which is really great for keeping an eye on Cullen, or just talking with Casey while I cook.  Cooking here gives me culinary school flashbacks. 

IMG_3179 (640x421)

Underneath the stove, I have room for taller appliances that don’t fit into shelves.  I also have my most frequently used sauté pans here for easy access. 

IMG_3197 (640x395)

The island also houses a few big drawers.  Cullen has just started pulling up on drawers and trying to discover what’s inside.  I filled the lowest ones with baby-friendly things like bottles and dishtowels.  He loves opening this one and throwing all the bottles on the ground.

IMG_3198 (415x640)

On the back counter, I have my cutting board station directly across from the stove.  This makes it easy to chop veggies and then add them to pots and pans quickly.  I always have oil, salt, and pepper out on the counter.

IMG_3202 (640x426)

The far side of the kitchen houses our oven and microwave, along with the dishwasher and coffee station.  The cabinet above the coffee maker holds all our mugs, coffee, filters, and other coffee accessories.  I love having a dedicated space for all that stuff.

IMG_3180 (424x640)

We have a good amount of counter space, but I still tried to prioritize which appliances would stay out, and which ones would get shelved.  Making the final cut – the rice cooker, juicer, Vitamix, toaster, and Soda Stream.  We use all of these almost daily, and it’s great to not have to lug them out each time.

We also have a nice DEEP sink!  You can’t even tell from this photo that it’s actually full of dishes.  Quite literally a dirty secret.

IMG_3182 (640x422)

Perhaps my favorite feature of all – pull out trash cans!  So simple, yet so convenient.  I love having separate cans for trash and recycling, and these are tucked away from curious dogs and babies.

IMG_3199 (409x640)

Here’s the full picture.  We usually have a big vase of flowers on the center island, but we didn’t make it to the farmer’s market last week.  Cullen loves to do laps around this island!

IMG_3196 (640x427)

Beyond the kitchen, we have a pretty open floor plan.  The kitchen looks out onto our living room, which is next on our list of rooms to paint.  I’d like to get some color in here to liven it up a little!  We also haven’t hung anything on the walls yet (the mirror is temporarily propped up there).

IMG_3184 (640x425)

The other side of the living room holds the TV, and a console table full of baskets that Cullen loves to climb and pull down. 

IMG_3185 (640x423)

Behind the living room is our sunny dining room!  We stayed up several nights last week past midnight getting this room painted and finished.  I love the burnt orange color – it makes the white trim really stand out.

IMG_3193 (640x427)

The dining room leads out onto our patio and yard.  I think Huey would like to be let outside.

IMG_3191 (640x425)

And of course, the focal point of any young household – a jumperoo!  This giant hunk of plastic is centered right in our living space, but it’s only temporary and it serves a good purpose.  It’s not like we’re trying to pretend there is no baby living here!

IMG_3194 (640x422)

So there you have it – our kitchen and living space.  It’s still a work in progress.  Like I said, I’d like to add more color and accents, but that will come with time and savings. 

My hope is to show you Cullen’s nursery sooner than later, but that means I have to decide where to hang things on the walls.  It’s been a month and I’m still over-thinking it!  Maybe this weekend…