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Couch Potato-ing with Blue Apron.

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron.  Thank you for to continuing to support Daily Garnish and our family, particularly as we start a new business!

Thank you guys SO MUCH for all the amazing comments on the last few posts!!  I read every single one of them and tried my best to respond to as many as I could.  We feel so lucky to have such amazing support from this awesome community.  I will keep you posted on all things kombucha as there are new developments!  And now onto other matters…

Last week felt insanely busy!  We had a huge order to fill for the business, we cleaned out and organized the garage (which was no small task!), and I had a great week of workouts.  It was one of those weeks where by the end of each day I was totally ready to roll into pajamas and collapse at 7:31pm – the minute the kids were in bed. 

I had very little energy or mental capacity to create anything interesting to eat, so it was Blue Apron to the rescue!

 IMG_6871 (640x423)

I’ve talked about Blue Apron a million times here before, but for those of you who are new – it’s a meal prep delivery service that provides recipes and ingredients for you to make three healthy meals each week.  We always choose the vegetarian menu option, and we’ve really enjoyed almost everything we’ve made.  Here’s the basic overview:

  • Farm-fresh, pre-portioned ingredients delivered right to your doorstep. No last minute runs to the grocery store!

  • Food is delivered in a refrigerated box so ingredients will stay fresh even if you’re not at home when your package arrives, recylcing is now available for the packaging!  Learn more about that here.  There are two ways to recycle your Blue Apron packaging.

  • No commitment – you can skip or cancel the service at any time!  We typically use it once a month when we know we have a busy week coming up, or when the menu looks too yummy to resist.

  • A commitment to sustainability, local food sourcing, and reducing food waste – check out their new mission page!

IMG_6874 (640x407)

This week’s menu looked particularly delicious, and like perfect (healthy) comfort food for all the gloomy rain we’ve had in Seattle lately.  On Blue Apron nights, Casey and I feed the kids leftovers or a hodgepodge, and then we hang out and cook together once the kids go to bed.  Then we pour some bubbly kombucha on tap, and take our meal to the living room so that we can catch up on whatever TV show we’re binge-watching at the time. 

The first meal we made from our box this week – Cacciatorie-Style Baked Eggs, eaten in front of Making A Murderer!  (WHO ELSE IS WATCHING?)

IMG_6878 (640x425)

Casey actually made this one for us, and I was impressed by how much it looked like the provided photo!  Also, anything with an egg on top is a win in my book. 

IMG_6856 (640x408)

It was a delicious medley of cooked kale, tomatoes, peppers, and lots of aromatics – all baked together with two farms, and then scooped into bowls for eating. 

IMG_6863 (640x427) 

On the side, we baked garlic toast for dipping – my favorite way to eat! 

IMG_6868 (640x425)     

This was really good and warm and comforting without being unhealthy.  We were both plenty full at the end!  And the show – soooo much to say about Making a Murderer.  WARNING: SPOILER ALERT.  We haven’t’ actually finished watching yet, but my mind is totally boggled as to how this guy is sitting in jail.  I literally fist pumped in the air when they found the vile of blood with the pin hole prick in the top.  How in the world was that not an immediate dismissal!?

Moving right along to the next night, our cooking and couch potato collapse continued.  This was actually our Friday night dinner – which is something I look forward to all week long! 

There is something so magical about Friday nights.  We never actually DO anything, other than typically get takeout.  But I love all the excitement and hope and possibility for the weekend ahead that you feel on a Friday, and I will forever hope that my kids will sleep in on the weekends (even though they never do).

This week, instead of takeout – it was Blue Apron meal #2!  We saved money and probably plenty of calories by cooking at home, and it did not disappoint. 

IMG_6877 (640x426) 

I made this Apple & Blue Cheese Panzanella Salad right after the boys went to bed, and it came together really quickly.  I love all the beautiful photos on the Blue Apron instructions.  Some day it will be daylight again in Seattle and my photos will look half that good!

IMG_6884 (427x640)

But until then, they will be shadowy and somewhat yellowed.  Forgive me. 

