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    A Look Back.

Cullen’s First Birthday Party.

This weekend was filled with celebration!  I’m a serious procrastinator by nature, so I think I’m still sort of in shock that I managed to plan, prepare, and execute this birthday party.  Most of the planning and prep had to be done a few weeks ahead of time, since we were traveling the week before the party.  But we did it, and we all survived, and even better – we had a blast.

IMG_9690 (640x421)

We arrived home from DC in the wee hours of Thursday morning.  I spent that day recovering from travel, doing endless loads of laundry, making a huge grocery run, and finishing up last minute crafts.  Thursday night, my mom arrived!

IMG_9648 (640x427)

I never could have pulled off this party without her.  She planned a mean birthday party back in the day, so she totally jumped right into party prep mode with me.  We spent all day Friday cooking, crafting, cleaning, and decorating.

IMG_9513 (640x420)

When I first started thinking about Cullen’s party, I found the idea of it to be sort of overwhelming.  A lot of people go really over the top with first birthday parties these days (thank you, Pinterest).  Eventually I decided to stop worrying about a complicated theme and my lack of craftiness, and to just focus on my strengths instead. 

Things I am not good at:  sewing, paper flower-making, painting, and drawing.  Things I am good at:  organizing, cooking, documenting, and visualizing. 

IMG_0786 (640x427)

I kept it really simple – a “first birthday” theme of colors, that I tried to carry throughout the party.  I also added in some festive fall elements, like the party favors for the babies – tis the season!

IMG_9515 (640x427)

One of my favorite things was the photo display behind the cake.  My mom and my mother in law both found pictures of Casey and I eating our first birthday cakes.

IMG_9520 (640x415)

Mine was a big two-layered clown cake, and it looks like I thought it was terrifying.

IMG_9522 (426x640)

Casey had a big chocolate cake all to himself, and it looks like he found it quite tasty. 

IMG_9523 (426x640)

A few weeks ago, I made several test cakes in preparation for the party.  I wanted to make sure the recipe was just right!  I had seen a similar idea on Pinterest, and after finding his first birthday t-shirt, I was inspired to bring it to life. 

IMG_9528 (640x427)

Don’t let the bright colors scare you – it tasted fabulous.  It was a pumpkin spice cake with vegan cream cheese frosting, and I’m planning to get the recipe out to you shortly!

IMG_9529 (427x640)

Saturday morning we were up early doing final party prep!  Cullen’s actual birthday was Sunday, but he shares his big day with one of his baby friends.  Since they were having their party Sunday, I offered to do mine the day before so we could all join in both celebrations.  The house was sparkling and ready to go!

IMG_9532 (640x427)

A month by month birthday banner hung, and cakes set out for display.

IMG_9535 (640x422)

I used our side counter as a “bar” for drinks – apple cider, a variety of beers, sparkling water, and San Pellegrino.  Something for everyone!

IMG_9566 (640x422)

Just before our guests arrived, we set the food out on the dining room table.  As much as I love to cook, I don’t typically do a lot of entertaining of large groups, so menu planning for this size party was challenging.  I wanted to make the food myself, and decided to just do a sampler of some of our favorite fall foods – all things I could make ahead of time, so I could relax and enjoy the party (not be in the kitchen!). 

IMG_0786 (640x427)

Roasted cauliflower tahini salad.

IMG_9574 (427x640)

Roasted sweet potatoes with miso sauce.  These were amazing, and probably the favorite dish at the party.  I’ll be posting the recipe soon – it’s so simple!

IMG_9576 (640x427)

Quinoa with roasted butternut squash and cranberries in maple dressing – a spinoff of this millet recipe

IMG_9577 (640x427)

A sauté of Field Roast veggie dogs, parsnips, and carrots.  (I realized when I set the food out on the table that almost all my dishes were the same color – oops!)

IMG_9579 (640x427)

Marinated mushroom medley – another recipe I’ll be posting soon. 

IMG_9580 (427x640)

And a mixed greens salad with walnuts, pears, and cranberries.  Something fresh and light.

