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Coffee Talk: Monday Edition.

Happy Monday, friends!  I’m a disorganized mess of thoughts this morning, so I figured I’d just dump it all right here.  And I haven’t done a weekly wrap-up for workouts in weeks, so how about that too?

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop directly around the corner from our first condo here in Seattle.  It seems like a lifetime ago that we lived there, and yet the coffee shop feels exactly the same.  Weird to think we moved out of this neighborhood when Cullen was just six months old!  It felt like he was part of our time there for so much longer. 


I gloated and smugly told everyone I knew how Seattle was having an endless summer, and how even in mid-October we hadn’t seen a drop of rain yet.  And now it is November, and the rain has been relentless for what has felt like an eternity (but what has actually been like, a week).  And it hasn’t been the typical Seattle misty rain where we all pretend like we don’t even notice it and go about business as usual.  Nope, this has been pelting, big fat raindrops that make me want to drink tea and never leave my house again.  And it looks like there is no end in sight for a while.


Laaaaaaaaaame.  Because the weather has been so gross, I’ve been doing lots and lots of classes instead of running (because I’m a wimp and don’t want to run in the rain).  Although I WILL run in the rain this coming week, since I took a week off – I am committed!  Here’s what I was up to last week:

Monday – 6am barre3 class – I am not a morning person, so I have to reaaaaaally motivate myself to do an early class.  Thank goodness ClassPass has a 12-hour cancellation window, otherwise I’d cancel every single one of my morning classes at 5am.  I saw two friends in class and it was a great start to my week!

Tuesday – evening FlyBarre Sport with my friend Jen.  This is the hardest class I do, and I always approach class with a mixture of fear and excitement.  I was completely spent afterward, and fell asleep as soon as I hit the couch back at home. 

Wednesday – was signed up for Pilates at 7pm, and woke up at 630 am and promptly cancelled that before I missed the cancellation window.  I was so sore from two strength classes in a row, and decided a long walk with the dogs was a better option. 

Thursday – rest day because we had a date night planned in the evening.  Within one hour of our dinner out, we had to turn around and go home because Graham was screaming about ear pain.  Poor guy!

Friday – 6am power vinyasa at Shefayoga with my friend Lacey.  It was a great class and the perfect mix of strength and stretching.  And as much as I hate waking up early for classes, I’m always so much more refreshed and ready to start my day when I do.

Also, saw this amazing yoga tank at two different studios this weekend, and can’t stop thinking about wanting it.  Hoping for a Black Friday sale!


Especially since I already have the coffee version from Brandy Melville.  Which I am actually wearing as we speak. 


Speaking of fun shirts – did I show you the one I grabbed in San Francisco a few weeks ago?  I saw it on the shelf and it had to come home with me.  I needed a souvenir, right?


And just in case you were wondering, yes I am 34 years old and cannot resist buying silly pun tees that are meant for 22 year olds.  No shame. 

Okay where was I?

Saturday – morning yoga sculpt class at CorePower Yoga with my friend Christin.  This is one of my favorite classes, and it’s almost never on the schedule anymore, so I was really excited to find a weekend option.  I was dripping buckets of sweat and had totally exhausted my muscles by the end.  Christin and I went to Healeo for acai bowls afterward (while Casey took the boys to the Science Center), and it was such a fun weekend treat. 


Sunday – pouring rain all day long.  Extreme laziness.  Said I was going to run and then never did it.  I did, however, make us this incredible curried butternut squash and kale soup.  I know I’ve posted a million soup recipes here already, but I’m going to remake this one and share it too.  It was SO good. 


The other Sunday highlight was our first official family movie night – we pulled out the couch and all snuggled in to watch Inside Out.  Holy cow – what an incredible movie!  I did lots of crying and laughing, and both boys loved it.  Not sure Graham actually followed the plot, but he sat there for almost two hours and never made a peep other than occasionally bursting out laughing.  It was adorable and I can’t wait to do it again.  Great way to end the weekend. 


And that brings us to today!  Despite staying up too late last night and then waking up to torrential rain, I was out the door at 530am to make it to my Flybarre 45 class.  I tried a new teacher and really liked her, and now I feel great that my week is already off to a good start. 