IMG_6900 (640x407) 

I have a thing for blue cheese, and I had to stop myself from eating half the crumbles while I waited for the potatoes to finish cooking.  I loved the smashed potatoes combined with the toasted bread cubes in salad – it didn’t seem like this would have been filling enough at all after a big day, but we were both super satisfied afterward.

IMG_6904 (640x426) 

The apples gave a nice sweetness and crunch – delicious.  What I love about Blue Apron is that some of the recipes and cooking methods become adopted into our regular meal planning.  This is one of those meals I would totally toss together again on my own – but probably with double the amount of blue cheese.  The only think I would probably change about this next time is adding some additional protein – it was a bit carb-heavy!

IMG_6907 (640x424) 

It was another night of Making A Murderer, and I was super annoyed that Casey passed out on the couch early which meant I had to stop watching too (so we can continue to watch together).  It’s obvious that the show itself is slanted toward siding with Avery, so I’m excited to finish the series and then read a bit more afterward to get a more balanced perspective.  For now, I’m just watching in horror and disbelief.  The district attorney is the biggest creep EVER. 

IMG_6911 (420x640)

And last but not least, Monday night was chili night!  It’s worth noting that we cooked this Butternut Squash & Poblano Chili almost a full week after the box of ingredients arrived, and everything still appeared fresh as can be.  I have always been really impressed by the quality of the Blue Apron produce. 

IMG_6880 (640x425)  

Casey and I tag-teamed on this one.  I started the meal, and the he finished it while I grabbed my laptop and started to reply to the many (very sweet!) comments on our business announcement post.  And while I often think of chili as something that needs to cook for a good while to come together, I was surprised how quickly he announced, “time to eat!”

IMG_6917 (640x425) 

We make a LOT of chili in our house – it’s a weekly staple through the fall and winter months.  And being vegetarians, we usually use a variety of squash, pumpkin, or sweet potatoes combined with various beans or lentils.  We never, ever eat peppers since Cullen is allergic to them, so this was a fun departure from our usual recipes. 

IMG_6919 (640x427) 

It was spicy and sweet, and super delicious.  I only wished I had cornbread or something on the side because I live for dipping. 

IMG_6925 (640x423)

What we DID have on the side though, was a night with Bachelor Ben and all the crazy ladies vying for his heart.  I love all things Bachelor, but I’m disappointed in their choice for this season.  No offense to Ben, but he’s only 26!  I don’t think 26 year olds should be resorting to reality TV extremes because they haven’t found “the one.”  And because he is so young, all the girls are like 22, and the whole thing is just painful to watch.  Although of course I will keep watching.  Perhaps ABC is trying to tell almost-35 year old me that I need to find more age-appropriate TV programming? 

It was another fun week of Blue Apron cooking, and the timing was perfect with our loaded schedules and lack of time/energy for meal planning.  If you haven’t used Blue Apron yet and are interested in trying it out, the first 50 readers who click here receive two free meals off their first box!

Have a GREAT weekend – I’m hoping to get another post up on Saturday!  :)

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron.  Thank you for to continuing to support Daily Garnish, and our family!

We Started A Business!

Well this post sure has been a long time in the making.  In fact, we started a business a year ago!  There is so much that I could go on and on about the why and the how and all of that, but – for today, at least – I’m going to offer the condensed version.

Just around a year ago this month, Casey and I started talking about the possibility of starting our own company.  It has always been a dream – to partner together to build a product or company that fit our passions and interests.  Of course, turning that dream into a reality is a whole other matter.

Casey was traveling for work more and more, and it was becoming a big strain on all of us.  He felt really unhealthy – spending almost all of his time sitting on airplanes or in meetings, or glued to his desk.  Health and fitness are really important to him, and he felt more and more conflicted that his work life was really inhibiting his ability to stay active, and he worried about the long-term implications of his lifestyle.  

On top of that, there was the obvious stress of being away from family so much.  There were many other (private) factors we had to consider, but the bottom line was that we were all craving a big change.  In the meantime, Casey was continuing to home-brew kombucha for our family, and always got rave reviews from any friends or family who gave it a taste.