IMG_9593 (640x427)

It was a lot of food and a lot of work, but like I said, food is my thing.  I was happy to make it , and had fun cooking with my mom all day on Friday.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

With the party set up and ready to go, we got the birthday boy dressed and ready for his big celebration!

IMG_9729 (640x427)

For the past few weeks his morning nap has been a bit rocky – he’s working toward dropping down to one nap, but he isn’t doing it consistently yet.  Of course, the morning of his party, he decided he wanted nothing to do with sleep.  I was really worried that he was going to be a huge grump, but luckily he was in a great mood.

IMG_9552 (640x427)

He ended up being up from 6am to 2pm with no nap, and was nothing but smiles the whole time.  Such a big boy!  Oh – for those who have asked, I ordered his first birthday shirt from Etsy.  It was the inspiration for our cake and our party colors! 

IMG_9562 (427x640)

At 11am on the nose, our guests started arriving. 

IMG_0791 (640x427)

In the days leading up to his party, I started to feel really sentimental and emotional about reaching the one year milestone.  I missed our families, and was reminded of how challenging it has been to raise Cullen so far away from our loved ones. It felt strange to be planning a big celebration knowing that family (other than my awesome mom!) wouldn’t be there.

IMG_9598 (640x427)

But I looked around the party during the room, and realized that we ended up having family there after all.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing network of friends here in Seattle, and they really have become a second family to me.  I can’t imagine what this year would have been like without them.

IMG_9599 (640x427)

I feel so incredibly blessed to have such caring and compassionate women in my life.  They have seen Cullen grow from a giant pregnant belly, to a walking, laughing little boy, and they have all been there to help me laugh and cry through the first rocky year.

IMG_0792 (640x427)

With seven babies in the house – ranging from 8 to 19 months, it was total chaos.  Despite the toys I had set out, all attention was on balloons, plastic cups, and paper straws.

IMG_9601 (427x640)

After the babies had partied and the parents had eaten, it was time for cake!  Everyone expected that Cullen would be the one to dive face first into the cake, but I wasn’t so sure.  He’s been a lot pickier about his food lately!

We lit a candle and all sang Happy Birthday…

IMG_0799 (640x427)

He loved having everyone singing and smiling at him – what a goof!

IMG_9612 (640x427)

I blew out his candle because I wasn’t sure he was quite ready for the open flame.

IMG_9613 (640x427)

He went for the icing, but seemed unsure about the sticky green stuff on his hands.  He kept waving his arms trying to shake it off.  Eventually, he thought he’d give it a taste.

IMG_9623 (427x640)

I ended up cutting off some small bites for him, so that he could get a taste of the cake itself.  Once he got to the pumpkin spice part, he seemed to really like it!  He didn’t eat all that much of it, which was fine with me.  He wanted to share with mom and dad once he was finished.

IMG_0833 (640x427)

IMG_0835 (640x427)

IMG_9632 (640x427)

Once his cake was gone, we cut up the rest of the cakes and dug in, while the birthday boy worked the room.

IMG_0861 (427x640)

And after a few hours of partying and playing, the babies were all looking ready for an afternoon nap.  Had to get a lineup picture before everyone headed home!

IMG_0865 (640x424)

It was a wonderful celebration of family and friends, and I think Cullen felt incredibly loved.  It was really special for me to have my mom there – can’t thank her enough for coming!

IMG_9657 (640x427)

Cullen was so pooped afterward that he passed on out on my lap in the glider.  When we moved him to the crib, he snoozed on Casey’s shoulder like a newborn.  I could have let him sleep like that all day.


Until next year!

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Laura     at 7:38 am

It looks like such a lovely party! You did a great job :) Where/how did you make the month-by-month birthday banner? I love that idea (already thinking about my 7 1/2 month-old’s first party). Can’t believe Cullen is one-year old–congrats to you and your husband on a great job :)


Elisabeth     at 7:41 am

Cullen’s first birthday party looks like a huge success! He is so stinkin’ cute in all the pictures & I can’t believe he’s a year old already. Love the matching shirt & cakes, by the way ;)


Caroline     at 7:42 am

The party looks like it was great, and the food looks amazing! I love how happy of a boy Cullen is- it makes for fantastic pictures:) Happy birthday to him!


