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Weekly Wrap-Up: Friday Night Edition.

Hi friends!  I am typing this as I anxiously await Casey’s return from the airport to pick up family flying in from Atlanta!  August is a really exciting month for us – we have two BIG family vacations, and they are pretty much back to back.  We planned them forever ago, and it’s hard to believe it’s finally time to pack our bags and get outta here.

Because of that, it was sort of a weird week for fitness.  I was determined to NOT do what I do for other trips, which is save everything to the last minute and have massive anxiety and stress.  So I made a lot of lists and got really organized and started pulling things together a week ahead of time.  This week was all about getting ahead on work, getting the house in tip top shape, and organizing the massive grocery haul for our trip (we’re driving!).

So with that said, here’s what this week ended up looking like:

  • Sunday – 9.5 mile run with my girl, Lacey
  • Monday – 4 mile double stroller walk
  • Tuesday – Flybarre Sport 60 minute class
  • Wednesday – rest day
  • Thursday – off
  • Friday – Pure Barre 60 minute class

As you can see, running to a backseat this week, which makes me feel pretty bad.  It was a weird week for scheduling, and the days that I planned on running just ended up not working with Casey’s schedule, the kids’ schedule, etc. – excuses, of course, but just honestly what happened.  I do feel good that I got two good strength classes in though, and I can definitely tell I’m getting stronger every week. 

So a bit more about my long run – I’m doing a lot of my weekend runs with my friend, Lacey, who I trained with the past two summer for half marathons.  But this time I’m training for a half and she’s training for a full marathon, so working to fit our mileage in together is a little trickier.  She needed to run 15 miles and I was planning on 7 – so she ran to my house (2.5 miles) and we planned to run another 3.5 out and back together before she headed back toward her house.

We hadn’t run together all week, so we had a lot to catch up on.  I started my Map My Run app (with mileage alerts) but I never put my headphones in, so by the time I checked it I had run 4.5 miles – OOPS!  We ended up running 9.5 miles together by the time I got home, and it was actually a really nice accident.  I felt great and really strong, and knowing that I’ll probably run a bit less on vacation I was glad to get some solid miles in at home. 


As soon as I walked in the door from my run, it was Casey’s turn to head out for his 18 mile run.  He’s training for the Portland Marathon, and usually we are good about not planning our runs on the same day, but we goofed this time.  So I tucked my kids into my bed and turned on Curious George so that I could enjoy a steamy shower and recover a little bit before jumping back into mom mode. 


Once Casey finished his run, it was celebration time for mom and dad.  We had a very rare daytime date – and went to the Mariners game!  Casey has been to a million games this year, but I’ve only been to a few (Graham’s not at a great baseball game age quite yet) – it was the perfect way to hang out and recover from an active morning. 


So that was my one measly run for the week – at least it was a long one!  I’m definitely packing my running shoes and hoping to find some good trails next week.

It is also worth saying that the sunrises have been absolutely amazing this week.  Every morning we are greeted by a giant ball of orange shining in our balcony door – seriously incredible!  Random, but had to share. 


On Tuesday night I went back to the Flybarre Sport class that I accidentally signed up for last week.  Since I knew was to expect this time it didn’t feel AS bad, although it still kicked my butt.  I reminded myself the whole time that as soon as class was over I was picking up Chipotle and heading home to watch Bachelor in Paradise.  How’s that for motivation?


This morning, I overslept my alarm.  I had stayed up late finishing work, packing stuff, and changing over laundry.  We had crazy storms (which are rare here) and I tossed and turned all night long.  I can’t imagine I got more than two or three hours of sleep.  I woke up at 5:34am and told Casey there was no way I was going to my 6am class – I’d never make it. 

I laid there for one solid minute before I jumped out of bed – knowing that even though I was dead tired I would feel so much better if I just got up and went for it.  I got dressed and raced out of the house in about 90 seconds, and made it to Pure Barre with about three minutes to spare.  Class was hard and I felt great – totally ready to head into a vacation weekend. 


That’s all for this week — I hope you guys have fun weekend plans ahead!  Summer is disappearing waaaaay too quickly!

Summer Adventures Part 3: Grandma Visits!

Continuing our summer adventures (part one and part two here) – because I am determined to catch up before we leave for vacation!  A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to spend three glorious days with my mom, who flew in for a long weekend.  She hasn’t been out to Seattle since last Christmas, so we were really excited to have her back.


We tend to get most of our visitors for holidays and in the winter months, but we rarely have anyone come see us here in Seattle in the summer (because we meet them elsewhere for family vacations!).  We were so excited to finally get to show Grandma just how incredible the northwest is in July.

IMG_6623 (640x426)

My mom loves the beach just as much as I do, so we took advantage of hot temps and gorgeous sunshine, and spent as much time on the water as possible.  On Saturday afternoon we headed to Carkeek Park, which has been one of my favorites this summer.

IMG_6644 (640x427)

IMG_6661 (640x423)

We played, we splashed, we tossed balls, and we explored low tide and all the fun sea life.

IMG_6664 (640x427)

IMG_6697 (640x426)

IMG_6722 (640x427)

IMG_6733 (640x426)

IMG_6753 (640x425)

That night we stayed home and grilled out for dinner.  Casey made these amazing homemade veggie burgers that had tomatillo salsa mixed inside.  UNREAL – need him to make these again.

IMG_6785 (640x427)

IMG_6790 (640x426)

IMG_6793 (425x640)

IMG_6798 (640x423)

Sunday brought record heat, so we headed to the other side of the city and hit up Lake Washington this time.  We’ve been spending a lot of time at Madison Park beach this summer because the water is so warm and shallow, and the kids absolutely love it. 

Casey did a long ran of 16 miles and just rain straight to the beach, where my mom and the kids and I were already playing.  It was so fun to have my mom there, because Casey and I actually got a chance to go for a swim together – such a rare treat!  We swam all the way out to the dock and jumped off the diving boards together – amazing!


It was record heat that day – 96 degrees – so after nap time we needed to get back outside (as the house has no AC and afternoons are brutal once it warms up).  I really wanted to do something back out on the water since it was such a gorgeous day, and we decided to try out the Sunday Ice Cream Cruise on Lake Union!

IMG_6801 (640x425) 

It was a 50 minute boat ride around Lake Union with a mix of guided info and upbeat music to enjoy. 

IMG_6810 (640x424)

IMG_6807 (640x425)

We cruised right past the houseboats and got so close you could almost see inside.  Someday I want to rent one just for the weekend! 

IMG_6816 (640x427)

There is seriously nothing better than having Grandma around.  It had been way too long since we’d had her out here, and we considered hiding her suitcase so she couldn’t leave. 

IMG_6821 (640x426)

It was the perfect way to end another awesome, sunny summer day. 

IMG_6825 (640x427)

And of course, no ice cream cruise is complete without root beer floats!

IMG_6829 (399x640)

One of the perks of being a little brother is that you get to do things like drink root beer floats waaaay sooner than your big brother did.

IMG_6832 (402x640)

IMG_6836 (640x427)

IMG_6840 (424x640)

Monday was our last day with my mom (she took the red eye out that night) and while Cullen was at school, Graham got a special morning at the zoo with her all to himself.  It was a blast, and it made me realize I have never taken Graham to the zoo alone before.  I’m so happy this year will bring a bit more balance for both kids with new school programs starting – it’s so good to get that alone time in with each of them here and there. 


And then Grandma left and I felt super sad and did some crying and wished – as I always do – that we didn’t live so damn far away.  But it stung a little less knowing we have a wonderful family vacation planned with my mom and sisters (and their families) at the end of the month.  Happiness!

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