I wrote recently about being at a higher weight than I am used to (and that I would necessarily prefer).  And I will say it again – your comments BLEW ME AWAY!  I’d encourage anyone else feeling the same way to read the many long, touching comments from other people in the same boat – it’s so nice to know you (we!) are not alone! 

To add to that just a little bit, I’ve been doing a mix of classes and running very consistently now for over a year, and my weight has not budged.  So for now, my focus has shifted to getting stronger. 

While the scale has perhaps not reflected my hard work, in many ways the mirror actually has – I am much stronger and more muscular than I’ve been in years.  I love growing stronger and being able to push myself harder and perform better in classes.  And so as this rainy season seems to be here to stay, my plan is to continue to work hard in classes and squeeze in a run or two each week too.  I’m hoping this will translate to faster running when I ramp it up again in the spring – we’ll see!  With the holidays ahead, I plan to celebrate and indulge and enjoy them – knowing I’m also staying active and finding a good balance. 

With that said, I can’t believe Thanksgiving is just two weeks away!  I’m still adjusting to the idea that is is November, but it seems like it’s happening whether I like it or not. We are going home to the Midwest for Thanksgiving this  year, and I’m really excited.  It feels like we haven’t been home in forever!  And the kids are finally at an age where I’m not totally freaked out about travel (although I do fear the airplane germs!).

Alright that’s it from me today – off to pick up Cullen at school and go see what Graham has been up to this morning (babysitter reports he peed in the potty – success!).  Happy Monday, guys!  I hope wherever you are it is much drier than it is in Seattle this morning.  :) 

Fall Festivities & Halloween 2015.

I know everyone feels this way, but I absolutely LOVE fall.  Even though Seattle is the Emerald City – green all year round! – we still get all the amazing orange, red, and yellow leaves changing and dropping from the rest of the trees.  It’s such a beautiful time of year, and you can’t help but get excited about the cooler weather, puffy vests, and even the rain boots.

October is also birthday season in our house, so it is a BUSY month!  With double birthday celebrations, plus my trip to San Francisco sandwiched in between, it took us until the very last weekend in October to get to the pumpkin patch.  But by god – we made it. 

2015-10-25 009 (427x640)

I had actually been to a (different) pumpkin patch already with the boys as part of a class field trip with Cullen’s school.  It was fun but incredible overwhelming and exhausting to have them there by myself, and between hauling kids and toting pumpkins, I didn’t exactly capture any memories.  I really wanted to get back there as a family, so we finally made it happen the week before Halloween! 

We went to Bob’s Corn & Pumpkin Farm because I knew there would be some other fun things to do there in addition to picking out the perfect pumpkins.  First up – horse rides!  This was Graham’s first time on a horse, and I was surprised that he wasn’t scared one bit.  He absolutely loved it.

2015-10-25 017 (427x640)

Cullen rocked it out like an old pro.

2015-10-25 031 (640x427)

We decided to hit up all the fun little kids activities before getting our pumpkins, so that we weren’t hauling 40lbs with of squash around with us everywhere.  Both kids were totally obsessed with this cow train, and begged to ride again and again. 

2015-10-25 050 (640x427)

2015-10-25 062 (640x427)

And then it was time to load onto the hay bales and ride the tractor out to the pumpkin patch!  Both times we did the hay ride this year, Cullen turned to me and said “Mom, I don’t need your arm around me.”  DAMMIT, you guys.  They are growing up. 

2015-10-25 077 (427x640)

We got to the pumpkin field and headed for the back.  And then I did what I always do – ran around and took 400 pictures and in no way helped with pumpkin picking at all.  Casey dreads this day of the year, but he’s such a good sport.  At least I didn’t buy him a matching Halloween shirt? 

2015-10-25 086 (427x640)

The kids were in heaven.  So many pumpkins, and so hard to choose just a few.

2015-10-25 094 (640x427)

2015-10-25 114 (425x640)

2015-10-25 122 (640x427)

2015-10-25 160 (427x640)

I’m not into overly posed photos, but I desperately tried to get them to turn and smile just ONE time.  Apparently there was a worm on the ground directly where I asked them to stand, so it was so not happening.