Kathryn     at 7:44 am

Congrats Emily! I have loved so much reading all your posts this year. I definitely remember checking my twitter and being excited to see that Cullen had (finally) been born! This internet thing is pretty funny, but I really am so happy for your family!


Shanna, like Banana     at 7:44 am

I am dying! What a fabulous job. This is serious cuteness overload.

I’m already having a little anxiety about planning Bean’s 1st bday party –pinterest sure does put on some (unnecessary) pressure.

BTW, Cullen looks a lot like Casey as a baby!


Heather (Heather's Dish)     at 7:48 am

i am IMPRESSED – and totally pinning this for ideas for when Wes turns 1. And let’s be honest, any photo of Cullen always brightens up the day – his smile is so addictive!


lisa fine     at 7:52 am

Emily – I love your dress – it’s so cute. Where’d you get it from?


Lindsay     at 7:52 am

Amazing party planning, Emily. I LOVE his shirt and the pumpkin favor idea. So, so fun. Looks like it was the perfect first birthday celebration :)


Ashley @ LibertyBelles     at 7:58 am

Such a great party! The colors all looked great together – so masculine haha. Also btw, love your dress! Is it from Gap? I feel like I might have seen it but not sure.


Katie @ Soulshine and Sassafras     at 8:03 am

This is adorable!


Erin @ The Grass Skirt     at 8:05 am

The party looked wonderful! I love how Cullen smiled for his cake pictures. They are precious. I cannot wait for that mushroom recipe!


Erica     at 8:06 am

What a gorgeous party! I can’t get over how much Cullen looks like Casey when he was a baby! You did such an amazing job decorating – absolutely one of the best birthday parties I’ve seen!


deva by definition     at 8:10 am

Cullen’s first birthday party looks like it was a lot of fun – I love the colors and the cake, and oh my does Cullen look so much like tiny Casey- that’s so sweet!

I am also a procrastinator, so it’s been weird having to stay so on top of things with our wedding plans for next May. If I don’t, then it won’t get done and I’ll be all crazy come the big day!


Carly @ Snack Therapy     at 8:18 am

What a cute little dude! It looks like he had an awesome party!


Army Amy*     at 8:20 am

What a fantastic party! Looks like you did a great job of pulling everything together. I love the theme with the colors, the shirt, and the cake! Perfect for a 1st birthday party!*


Heather     at 8:20 am

I love that you kept the ‘theme’ to a minimum and let the party speak for itself- a 1 year celebration of your baby boy! Did you bake the cake numbers in pieces and then ice them together?(I’m assuming the ’0′ could have come from some sort of bundt cake pan?).


Emily Malone Reply:

I just did three square pans and then carved the letters. :)


Karina     at 8:23 am

This looks absolutely beautiful! And I love, love the cake and the food… I recently moved places and I am so scared that I won’t meet any new friends in the new city, family so far away – I can totally relate to that. Give your little man a hug!


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 8:28 am

Awesome party, and love all the baby guests! This inspires me to host more often!!


Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries     at 8:29 am

Cullen is seriously SUCH a photogenic little guy! I love all of his smiles and laughs in this post. It looks like you did an incredible job at the food, decorations, and cakes! I really am so impressed!


April     at 8:30 am

Ahhh Emily, my little guy turns 1 on Saturday and i am an emotional wreck! We are throwing a party too and i am ‘worried’ about the nap thing as well. So happy your’s was such a success (of course it was:) And what beautiful pictures (as always!). So precious Cullen is!
Cannot believe it has been a year!!!!!


Christie     at 8:38 am

I love your kid pictures- Cullen look so much like Daddy!

Can’t wait for those recipes- each dish looks delicious!


Caitlin     at 8:59 am

I’m obsessed with the photos of Cullen with his cake in front of him. Such great shots and he looks so handsome!!

It looks like everything turned out great! I’m going to keep my eye out for those recipes, esp. the cake!! Happy Birthday, Cullen!!