One of the reasons we had started home-brewing in the first place was that, more and more, we noticed that many popular kombuchas were becoming almost juice-like – with so many added flavors and sweeteners.  We always preferred the refreshing, crispness of our simple homebrew.

And we’d noticed for years that despite big brands of kombucha coming out of cities all over Oregon and Washington, Seattle lacked a significant local presence in the market.  That’s not to say that the customers weren’t there – kombucha is everywhere out here in the Pacific Northwest!  But there was no “Seattle brand” – and if Seattle-ites love one thing, it is anything LOCAL.

So why not us? 

Of course it sounded completely absurd at the time.  And it didn’t happen overnight – not even close.  There were a million decisions to be made (Bottles, caps, logos, labels – you can’t even imagine!), logistics to work out, and very very slow transitions into making a possibility into a reality.  The only way to describe it is a very, very big leap of faith. 

But in August 2015 – about seven months after the inception of the idea – Puget Sound Kombucha Co. hit the market. 


Through the mighty power of Google, some of you figured this out a long time ago!  And I know a few of you have been frustrated that I’ve waited so long to share this news.  I assure you, it was never my intention to be secretive.  But I hope you can appreciate that this is a very real, very legit business.  And like any business, you wait to promote yourself until you are up and running and ready for customers!

And now, we are most definitely up and running and running and running.  The response here in Seattle has been amazing – which of course we hoped for, but it’s a whole other thing to see your dreams come to life.  As of today, we are currently available for sale at the following:

20160118_100829 (430x640)

On the menu board at Caffe Ladro in Fremont!

You can check out the Find Us page on our website to get details on specific locations.  For local Seattle-area readers, we plan to add online ordering (and local delivery) in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!  And for non-local kombucha lovers, we will likely have shirts and merchandise available for order in the coming months as well – I will keep you posted!


So let me tell you about our kombucha!  It’s clean and incredibly refreshing – not too sour, and definitely not too sweet.  We have three distinct flavors – Earl Grey blend, Green Tea blend, and Black & White blend.  And for anyone who has tried kombucha and not liked it, I highly encourage you give ours a chance if you are in the area.  It lacks the strong-vinegar taste that some others have, and the flavors of the tea really shine.

The most popular flavor is Earl Grey, but my personal favorite is the Green Tea – I do a happy dance every time Casey brings a keg of it home.  And yes, we have a kegerator with kombucha flowing on tap in our home office <— perks of the job!


We have a brewery in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, a tiny former-coffee shop that works perfectly for now, although we hope to outgrow it eventually.  Casey has made use of every square inch, and it’s a pretty impressive operation!  To read more about the space and how we got started, here’s a piece that was written about us back in November on Seattle Refined

IMG_6894 (640x417)

Casey is the master brewer – he brews, he bottles, he kegs – he really does it all.  There have certainly been bumps in the road along this journey, and moments where I’ve questioned his sanity, but I cannot tell you how proud I am of Casey for having a dream and for making it happen.  A lot of people doubted him, but he never doubted himself, and I really believe that’s a big part of why we are where we are today.  He works harder than anyone I know, and he is infinitely happier now, which is truly priceless. 

IMG_5951 (427x640)

And while my role is much more behind the scenes, I like to think it’s still pretty important!  I do all our social media, a lot of our email communication, lots of sales pitches, occasional bottling, and I label every single bottle that goes out the door.  This past Sunday, I labeled over 1,000 bottles while I watched the Seahawks lose (sob). 

IMG_6890 (426x640)

I apologize that this space went a bit on the back burner while our efforts were on building our business, and that I wasn’t able to be a bit more upfront about it at the time.  Now that we’re officially on the market, I’m planning to keep you guys posted on all things kombucha as the business continues to change and grow. 


I invite you to check out our website for more information, and I hope you will follow our business on Instagram and on Facebook!

Thanks so much for all your support through our family’s many wild adventures and changes – we are so excited to see what the future brings. 

This post is sponsored by Puget Sound Kombucha Co.  Just kidding. 

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