2015-10-25 221 (640x427)

Better than nothing?  I cant believe how big they look.  How big they ARE, really.  Will they even GO to the pumpkin patch with me when the are like six and eight?  Or will they just roll their eyes with dad and point to the bin at Trader Joe’s and say “why can’t we just get these pumpkins again?”  Hold me. 

2015-10-25 191 (426x640)

Could Graham be any less impressed?  I’ll never stop trying. 

2015-10-25 242 (426x640)

It was actually really, REALLY fun and we were all very dirty and muddy by the end – excited for all sorts of fun carving to come later that evening. 

2015-10-25 252 (426x640) (2)

Also, really appreciated this pumpkin washing station, although somehow all the dirt that we washed off the pumpkins seemed to land on Graham’s face. 

2015-10-25 272 (425x640)

2015-10-25 280 (427x640)

After heading home for naps and Sunday relaxing, we did our carving that night.  This was the first time Graham was old enough to really know what was going on, and he was SO INTO IT. 

2015-10-25 294 (427x640)

He loves anything that has to do with tools and building/fixing things, so this was totally his element.  And yes, we decided to let our two year old use a sharp carving poker.  He was super careful!

2015-10-25 309 (427x640)

2015-10-25 315 (640x427)

He literally stalked Casey through the process.  Cullen didn’t want to get messy or have his picture taken, so he just ran around the room like a maniac. 

2015-10-25 328 (427x640)

Once the pumpkins were scooped, it was time to carve!  Casey’s mom had sent us this awesome idea to use cookie cutters on the pumpkins, and we totally did it. 

2015-10-25 344 (427x640)

I ordered a few cheap sets of cookie cutters that I knew the boys would love on Amazon, and we gently hammered them in one at a time.  When we pulled them out, the pumpkin was perfectly shaped – genius!

2015-10-25 345 (640x427)

And of course, Graham was all about the hammering.

2015-10-25 353 (640x427)

Graham ended up with an awesome toolbox pumpkin…

blog pumpkin 2

And Cullen’s was, of course, baseball!

blog pumpkin

It was serious fun, and I’d definitely do it again next year.  And now I have a feeling we might have hammer and baseball bat-shaped Christmas cookies this year too!

And no fall fun is complete without Halloween itself!  We did trick or treating twice this year – once at our local business trick or treat on the 30th, and then the next night around the neighborhood.  We had many lengthy discussions about costumes, and ultimately decided on – FARM ANIMALS!   

2015-10-30 046 (426x640)

Cullen really wanted to be a horse, and let me tell you – it is really hard to find a horse costume for a four year old!  In fact, it is actually really hard to find ANY costume for a boy over aged two that is not a superhero.  And while there is nothing wrong with superheroes, my kids just don’t know or care about the characters.  My mom ended up offering to make him a costume, and I quickly took her up on that offer.  She turned a simple sweat suit into a horse/donkey, and Cullen absolutely LOVED it.  He told everyone very proudly that his Grandma made it for him. 

2015-10-30 072 (427x640)

Graham wanted to be one of the barnyard gang like this brother, but he didn’t seem to really care which animal.  So I posted in our local Buy Nothing group on Facebook to see if anyone had a farm animal costume they weren’t using, and another generous mom gifted us this incredible cow suit.  It came with legwarmers but he looked absolutely ridiculous in them, so we improvised with black pants.  He was crazy adorable, and also loved his costume. 

2015-10-30 078 (426x640)

I think going forward I’m going to pull out costumes on our worst days – when the kids are being crazy and fighting all afternoon and I want to kill them.  Because how could you possibly yell at two little monsters who look like this?  They made us – and each other – laugh all night long. 

2015-10-30 089 (426x640)

We did our trick or treating with some friends, and as always, it was just so much fun.  It’s one of my favorite nights of the year as a parent – it’s just so magical and special for the kids, and it brings back so many of my own memories of walking up to houses with my friends and my big sister.

Both kids were really into it, and we somehow successfully limited the candy consumption to only two pieces for each.  Mom, on the other hand, ate more than her fair share and then quickly donated it to a Buy Back program before she literally turned into a walking Crunch bar. 

It was an awesome night full of great memories, and it has me so excited for all the magic of the holiday season that is still ahead.   

2015-10-30 085 (427x640)

Happy Wednesday, friends!  I hope November is treating you well so far!

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