Emily Malone Reply:

Those are my favorite pictures too. :)


melissa     at 9:01 am

I said it last post but I have to say it again Cullen is such a beautiful boy the picture of him smiling while singing Happy Birthday so nice


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks Melissa!


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 9:14 am

I love that idea for the cake(s)! It’s so cute! Happy birthday to Cullen! It looks like he is so happy and enjoyed his party.

Also, just as a side note, for some reason when I have tried to click on the comments to post one, weight-loss ads pop up and it takes a few tries to get into the comments section. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem but just thought I’d give you a heads up.


Emily Malone Reply:

Oh no that is horrible! Thanks for letting me know. There shouldn’t be any pop up ads on here.


Brittany Reply:

I wanted to mention that this happened to me as well, just now. It took me 4 clicks to properly get to the comments section. The first 3 clicks opened up a new tab and brought me to a Medifast site toting some sort of diet plan. If it’s helpful to know, I’m using the latest version of Firefox.


Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life)     at 9:16 am

Emily- amazing job on the party! Every detail looked perfect! And most importantly, it looked liek the birthday boy had a ball. Happy 1st birthday Cullen!


Angela     at 9:17 am

Happy (belated) birthday Cullen!! This post is filled woth SO much love. What a lucky boy. :) Clearly, he had a blast. You are both amazing parents! It will be so amazing for you to look back on these pictures some day. The one with the three of you made me a bit misty eyed. hah.


Katie     at 9:24 am

Happy Belated Birthday Cullen! Emily the party looks fabulous! I am glad that your mom was able to come as I am sure she was thrilled to be there as well and that you have made a great group of friends in Seattle. I am looking forward to some more great recipes!


Gina     at 9:36 am

The party looks amazing, and as cute as Cullen is in his shirt I have to say I love YOUR dress. Would you mind saying where you got it?


sharon Reply:

I have this dress & it’s from Old Navy!



Emily Malone Reply:

Yep, that’s it! Thanks! :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Old Navy!


Kaitlyn @ Keeping up with Kaitlyn     at 9:38 am

Looks like such a fun birthday party!! I love the mini pumpkins with the babies names on them! And I absolutely love the month-by-month banner!

I’ve been reading your blog, right before you found out your were pregnant and I seriously can’t believe Cullen is a year old!! Time flies!!


Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength     at 9:41 am

What a great party! I have to admit I’m a little jealous of how crafty and great some of the 1st birthday parties are. Definitely not my strong suit! Great job mommy…and happy birthday C!!


Emily @ Perfection Isn't Happy     at 9:43 am

Everything looked so pretty and organized! I’m glad that everyone had a great time!


Tammy     at 9:50 am

What an amazing birthday party!! Well done!! Love is in the details :)


Tammy Root     at 9:56 am

He is just the cutest boy!! He is ALWAYS happy!! I’m convinced he never cries. ;) Great party planning Emily. I love the banner, the cakes, his outfit, the pumpkins, etc. Nicely done.


Emily Malone Reply:

Haha I wish that was true! :)


Cristen     at 10:07 am

Great 1st birthday party. I think you did things the right way for a little guy. Love his smiling face. It’s as if he knew that it was his love filled day.


Tracie     at 10:07 am

From one nursing mom to another, what would you do if you had to nurse Cullen during the party and you were wearing that dress? Im asking because I also have it and have yet to wear it bc I dont know what I would do about nursing :-)


Emily Malone Reply:

Haha so I’ve finally just gotten to a point where Cullen goes long enough between nursing sessions to get away with something like this. I fed him before the party and before I got dressed (9am), and then he didn’t nurse again til 2pm when the party was over.


Erica @ Coffee & Quinoa     at 10:23 am

Major props to you for throwing a huge party after being out of town! Also, your house is GORGEOUS!


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks Erica!


Paije     at 10:43 am

The party looks amazing! You did an incredible job! I love the month by month banner and the sweet pics of you and Casey as babies. I can’t even handle the pictures of Cullen with his cake – so cute!!

Cannot wait for all the recipes, too!


Katie @ Peace Love & Oats     at 11:02 am

He is SO ADORABLE. Seriously, Cullen is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen, I can’t believe he’s one! I’ve loved watching him grow up over this past year, thank you for sharing him with all of us!


Amber K     at 11:14 am

Such a cute cake! And I love that his shirt matches.


Heather McDowell     at 11:16 am

I just had a little girl last month and am so jealous of your fabulous mom network! How did you meet so many great moms with kids of similar ages to Cullen? I’d love to have a group of girls that I could share my experiences, both good and bad with, and invite to my little Lucy’s first birthday!


Emily Malone Reply:

I was lucky enough to meet most of them when I was pregnant – we’d take walks together. We have stayed friends now with babies the same age!


katie     at 11:34 am

SOO many adorable pics of Cullen and so many awesome ideas (may have to keep a few of those ideas in mind for the future). Love, love, love the month-by-month banner and your dress (which I also want to steal).


Angela     at 11:37 am

What a great time! I think it’s important to focus on doing the parts of a party that you enjoy. Nice job :).


Erin     at 11:52 am

Love the Cullen pictures! He so lucky to have a mom with so much energy and thoughtfulness. He’ll get a kick out of looking at these pictures when he’s older!


Ashley M. [at] (never home)maker     at 12:12 pm

Gorgeous party, Emily! You did a fantastic job. I love that month-by-month banner. We’re planning to do one, too. But I hadn’t seen one like yours. Very cute! I will say I am jealous of all your delicious food. We have this problem that none of our friends/family members are really into vegan/vegetarian foods . . . and no whole foods. SOunds really weird, right? Anyway, we are getting a pizza, and I’m bummed. But we’re cooked in the past and no one eats! Grrr. :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Thank you!! I actually meant to mention (and then forgot) that almost all our guests were vegetarian, which made it so easy. And the meat eaters are pretty used to this type of food – it’s the norm out here. So that made it easy to cook whatever we wanted! Although pizza sounds easier. :)


Michelle@PeachyPalate     at 12:12 pm

Super cute! And love how the cake matched his tshirt!!! Aren’t mums just the best…your one of those wonder women now!


Noelle (@singerinkitchen)     at 12:16 pm

Looks like a GRAND success! Love the pictures!


Cathy     at 12:17 pm

I’m so happy you did a post about the party. The simplest parties are often the best. My daughter’s 2nd birthday was supposed to be a big park party and we got rained out so we did an old school house party with games like hot potato and red light green light and the kids had a blast. Can’t wait for the receipes. :) PS Culler is gorgeous!


Pallavi     at 12:24 pm

Looks like an amazing laid party..exactly the way a one year old’s party should be!

I was curious- how did you make the banner with the pics from each month? My daughter’s first birthday is coming and i wanted to incorporate pics from each month and this seems like such a nice idea.



Emily Malone Reply:

I just measured triangles with a ruler (into cardstock) and cut out 11. Then I made one slightly smaller triangle and cut out 11 more (for the layered look). Then I cut the pictures out using the same method. Strung the whole thing together with twine!


Charity Reply:

Hi Emily, I love the banner and want to do it for my daughter’s first bday next month! Couple questions, what size of cardstock did you use? Can you give me approx sixe of largest triangle? Also, what size of prints are the pictures? Lastly, can you explain how you did the twine? Are the triangles taped to the twine?


Ali @ Peaches and Football     at 12:25 pm

Whoa. That’s a heck of a birthday party for a one year old. You went all out! I really liked the banner with his month-by-month pictures on it. I think that would also look cute in his bedroom.


Hilary     at 12:33 pm

Cullen could not be any cuter and his party looks awesome!!

Please post that vegan icing recipe! My 13 month old can’t do dairy and he absolutely loves pumpkin things. Maybe I can make him his own dessert for Thanksgiving!


Emily Malone Reply:

I’ll have it up soon! :) Hope your babe enjoys it!


eliz@thesweetlife     at 12:38 pm

Your house is gorgeous – and even more so with party decorations!


Emily Malone Reply:



april     at 1:17 pm

You did a wonderful job with that party! Cullen has to be one of the most adorable babies and he looks like he had the best time! I wish you all well for the next year ahead.


Leah @ Chocolate and Wild Air     at 1:23 pm

What a fun party!! Oh my gosh, that butternut squash quinoa and the marinated mushrooms? Holy yum. Those both sound incredible!!


Coco     at 1:38 pm

I love the simplicity of the party decor and colors.. Looks like your well on your way to being one hell of a party thrower!


Zainab     at 1:57 pm

I loved this party! I especially loved that you kept it simple but still beautiful and festive with the focus on the food, the cake and of course Cullen! I think there is often so much pressure to throw a blowout One Year party that parents get overwhelmed. This is exactly the tone I’d like to set for my own sons party 4 months from now.


Lee     at 1:59 pm

You are underestimating your craftiness! That cake, the birthday banner, the streamers, even the matching food! Very crafty. Looks like a great 1st birthday.


Emily Malone Reply:

Haha, thanks Lee. :)


christine jennings     at 2:57 pm

AWE!!!! How wonderful!! It has been so great to share this past year!!! Beautiful pics, love the one with the “little ones” sitting together…that was luck!! He sure has grown!!! Tks again!!!


Christine     at 3:01 pm

Cullen is so adorable!!! He is always smiling and it warms my heart!


Natalie     at 3:12 pm

Hi from Australia, Emily!
I am currently 6 months pregnant and I found your blog when I was seeking advice and solidarity about running and fitness when newly pregnancy.

I can’t tell you how incredibly reassuring and uplifting I have found your voice to be. I can relate to you on so many levels: love for food and cooking, embracing of a healthy lifestyle after slipping in to bad habits during and post-college, love of running and fitness, and, not least, your values and approach around pregnancy and child rearing. So many times i have read your entries and gone “YES! Someone who gets it!” – and who has paved the way for me by example. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you so much!

I’ve been wanting to post a thank you for some time, but it was reading about Cullen’s first birthday party that compelled me to act. I could not agree more about first birthday parties being completely over the top these days. I see friends spend literally hundreds of dollars on some crazy lavish event. Thank you for showing how a beautiful party, with lovely food and special theming and decorations, can still be thrown without going completely nuts.

Yet another example of how I rejoice and celebrate in the oh-so-affirming and reassuring nature of your blog. Thank you for sharing not only your amazing recipes but your life with us – you make my pregnant world a much better place!

Natalie from Hobart, Tasmania


Emily Malone Reply:

Thank you so much, Natalie! This made my day! :)


Amy @Foodie4Healing     at 4:05 pm

I love your party! Especially that little pumpkin favors and the photos of you and Casey w/your 1st cakes. What a great idea! The cake sounds amazing and I can’t wait to get your recipe!
Happy Birthday Cullen!


Shari     at 5:37 pm

What a lovely party! So glad you all had such a special day to remember!


Red Deception     at 6:19 pm

Cullen looks like he had the time of his life! Rarely is there a photo of an unhappy Cullen. He deserved a special first birthday, and you provided that for him. What a wonderful memory!


Brittney     at 9:57 pm

I love everything- it looks great! How did you make the banner ?


Krissy @ Make it Naked     at 5:04 am

Awww. I’ve been waiting for this post :) Happy Birthday Cullen!!


amanda     at 5:13 am

Cullen is so stinkin’ cute! I love the photo where he is cheesin’ and the other little folks look like they might pass out asleep the second the camera flashes. Happy Birthday, Cullen!


Jules     at 8:04 am

What a lovely party and happy baby! I love his face when you are bringing him his cake!


Tiffany L     at 8:45 am

Emily, Great job on all that you made and created for the party! You really planned a lovely party! Feel proud! And, I very much looking forward to the recipes for the delicious looking food you provided!


Paula     at 1:02 pm

Looks like such a great party :)

I had to comment as the wallpaper behind Casey in his picture is the same as some my parents had in their house way back when!


Juliet @ From Teacher to Mom     at 2:19 pm

What a beautiful party! Happy birthday Cullen :)


Emily @ www.main-eats.com     at 4:20 pm

FUN!!! You did such a beautiful job-what a wonderful celebration for your little man! Looks way better than my birthday parties EVER do! : )


Ruth     at 5:09 pm

The party and babies looked adorable! I can’t wait for the recipes, yumm!!


La.     at 9:14 pm

I can’t believe he is ONE!!!? I mean, it just feels time flies. (I’m normally just a lurker but I HAD to comment.) Congrats on your first year of motherhood! SO many changes! Happy Birthday lil guy!


Rachel wardell     at 5:53 am

Brought tears to my eyes! I started reading your blog when I was pregnant, you were a couple of months ahead of me and I can’t believe I’m reading your 1st birthday posts & looking ahead to ours in a couple of months! It’s gone so fast. What a lovely, simple first birthday and thanks for all your wonderful posts x x


jen     at 8:14 am

happy birthday to cullen! his party looks perfect and y’all look so happy.


Leah     at 8:55 am

Catching up on recent posts now (I was in PA this week for work). Love the ideas of what to serve for healthy, seasonal party dishes. :)

Congrats on having the party be a success. Love the pumpkin with names idea!


Lindsay boggan     at 11:51 am

Love your dress. Where did you get it?


Carrie @ The Cook's Palette     at 11:57 am

Looks like such a fun party! Well done! I love the little pumpkins for each of the babies…great seasonal idea.


Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie     at 10:51 am

Happy Birthday Cullen!! What an amazing birthday party, he is going to treasure looking back at those photos one day!


Gabrielle     at 11:03 am

Love all the photos. The one of the babies lined up is sort of priceless. Looks like a great time was had by all, especially Mister Birthday Boy!

I wonder if anyone else can’t wait to see the documentation of baby number two. :)


Lindsay     at 12:05 pm

SUPER cute :)
i love that the cake matches the shirt!
Where is your dress from? it is awesome!


Kristen     at 8:42 pm

Happy Belated Birthday Cullen! What a cutie- so happy for the birthday attention :-) Love the color scheme and the cake eating pictures.


kaity @ kaityscooking     at 7:52 am

i loveeeee everything about this party! the colors the food its awesome! glad you had a good time and i esp love the flag decoration of his monthly pictures soso cute!


Heidi     at 8:42 pm

Hi Emily! I keep checking back (patiently) for that sweet potato with miso sauce recipe. It sounds right up my alley, as a miso fanatic. No pressure, but I just wanted to let you know I’m really looking forward to it!


Emily Malone Reply:

Don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten! I’m hoping to have it up on Thursday. Sorry for the delay! :)


Lauren @ The Homeostatic Mindset     at 1:32 pm

You have the cutest child EVER.


Jane     at 6:41 pm

How did you make that awesome month by month picture banner?!?!?!!!!!!


A big bash. | The Fit Wife - A Lovable Lifestyle     at 7:13 am

[...] might also go with a theme along the lines of two of my favorite bloggers here and here - they are so simple and veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy me.  Some balloons great colors and not really [...]

PGT     at 7:04 am

Where did you get that adorable birthday t-shirt for Cullen?


Daily Garnish » Blog Archive » Cullen’s 2nd Birthday Trash Bash!     at 4:17 pm

[...] quick Google search will turn up!)  I ordered him a special birthday shirt very similar to the one he wore last year (from Etsy).  I loved how she was able to add a garbage truck to the design!  He loves [...]

birthday party places for kids     at 2:41 pm

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Lesley     at 10:40 pm

I know this is an old post, but I LOVE the month-by-month photo birthday banner you made! I read through the comments and noticed you explained, in part, how you made it. But I didn’t see the answers to the reader’s below stated questions. If you have the chance, would you mind sharing more details about how you made it? (my son’s 1st birthday is coming up!) i.e. “what size of cardstock did you use? Can you give me approx sixe of largest triangle? Also, what size of prints are the pictures? Lastly, can you explain how you did the twine? Are the triangles taped to the twine?” Thanks!!
p.s. i love your blog!


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